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  1. Hi, am remorking some Lima Class 43s with a PCB I am making up. Essentially it will give all the proper lights from the proper lenses on the front and allow switching from Daytime Headlight to Nighttime. I made a 3D printed mount for it but have ended up doing a whole cab which I am prototyping at the moment. When I have finished both I will release them for anyone that wants them. The PCB will mount below with holes that match up to the holes in the front of the Lima Shell, some 1.5mm fiber optic to each hole to prevent light bleed. First pics here. Cheers Andy
  2. Yeah, that's what I was planning on doing, glad to see it would have worked out. What an improvement, real oversight by Hornby that.
  3. Thinking I can probably design and 3D print that, I don't know if you can buy them?
  4. lol, I hear you bud, but this is the first train model I have bought that I have been disappointed in. It is for a static display as well so the light lenses blending in takes away the character of the face of the HST and the roof being gloss black (and not matt grey) looks almost unpainted plastic. I was going to strip it down, colour in the light inserts of the body light grey to lighten up the lenses and matt clear the roofs but for £260 to do that and the roofs of the mk3s as well is a lot of work that I don’t have the time for as I have a backlog of other aircraft models to do! Was just wanting a hassle free set that would be nice in a diorama and is just isn’t for me, just sharing my opinion is all. Cheers Andy (falken_gt4)
  5. Hi, I am after a dummy chassis for the Hornby HST, the more modern one. These were on the following models - R2701X/R2702X/R2703X/R2704X/R2705X and possibly some others. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/downloads/view/download/item/95 - the one listed in this Service Sheet. Body Shell not important. Cheers Andy MacRae
  6. Just received mine, very detailed but a couple of things have left me disappointed. The lights are very dark so when they are not lit the lenses just look too dark and blend into the front dark blue whereas the real one has light grey inserts behind the lenses giving them some proper contrast. The roof is a very shiny black, like a record vinyl. The real one is very matt and slightly greyer. It also has the twin fans from the Brush Cooling System poking through the grills for the Voith cooler that are fitted to FGW/GWR power cars, not the single bigger fan. The rest of the model is very nice though, just a bit underwhelmed with the lack of accuracy on very obvious things. Edit: below is a comparison highlighting both problems. Going back to Hornby as it's too much modification work to do on a new model.
  7. Hi there, I am a casual user reliving my childhood trainset that I got from my mum's attic. I am also a keen scale modeller of 1/72 modelling and am looking to tidy up my 1983 InterCity 125 using my up to date skills! I have the 2 x Class 43s (43010 and 43011) along with the following coaches; Class 41 Trailer First - x 2 Class 40 Restaurant Buffet x 1 Class 42 Trailer Second x 4 (one of which I am going to convert to a Class 44 TGS) They are the original Hornby R439-0020 spec coaches (the wrong length ones with the 7 windows!) and they suffer from some cracks in the windows as well as the white grey paint deterioating from the window frames. All the replacement glass I have seen is only made for the 8 window variety and is just for the actual windows, the R439 comes with the glass and frame as the one piece. Do Hornby or Anyone else do replacements? I don't really mind repainting the frames (a bit of a pain to mask 14 x 7 windows etc!) but the cracks are untreatable. I was looking at respraying the chassis's as well as numbering them with coaches noted for the 253-005 class 43 pair of Engines. Cheers Andy
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