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  1. I'm another who has had semi-commercial stock software, SQL and Access databases in the past for stock and other inventory. Now it is a simple spreadsheet. One tab per type (loco, misc, freight, passenger) with all the columns I need. Locos especially with decoder, sound, and other information including maintenance. I go one line per item and when I have multiples I know it is time to renumber stuff. The scary thing was totalling up the replacement costs as others have said. Ended up with a rider on my house insurance to make sure it is all covered.
  2. Ahh the simple joy <not> of trying to provide a quantifiable analysis to something without a clearly defined data set. How many tea drinkers in the UK. What defines tea? hot, iced tea, herbal tea, Fuze drinks......... If we say modellers are anyone who buys RTR, that eliminates the model engineers and scratch builders. Is Lego a model railway? There are some pretty massive Lego layouts and clubs. Same applies to Brio. Now do we add virtual modellers to that list? Train sim and etc. If you are talking about target markets and sales figures, then you are really only talking about RTR customers and perhaps Lego/Brio. How do you clearly define something that doesn't have a quantifiable edge? You don't and can't. You end up having to create an artificial definition that may suit your needs but isn't wholly accurate. I'm really glad I don't write statistical analysis software anymore.
  3. I don't know what your beef with PWRS is but how is this different than any other pre-order? How many items have Rapido taken pre-orders for and later cancelled due to lack of interest in a particular livery? No money has changed hands with PWRS. One click and the pre-order can be cancelled at any time.
  4. They sure do but adjusting a complete door+frame unit is no more difficult than adjusting a bespoke door. Normally though, and I've been through this multiple times with new and rebuilt properties, the frame retains its shape and the surrounding wall is what changes when settling. No different than PVC doors and windows in the UK.
  5. U.K. doors drive me crazy. No 2 in the house are the same. They’ve been cut, shaped, and b*stardised to fit. Canadian doors come as complete standard units. All pre hung. Just make the hole fit the door. Which reminds me, I need to get one last door done. The existing frame looks like something from Beetlejuice.
  6. Talking with a local organiser of record fairs, it seems the rule of 6 doesn't apply to things like exhibitions or pop up sales events in rented halls. In this case the hall along with government advice is that as there are retail sales taking place, the event is classed as a temporary shop. I'm not endorsing or suggesting such but wonder if an exhibition would be able to classify itself as a train sale (with layouts) to be able to operate under the current rules.
  7. Simples, they plug them into a current currant bush. <boom tish>
  8. They are SD70 prime movers on an SD90mac frame with much of the body shell adopted from the SD70Ace. From an "off the record" conversation, the initial posting on PWRS's website was to gauge levels of interest to use as leverage in getting an existing manufacturer to look seriously at producing a CP specific run for PWRS perhaps under the NARC house brand. NS have 110 of these so it would make sense for someone like Athearn to produce them with the minimal retooling needed for the CP Q-Cab which is slightly different than the NS Ultracab-2.
  9. We have a local supplier who originally just operated as wholesale as well as having a few trucks selling hot food in various markets around SE London. In order to survive they've started selling retail. We've ordered several times. All their brats are imported from Germany as are the pretzels, curry ketchup, mustard, etc. https://sausageman.co.uk/ The cheese stuffed frankfurters are addictive.
  10. Come to the dark side. We have cake. Fruit leather if done well is a great walking or hiking snack. Haven't had it in years though. Used to buy a year's supply from a chap that ran a roadside stall in Montana. mmmmmm huckleberry fruit strips. Hell, huckleberry is addictive.
  11. I will comply once the modules are in my grubby little hands next week. The pics I have are the current owner's and I wouldn't be comfortable posting them without his permission. However...... there are some assorted pics with the module included in this thread: Just look for the roundhouse. (no not him, an actual roundhouse)
  12. Howdy all. Another week over. Thank fork. In muddling news I've bought a layout. Well, a set of Freemo modules that has been exhibited as a layout as well. The reasoning is, it saves a rather nice layout from being recycled I get the components I need for the Whitefish roundhouse that forms part of my master plan all in one place without having to hunt about It is already 90% of the track plan. Being Freemo it is ready to clamp to existing parts with no mucking about or rewiring. It fits the allocated space. Winner winner chicken dinner as they say. Now all I have to do is make storage space while I finish off the shed renovations.
