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  1. Edenbridge ? ............. was that your spell-checker came up with that ? : perhaps it should delete "denb" !
  2. Anything from the Southern's share of the West Country would have gone to Feltham then 'round the top' of London - New Cross ( or Hither Green ) and the Widened Lines would only have handled wagons from the south and south east.
  3. But the manufacturers DO think it worthwhile producing SOME models of the post-war era ........... how far up the wishlist was a Bulleid Pacific with Stanier tender for instance ? - certainly not my top priority - but I'd pay money for another 1948 Exchanges era loco that's never rolled off the production lines : a skirt-less Gresley A4 in garter blue .... I don't think I'd be alone !
  4. Electric maybe - but the British loco manufacturers were struggling to come up with reliable disiesel machines ..... and, of course, nobody had dreamt that oil would be found on ( or rather under ) our doorstep in the not that distant future ...............................
  5. Maybe more people would consider modelling the Southern malachite green era if Hornby ever get round to selling a Maunsell-cab King Arthur in that colour ....... or, for that matter, if another manufacturer does a matching Brighton Atlantic.
  6. Had a chance to check the 1970 Livery Register and can confirm that no E4x was painted any shade of green during Bulleid's tenure ....... a couple of E4s received unlined Maunsell green with Bulleid lettering tho.
  7. Indeed - a Hattons Barclay chassis ( a**e about face ) and a new body wouldn't be too far off !
  8. With all due respect - I don't think I said anything about rims !!?! ............................. have you investigated the possibility of using tender wheels ? Incidentally, while on the subject of wheels, I'm a little concerned that I don't think I've seen any mention, on this thread, of the fact that the ( BFB ) wheels under a 'Class 12' are bigger than those of its L.M.S. predecessor ... I hope Heljan are aware of this !!?!
  9. I don't think it matters whether the replacement wheels have crankpin bosses or not ....... 99.999999% of the population wouldn't turn your model over to see whether they were hiding behind the frames !
  10. Yes, I was referring to the original 1970 volume ( https://hmrs.org.uk/hmrs-livery-register-no-3-lswr-and-southern-150201.html ) which lists the locos that survived the war in Maunsell livery, and those that received various permutations of Maunsell green, malachite green, or 'Dover' green with/without black/white or black/yellow lining shortly before the war ......... I guess John Harvey is still trying to untangle this to 'update' the grouping-period volume of the new series. [ The 1990 Addendum poured serious doubt on the veracity of the colour sample offered for malachite green in 1970 but - unless an E4X received one of the pre-war 'experimental' livery combinations - that's not relevant to this conversation.]
  11. Most of my reading IS on the Southern ! ................................................. but if the fire was caused by a steam loco spark there may well not have been any juice rail to worry about.
  12. It didn't take long for the powers that be to realise that putting steam locos in front of diesels wasn't a very good idea anyway !
  13. Probably thought it was a good idea after Bachmann did something similar with their Maunsell green birdcages !
  14. Wickham Green

    CL74 ?

    Ah - yes - a 'Hornby' ! ................ unfortunately the ( current ) model manufacturer of that name don't have any of the 1-Co-Co-1 diesels that - more or less - shared the same bogies in their repertoire.
  15. E4Xs never qualified for malachite green - they'd have gone from lined Maunsell green to plain black unless one of the interim liveries was applied : details would be in the Livery Register.
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