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  1. Completed - apart from perhaps some signage. Light weathering applied. Cheers Darius
  2. Brick panels were cut from Scalescenes bricks that had been printed and glued to 2mm card stock. I split the longitudinal walls into three panels to allow for expansion joints. Cheers Darius
  3. Made a start on some diesel fuel storage tanks using the Knightwing kit. I made a base and bund wall enclosure using 2mm thick card stock. Next will be a brickwork lining to the bund wall to give it an additional scale foot in height. I calculated the bund volume (and hence the bund wall height required) basing it on the OD and length of both tanks with an extra for 1/3 of each tank being within the “bunded” space. Cheers Darius
  4. It’s fairly prototypical in the case of the seats on the new Thameslink 700 units. Darius
  5. I recently fitted a Dapol 12 wheel LMS dining coach with Comet brass sides and took the opportunity to improve the Dapol interior with painted seats, tables and passengers etc. Cheers Darius
  6. Excellent work Kieran. Looking forward to seeing this progress. I remember the three car 70 Class units on the Larne line as we moved to Belfast in 1978. I recall seeing them from our house on the slope of Cave Hill (Ben Madigan Park South) passing the, then under construction, M5 causeway. Cheers Darius
  7. BBC News - Northumberland Trains The train in the Network Rail image part way down the article looks familiar. Cheers Darius PS - I see that the BBC has now removed the picture from the article.
  8. This editorial from the second issue is quite amusing. Somehow I don’t think the prediction of an ECML Express in 2012 matches the reality of an Azuma in 2021...or much else in 2021 alas. Darius
  9. I would just like to say that I have ordered several sets of couplings from Hunt Couplings, which were received in good time and with which I am very satisfied. I also think that they deserve an apology - and IMHO a renewed payment - from Model Railway Noob for his misunderstanding of how many couplings constitute a pair. Darius
  10. Since I already have purchased the Stenson bogies and have a plan of attack I will continue apace - if only to accelerate the issue of the upgrade set. Cheers Darius
  11. Hi Mike, That’s great - usually you find out about these things after doing the conversion work. How much self-containment are we talking about? Cheers Darius
  12. Latest project: to hopefully improve the Hornby/Lima JCA bogie presflo wagon. The modifications will comprise:- - Adding the rounded supports to the ends of each tank. - Relocating the tank pipework to more prototypically correct positions. - Removing the tank grab handles. - Re-profiling the tank top walkways. - Filling and sanding the holes in the tanks caused by the above removals. - Repainting the tanks - white part only. - Making and applying new C+G decals. - Replacing the bogies with Stenson Models bogies.
  13. To me these look like two completely different requirements. One is for help with the computer design/printing side of the venture and the other to physically acquire and package parts (including the 3D printed parts) to make a complete model kit. If the latter is the requirement, is the party doing all this acquisition of parts also responsible for marketing and selling the “kit” or are the parts returned to Cornishmad’s company for them to do the marketing and selling? Presumably this activity would be recompensed? (hopefully not from sales...). Apart
  14. Hi Gibbo, Working on those buffers must have prompted a “why am I doing this?” moment, however the results justify the effort. Cheers Darius
  15. Dunweatherin Cheers Darius
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