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  1. Good. Is this likely to be a 1-chip deal or a recommendation of 2 chips?
  2. Does anyone happen to know if I can buy just a chip for an ÖBB 1216 Railjet by Roco? And where from?
  3. Just to confirm, I wasn't specifically asking when they'll arrive, just the latest update. IE, have they been RTM or still in painted samples stage, or on a boat somewhere... Will wait for after the show and see :)
  4. Guess there hasn't been any further updates for this? I do wish Hornby would have some sort of projects page with each project a link to news about it and it's progress.
  5. Indeed. Although this is an expensive hobby these days for the standards people probably want. I just don't think I would waste £80 on some tooling that is ~30 years old but save and buy a better one.
  6. Or those that want better looking locos? IF I was ever interested in a Class 47 or 37, I wouldn't even consider the previous versions from Hornby and just get the latest ones.
  7. An excellent point but should people adjust their expectations? I don't expect something so small to sound the same as a full size equivilent because it isn't a full size version. Just like when trains are going round, I don't get the vibration or woosh of wind or many of the other things. It's just a compromise. Which is the same with sound - and that comes from a semi-audiophile who wants quality over anything else when it comes with sound. I don't expect studio quality or proper balance from a tiny model train but saying that, I do want as much quality as possible from such a small sound unit. And what is being produced in the last 6 months with that regard is pretty good. Personally, I don't consider a loco if it isn't DCC. And if there's no sound option, around the time of ordering I look to see whether there is a sound producer or if it's planned by someone. If the model didn't come with sound, I would be a little put off as I want that option and I am happy to pay more for it. But then my budget allows me to do that - I see some people blowing over £2000 on 20 Class 66's where as I am happy to pay £300 for one sound loco.
  8. It shouldn't be viewed in that way. People are all too happy to point out the doom and gloom these days. Don't apologise if someone else feels it was distasteful. It didn't to you, and that wasn't the intention, so if someone else has a problem, it's their problem.
  9. So why not give up the design or sell it to Hornby?
  10. Thanks - just seen they're all OOS on Accurascale website but found someone else who has some at the same price. Just back to the same question I had with Hattons version... EWS, which I used to see all the time and feel I should buy it won't really go with some container wagons I plan to buy, which is usually Freightliner (although I see EWS has had some before but less common)... of which I hate the green sticker behind the logo (I know prototypical but I still don't like it).
  11. I guess there's no advantage of ordering one now or after release? I've been out of the loop for months now - only just realised a few weeks ago this was happening! Obviously now means I have one ordered but there will be some available over the next few months, surely?
  12. Maybe GNER HST but I dunno, funds are a bit tight at the mo. I guess if it's being released, at least there will be some around later on.
  13. Wow - late to the party on this but glad I got my pre-order in. Let's just hope they didn't raise the price from RRP to launch. Glad to support a model shop (albeit having them post it to me) too!
  14. And realistically, that's the way models are going - DCC fitted at least. From a support point of view, it must be easier to have everything as factory standard as manufacturers don't know if it's a person's decoder that doesn't play ball, or the unit. I prefer DCC fitted as models are getting a bit too intricate to get apart to put in a decoder. Fully understand some people like to tinker with CVs and such and so having their own decoder may be worth it for them but manufacturers surely need to look at the majority, not the small amount of people tinkering. Also fully understand some people will want to grease the motor every so often but I wonder how modern trains are fairing over those from the 70s, 80s and 90s as I suspect anything post 2000 doesn't need the same care and attention as something pre-2000.
  15. Maybe figured it out. In this picture, the yellow on the front is more flat, so the middle is just above the gangway doors. There is blue on the front of the train here. In other pictures, the yellow is much "taller" and follows the shape of the roof, making an almost semi-circle. There is no blue on the front, perhaps a smidgin of grey/black but not as much as the other.
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