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  1. Hi Duncan Please find attached the two instructions sheets for South Eastern Finecast 4F Locomotive & Chassis. Hope you can find what you need from these instructions. Regards Roger SEF 4F Midland instructions F159 Chassis.pdf SEF 4F Midland instructions F159 Locomotive.pdf
  2. Thank you. Yes it looks very similar. I also like your previous photos. It has inspired me to finish the model that I started sometime ago. Regards Roger
  3. Hi Duncan I have some instructions for the South Eastern Finecast 4F [Midland 4F F159 locomotive] & [Midland FT159 tender]. They might not be so uptodate for the current model though. Regards Roger
  4. From what I have so far gleaned from various sources, including '2857'org.uk who converted DW 150301 [photo by MJ Imber], the sister coach to DW 150302 is as attached. However I'm yet to work out what the compartment side look like, but I hoping someone might have some information The colour of the coach was Signal Red. This coach replace an Ex LSWR 56' Lav Brake 3rd. SR Dia 125 in 1965.
  5. From what I can make out it was R4763 Collett BR EX GWR 3RD Class Corridor in BR Maroon.
  6. I believe that 5143 was built as a TK, possible later reclassified as a SK. [DW 150302 BTU] I'm certainly very interested of any books or web sites on Ex GWR Engineers coaches etc which might have any more information. What is of interest, another Collett TK coach 5043 [Lot 1383 Dia C54 built 1928 at Swindon] was converted to a BTU staff coach also 1963 (ADW 150301) preceeding number! This coach according to 'RCTS Scedule of Preserved Coaches, GWR design coaching stock {up dated 19-7-2013} was stored at the Severn Valley Railway.
  7. Thank you for this information. If it was converted for use at Laira in '63 how come soon after in '65 it was at Templecombe? Where was it allocated to after the closure of the S&D in March 1966?
  8. At Templecombe in the Mid 60's there was an engineering coach but I cannot identify it, I do think it could be an Ex GWR Collett! Can anyone help as I would like to make a model of it.
  9. Hi Nige I also am having to reduce the size of my layout in 4mm due to size and also time! I have revised the layout but also kept the MOW building albeit in a different place. As far as the drawings are concerned I shall be re-drawing some in the next two weeks whilst off from work, but I do have an excellent drawing of the station main building, how can I get them to you? Regards Roger PS I'm new to this forum!
  10. Hi Nige A bit after the even! I have several drawings of the buildings at West Pennard, some well drawn others just dimensioned sketches. Also a plan of the food factory which was served by the new siding [i recently found a photo showing part of the front of this building]. Let me know if I can be of any help. Regards Roger
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