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  1. As always you've done an absolutely superb job! Can I ask what colour paint and lining did you use for the repaint?
  2. As said above, not a fast class at all. They were designed for hauling incredibly heavy military traffic round harbours like Richborough so speed wouldn't have been important.
  3. There is a photo somewhere on the internet showing a test run 506 at Penistone, but yes they were found to be unsuitable for the longer run.
  4. Genuinely breathtaking scenics. Doesn't matter how many times I see shots of the layout I'm always utterly blown away!
  5. The company building the motorways at the time was called "Marples Ridgway" which tells you all you need to know 😉 It was a gross conflict of interest and should never have been allowed, but 'tis life.
  6. Considering the way Rapido humour works I'm calling it now, it's going to be the Flying Bufferbeam. After the Port of Par twins it would be the next logical step in the weird and wonderful category.
  7. I generally don't factor kits into discussions about RTR items because that is a different sector of the market/hobby.
  8. Nah, U Class first then a County. The County has already been done even if it is showing its age, but us SR modellers have been crying out for a U for years! 😉
  9. A Dean Goods to start the day, marvellous! 👌
  10. Marvellous! Lovely to see one of its in service configurations in model form 👌
  11. Sadly so, and given my current state of finances and home situation I'm not really able to do anything hobby related even in 4mm. Which is why I love being able to see all these lovely layouts online, I can live vicariously 🙂
  12. Not sure I quite agree given how much Midland there was round my way and into Wales 😉
  13. That's great to know! I knew it was for sale at the time of the show, and was very tempted to enquire about it. But 7mm was outside my area of expertise so didn't pursue it. I'm so pleased to know it will live on on the exhibition circuit 👍
  14. Absolutely stunning, but then your work always has been! I remember seeing Midland in Bristol at the Uckfield show back in 2019. It was an absolute work of art, and so is this 👌
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