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  1. Hi Roddy, Colours as follows:- Bogies - Rail blue. Chassis and underframe - Halfords Rover Tempest Grey Chassis upper surface (between bulkheads) - 50/50 mix of Humbrol grey and black. Framework and Bulkheads - Acid 8 Grey Primer Cabins - Halfords Nissan Silver Ballast Weights - Halfords Nissan Silver with a diluted wash of Phoenix track colour. Doors - Humbrol 157 Buffer beam - Phoenix signal yellow. VIP seats - mix of blue and black enamels. Cheers Darius
  2. Started on Lab 3. Cheers Darius
  3. Next modelling idea is to cut and shut a Laboratory 3 coach from my collection of Triang-Hornby Mk1 parts. Cheers Darius
  4. Calling this finished. Really great fun to construct. Thanks to Paul for making this kit available. Cheers Darius
  5. Hi Paul, That must be the version (with buffers) that is in photos so in the recently published “Testing Testing” bookazine that covers railway testing in the UK from 1960 to the present day. Saves me having to scrounge up some buffers from the spares box. Cheers Darius
  6. PC4 largely completed. Just need to add buffers, couplings and decals to both PC3 and PC4. Cheers Darius
  7. VIP seats received today and painted. Based on the seat photo that Paul posted I created the antimacassars on white decal paper and applied them to the seats. The VIP pod was then fixed in place as was the exterior framing. PC3 completed bar buffers and couplings. Cheers Darius
  8. Weight added to bogies using “liquid lead”. Cheers Darius
  9. Brake piping formed using 1mm dia. brass rod and sprayed with white primer before fixing to PC3. Cheers Darius
  10. PC4 assembly commenced. Cheers Darius
  11. Hi Paul, Thats great - many thanks. One question: what colour were the VIP seats? Cheers Darius
  12. Upper frames fixed in place on PC3. I have left the frames off around the VIP pod as I am awaiting the VIP seats from Paul. PC4 will be started in the meantime. I must say this is a superb kit - well done to Paul for his perseverance and fortitude. Cheers Darius
  13. PC3 cabins completed and ballast weights fixed in place. Cheers Darius
  14. Bogies painted and assembled. I opened out the holes in the inside faces of the bogies sides to allow the wheel pinpoints to rotate freely and smoothed out the axle retaining clips in the main bodies with a needle file. I masked the gluing contact faces of the main body and bogie sides before painting to ensure a secure bonded joint. After applying a coat of grey primer, the chassis sides, undersides and floor were brush painted dark grey using Humbrol enamels. Cheers Dari
  15. Hi Paul, I received the PoP 1 kit at the end of last week and am very impressed. Construction has commenced Cheers Darius
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