  13. Haven't seen this mentioned yet but PWRS through their NARC manufacturer label have announced a set of SD70Acu locos in both HO and N. These will be available in each of the the 5 CP military honour schemes, 2 in the tuscan heritage scheme, and 2 in CP beaver/red. Prices still TBA. https://www.pwrs.ca/product_search.php?f_Keywords=SD70Acu&x=0&y=0&InStock=1&NewArrival=1&Available=1&ComingSoon=1&CallForAvail=1&SoldOut=1
  14. Shop vac takes care of them in the railway shed. Works on the Landy's wing mirrors as well. Can't use any spray as SWMBO has forbidden it near her plant life which is always swarming with bees and butterflies.
  15. Howdy. More muddling. Another 8 points and about 30’ of track reclaimed. one last module to go. Need it stripped by the end of the week so the old tops and waste can go to the tip. Brownie points earned by respraying our bin store. No live steam but loads of lump wood charcoal stoked and smoked.
  16. howdy all. Mr Hippo's demolition pic yesterday inspired me to extract a digit and get on with things. I've now cleared off 2 of the old Essex staging boards prior to rebuilding. Long story short, my bloody builder from 2 1/2 years ago managed to stack a bunch of crap on the modules leading to damage to the tops and some track. So far I've recovered just over 80' of track and 9 points. A couple of hours with the branding iron and a couple of G&Ts on the patio and the track has been cleaned of wiring droppers and copper clad sleepers from the old module joints. The rebuild will have fewer but longer storage roads.
  17. Wow, no insta-ban. I must be slipping in my old age. Looking back at the phobias early in this thread, as a child I was mortally afraid of heights. Even a footbridge was nerve wracking. This was "cured" when I was 18 and a summer job doing an insulating apprenticeship on an oil sands plant in Northern Alberta. Third day in and I was dangling off the side of a 20m high storage tank with a pair of tin snips removing the outer lining of the tank. After that no problems at all. It did lead me to decide that blue collar work wasn't for me. 10 years ago I was consulting for Crossrail in Canary Wharf. They gave me the desk of doom. It was a corner with floor to ceiling windows to my left and behind on the 29th floor of the Citibank building. No problems, loved the view. 2 years ago I went to the top of Atomium in Brussels. It is well enclosed with only tiny windows. No problem looking out but something in me just went click. Knowing that there was nothing below me as I walked to the edge of the "ball" all the old nervousness came back in one wave. I'm also majorly claustrophobic. I call it Winnie the Pooh syndrome. Afraid of getting stuck in a tunnel or cave. If I ever get my mojo back I'll post some modelling, err muddling pics.
  18. Howdy all. Just popped in to say hello. So this is where all the cool kids have vanished to. err, hello.
  19. You'd be surprised at just how busy Ebbsfleet is for returning services. Not so much outbound but inbound I'd say about 25% of the passengers on trains we take would depart at Ebbsfleet coming back from Brussels. Many reasons for this, most notably people being picked up by car. Far easier and cheaper than trying to drive into central London. It was a very convenient alternative. Ashford and Stratford, not so much. Calais the same.
  20. I won't go into the working from home thing. Suffice to say I wrote the department's guide for it. The loss of Ebbsfleet for the next couple of years really makes Eurostar less viable for us. We tend to visit Brussels, Amsterdam, & Rotterdam 3 or 4 times a year. Home to Brussels via Ebbsfleet was under 3 hours. Via St Pancras, it is now 4 1/4 hours to allow for multiple trains in, longer check in and longer journey. It just means flying from LCY or LGW is now faster allowing for check in. Brussels' Eurostar terminal is now worse than ever with over half the waiting area now devoted to a monster sized duty free shop.
  21. You've never been to Manitoba or northern Alberta then.
  22. One of the last Via trains through Calgary as the service was rerouted through Edmonton (blech) on CN lines in Jan 1990.
  23. After changes to the laws around cabs and fittings, CP removed controls from a large number of SD40-2 units as well. These were easily recognisable as they also blanked out the cab windows. To answer the OP, CP also operated at least 1 F9B using hostler controls as part of a pair of switchers in Calgary back in the early 80s. Others like 4457 were rebuilt in to Robot cars.
  24. Don't forget that Model Junction is still operating as mail order to clear their stock until the end of Sept. Rails of Sheffield stock Rapido. Hatton's and Gaugemaster both have a selection of North American.
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