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  1. Such a lovely project which I shall certainly be following with much interest.
  2. Although I've seen various YouTube clips of Heaton Lodge I only found this thread last Tuesday, since then I've worked my way through all the postings every evening after work. I must say that I'm exhausted and amazed, both by your stamina and enthusiasm for this project together with your obvious talents and gift of being able to observe and recreate such detail on your railway. Although you are working single-handedly you are, quite rightly, not afraid to call in professional help when required. Bravo Simon and I raise my glass to you! Cheers
  3. Phil. I do like your layout. You have that rare gift of making the railway look like part of the landscape rather than the landscape being part of the railway! Bravo, and please keep the updates coming.
  4. I do think that your reply displays an element of commercial naivety!!
  5. Andy......please do follow the various Cardiac Rehab courses etc. that the NHS will offer you. I had exactly the same procedure as you done in August last year, the aftercare that you will be offered is brilliant. Go for it and Best Wishes from me!
  6. It's very brave of you to dismantle the entire loco......it looks a to put back together!!
  7. Hi Dave Is it numbered 61, 36 or 55? Thanks Richard
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