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  1. I am currently sorting through my late father's possessions and have a nearly complete and almost entirely unopened set of these partworks to dispose of (issues 17 and 40, of 1 - 125, are missing and I've run out of places where my father might have stashed them away). Other than that, all parts appear to be present except for the plastic boiler assembly but I've no way of knowing if anything else is missing - the plastic tender body is still extant. Is there any likelihood that anyone may want it?
  2. Nice job and interesting to see what the kit looks like when finished. I'm going through my recently deceased father's possessions and have come across a stack of partworks for this locomotive, still in their unopened cellophane bags. I haven't come across the plastic boiler and tender yet but the white metal footplate is there. Copies are selling on eBay for various prices between £7.95 and £19.95, depending on the part attached to the magazine, which is quite a surprise. He also has a part completed Hachette Bismark, the hull of which must be about three and a half feet long.
  3. Bulleid would not have been appointed to manage such a place and he could not have stayed at the Southern for very much longer than a year or two after 1950, at the very latest. His seriously flawed 'brainchild' cost BR nearly £180,000/0/0, and that was for: one running, albeit with very serious problems and nowhere nearly ready for service, locomotive; one very nearly complete and could have been turned out within a few days but thank providence not a shilling was wasted on coal for it locomotive; one well on the way to completion but, given the time it took the Southern to build a locomotiv
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