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  1. Don't forget lots of things didn't get painted in the forties - unless it was in camouflage green - so a loco scrapped in the early fifties could have still carried the livery it left main line service in the late thirties - I think one of the Brighton E1s did.
  2. Sort of ......... they were 'just' 08s with a different gear ratio - but followed the aforementioned Bulleid locos ( BR class 12 ) which were go-faster machines : oddly, those didn't have train brakes originally - so intended for short distance work between yards.
  3. If your layout is early BR period, a very care-worn LNER livery would be perfectly plausible.
  4. I thought there would be housing in view there - but the map suggests not : they've both got suitable water courses so it could be either ......... or somewhere else entirely !!?!
  5. You can't see that view for trees and a fence on the road bridge now ............. the branch and 'box have gone, of course, - and the footbridge roof - but the station's much the same. otherwise ( CTRL tracks out of sight to the left ).
  6. There's another rail-related picture they've been using in the last few days - a frosty scene with a viaduct in the background - could be the Ouse Valley aka Balcombe p'raps ?
  7. Can't believe nobody's mentioned Waterloo ( three of which railway sites I can think of ) ........... though, obviously the battle pre-dated the railway age and the name must have been adopted by the area first.
  8. Interesting theory ......... but these were Maunsell locos with normal spokey wheels ( OVSB didn't cook-up the BFB style until later ! ).
  9. Always wondered about those massive fly-cranks .... far chunkier than those on otherwise similar-looking machines
  10. Oh - i wish i had a local model shop to thieve purshase from !
  11. Indeed .......................... ( Would look even better without those 'orrible things below the headstock - but I guess there'd be howls of protest if they only fitted three-links ! )
  12. Hattons raise the issue of the Ally Pally show ( etc.) ...... I guess the whole country won't be on lockdown that soon - but York might be a casualty ??!? ( Unlike certain other hobbies, a model railway show behind closed doors would be rather pointless ! )
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