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  1. Something a bit more unusual in 1:48 scale. Can anyone identify this? Cheers Darius
  2. Dh Tiger Moths 1:48 LDM Tiger Moth 1:48 Aeroclub Tiger Moth Cheers Darius
  3. I seem to recall that it’s a few months in to the new year. In practice, any new 2020 announcements from B are most likely to be 2025 announcements... Cheers Darius
  4. Hi James, I used Railtec transfers for the flats and containers. The red triangles are cut out from a slab of red decal paper left over from my aircraft modelling days. Cheers Darius
  5. Hi John, I’ll post some “in progress” shots of the next one that I modify. Cheers Darius
  6. Inspired by Gibbo’s posts on this subject I am modifying some old Hornby Freightliner flats using plasticard, plastruct angle sections and other bits and bobs. I know the handbrake wheels are at the wrong end on the FGA - may get round to correcting that later. Eight more to go... Cheers Darius
  7. Hi Rob, I used lining decals by Fox Transfers. Took it slow and used a fine paint brush to position the lining decal. I secured one end by dabbing the water away with a scrap of kitchen towel once it was in the correct position and carefully worked my way along the coach. Cheers Darius
  8. Hi Lez, We will be laying the track to be ballasted on 3mm thick cork sheet that is glued down using a coating of neat pva applied to the baseboard, which should seal the board beneath the cork. Any “non-corked” baseboard are that is to receive general ballast etc. will be pre sealed with neat pva that will be given a week to dry before ballasting. The track in the photos is just laid loose to ensure that adequate space is provided and to give an idea of the proposed track plan. Cheers Darius
  9. Some more carpentry completed this weekend. Cheers Darius
  10. 1:48 Avro Anson 19 from the Sanger vacform kit. Cheers Darius
  11. I think they look great, especially once painted and with the decals applied. With a bit of weathering and with loads added IMHO they would pass muster with the best RTR. Cheers Darius
  12. After having a play around with the website, I assume that most of the offerings are 7mm with some being available in 4mm and 2mm. Some of the items have a pull down menu box with “7mm” in it but oftentimes that is the only option in the menu. Where there is no scale or pull down menu shown the presumption is that the scale is 7mm by default. I have used the words “assume” and “presume” because this is not made explicitly clear on the website. Darius
  13. Expression of interest duly made - OO gauge DCC sound. Happy to let the typos in the flyer slide - some of the emails that I have dashed off in haste are horrendous in that respect. Let those who are without sin etc. Cheers Darius
  14. The conversation that I had with the Peco rep wasn’t shouted amid the baying hordes. The Peco stand was relatively empty and it was a calm and polite discussion thoroughly devoid of madness. There appear to be several conflicting narratives from Peco on this subject, one or none of which may prove to be right. Cheers Darius
  15. The "wow" layouts are the ones that you can't see because they are surrounded at least three people deep. On Sunday that was the "Spirit of Swindon" layout. A few years ago it was "The Gresley Beat". Perhaps one day I wll get to see them... Cheers Darius
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