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  1. I have been going through the rolling stock checking pickups etc on locos. One particular loco , 73202 'Graham Stenning' named after our late friend who used to help operate the layout, has been in he not too well group for the last few shows. So yesterday I took it apart and turns out that the commutator was emitting smoke after minute or two . Its not quite a sealed motor but not easy to get to he commutator so I cut away part of the motor mounting plastic case and managed to get electric switch cleaner in and left to dry out overnight. This morning it was still emitting smoke so I managed to get some IPA into the commutator. The motor then worked fine after leaving it running for some minutes at half speed. The loco is now back together and the decoder stop speed limited to 50%. All seams to be fine so fingers crossed the loco will be given a few runs during the show to commemorate ten years since our friend took ill and the show in Abingdon was the last time that he operated the layout.
  2. I have been using canopy glue for some years now to stick many materials together aswell as what it was originally bought for. However is has become much harder to get and I haven't seen the larger bottles in some year, so I had started using R/C modellers craft glue which also states for canopies and windows. Seems to work much the same. Recently I haven't been able to get that either so now I have a bottle of Speed bond to try out. PS.. John, I guess that I am using the same place as you to buy these from - Squires.
  3. That 7mm wagon had a test run early this morning before getting a coat of primer. Back to the 009 here are a few photos taken at the Tonbridge show. The back up L and B livery LYN was in use towards the end of the show. Normally the last hour or so we run just about anything which allows friends to run their non L and B stock.
  4. How do your operators get on with using the brake function? We occasionally have over runs when we forget to press f2 and most forget about the emergency stop button, probably not helped with some locos not having this function option.
  5. After going through all the locos cleaning wheels and checking pick ups plus checking rolling stock that gave us issues, I then decided to build one of these Slaters kits that I obtained from a friend. Its now ready for priming and test running behind the Lionheart loco.
  6. there are safety valve and injectors but they are much higher functions. One day I may remap the functions. The short list on the layout is for the easier and more useful sounds. Having the full lists just delays trains being run as operators will spend time reading the list. Currently I have LYN on the program track upping the volume as I had reduced it but it was a bit too quiet at the show yesterday. The loco performed faultesly at the show. Very good show but the first couple of hours we had quite a few issues with the locos hat have had new pony wheels fitted and he new kit built coaches binding on the fiddleyard curves. Also most of us were making mistakes . Numerous times I derailed trains after forgetting to switch the turnouts. By the afternoon the layout was running very smoothly, probably the best ever after tweaking the various locos and coaches. The new pony wheels are actually slightly wider than the factory fitted ones, so in the fiddleyard curves they were binding on the outside frame. I filed down each wheel which made a big difference and have done more work on them today. These new wheels did fix the occasional derailing issues so now they should be fine when next tested on the layout. The coaches had a bit more of the floor ground out so that the bogie wheels dont bind when in the curves. Next show is East Grinstead in March and Taunton in October has been confirmed.
  7. The final items worked on before the show tomorrow have now been either stuck on the layout or put in the stock boxes. Now that we have three locos fitted with sound, the notes on the back of the layout are currently being updated. Also I am testing to see if this thin foam obtained from Hobbycraft in December will help keep the throttles in place, hoping that they don't get used for coffee / tea mugs. The layout will be loaded this afternoon ready for an early start tomorrow.
  8. The business / cafe coach is still in the train formation but the cafe hasn't been used for quite a few years and the Business seating can be used by standard class ticket holders for no supplement these days.
  9. Blackmoor is getting a quick check over before heading to the show this weekend. The latest (scratch built) wagon will be running on the layout.
  10. Decals have been applied to one side of the container. I have used a white decal sheet and printed the dark brown around the lettering. I tried numerous times to get a shade that match ed the container but used the closest that I could get then touched in the brown. Its not quite how I would like it to be but is close for now. Its generally not going to be looked at closely as it will be on a passing wagon. The truck trailer is a Coopercraft kit that I found in my stash of kits that I decided to assemble and will be placed in the goods yard on the layout.
  11. Looks like you will be building a brewery with those loco names in the first photo.
  12. An SR open container has been put together from styrene strips. These have been photographed loaded onto one of the L and B flat cars. Its now been painted. The decals in white will be tricky unless someone already does them.
  13. So far Banbury has just one show this year. In a few weeks time we will be taking it to the Abingdon show. After the Tonbridge show with a different layout, it will be Banburys turn to be checked over plus to fix in place these four Royal Mail vehicles into the sorting office car park.
  14. The wagon is now complete after adding he Blackman dry rub transfers that I have had waiting o be used for many years. I has had a run on the High Line test track. A coal load has been added and is now ready to go into the stock box for its first run on the layout on Saturday at the Tonbridge show. I have also started constructing an SR container after seeing a photo of one on one of the flat cars. It will be put together tomorrow but not sure if I will be able to do he decals in time for the show.
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