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  1. While I’m not surprised the large logo variant is by far the most popular, I was still taken aback how quickly it’s totally sold out everywhere. All the one off specials with the different retailers will never sell out, they are very novel choices that won’t appeal to large groups. The GWR green, the Dutch - on a 50, really? What a waste of time I say. The retailers should have just commissioned extra numbers of the large logo and made some money.
  2. Not a fine-scale model, only coarse-scale, in Ready-To-Run. At least that I know of.
  3. There is always a way to find space for model trains! It’s one of the great fun challenges. I live in a tiny 1 bed flat currently and model in gauge 1 and O. Piece of cake.
  4. The answer is us - the consumers. We've paid Heljan's kind of prices repeatedly, so why wouldn't they charge them again and again? Especially when there has been no real competition for the RTR British diesels. Dapol's 66 prices are extremely aggressive for what's being offered - given the existing market.
  5. seeseerider

    Dapol 08

    All Class 60s came with that transfer sheet, yes. I struggle to think of any other Heljans actually.
  6. Wow looking at the very low prices - I know I won’t be able to resist one now. That’s astounding.
  7. Good luck to Dapol on the 66. it’s way too modern for me - but if I’m going to be getting one it would be in EWS livery - but I’d never want 66001 - hopefully there will be other number options.
  8. i have preorders too - and no communication at all. I don’t know what the delay is or when to really expect the A3s.
  9. i think given Darstaed’s quality level in the o gauge finescale side of their market (they have been low to mid quality level up till now) prices are pushing the limit and a touch too high for what’s on offer. I will still buy one. The marketing blurb promises a lot - if they can pull it off then maybe the prices will be ok. But I personally wouldn’t call them a bargain. I love their optimism and confidence though and will support them for it.
  10. I must be ignorant , but i’ve always wondered at the heavy GWR bias in O gauge RTR finescale in UK. You imply it’s an obvious thing. What don’t I know? I’m an LMR man, myself - and only buy the gwr stuff ‘cause there is nothing else haha. i follow most of what else you say. I too can’t help but notice how small the market is, and I don’t get it. I never understood the appeal of OO other than for those with very limited budget and for those who like to model large landscapes of scenery who just don’t have the space. I know people hate me for drawing a comparison but I don’t care - i
  11. I would love the 22 to finally get made, I'd order one instantly, however, based on Dapol's advertising of this release so far, I think it will be a larger loco.
  12. I think it's considered as being a touch too modern for most in the O gauge scene.
  13. I received my new crimson and un-lined maroon sets yesterday. Initial impressions very strong. I'm delighted.
  14. My instinct tells me it’s the 66, but I wish it was the 90. 66 is a step too far modern for me, I wouldn’t even buy one.
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