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  1. Did you teach Paul from Foster Street fame on here how to weather locomotives as his weathered LMS stock seems to share the same approach as you, but his models are in N gauge???
  2. Paul you are far too modest about your obvious skill and talent, I cant wait to see what your next projects will be, keep the updates coming
  3. I think your too modest about your skills, I cant wait to see your next update on this thread, what made you start Foster Street?
  4. That B1 is certainly making me think about modelling in N scale, I have seen the RTR versions, but yours has something I can't quite put my finger on which makes it more appealing to me, you will have to keep the update coming on this one, especially when you start to line the loco
  5. You need more locomotives, especially off the green persuation
  6. How have you manage to get the lining that fine, it must be incredibly thin? Considering you claim not to have much time to model, you are certainly producing some fantastic results
  7. I have an old Wren Royal Scott that needs restoring-repainting, after being the plaything of my son many, many years ago It was in LMS black and I would like to restore it to a similar livery but I am not an LMS modeller can someone please advise me what the LMS passenger black livery was?
  8. Good to see a LNER prototype working its way through your workshops, you have a rate of production that would rival the Big Four
  9. Its beginning to look good, I must admit I like following your progress along with that of Paul from Foster Street fame as you both seem to produce brilliant locomotives from sources most of us ignore
  10. Would you consider taking commissions? I'm sure I am not the only one thinking this but your Locomotives and weathered stock are fantastic, I'm sure I can be the only one who thinks this?
  11. A brilliant set of skill on display there to show how you can turn an older model into something truly useful. Even though Im a NE man they are looking like Scots already. Do you take commission's as I have looked at some of your loco's and weathered stock on here and I think there most be more than me on here who would love to own some of your work.
  12. What a brilliant layout and lots of marvellous stock, do you take commissions?
  13. Which exhibitions have you got invites for or can you not tell us? The other thing, is how can you be thinking of replacing Foster Street, most of us can only dream of owning a layout like yours?
  14. I know I should not be asking this as a NE fan, but is the Flying Scotsman actually the real Flying Scotsman anymore? How much of the actual LNER constructed locomotive can there actually be left? Even I have had a couple of hips, a knee and a disc replaced
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