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  1. Very nice. Mind you, if I’d got a ticket from Limerick to Sligo, I’d have bagged a seat in coach no 1!! It’s a very long trip....
  2. Instant setting superglue fine for small bits in my experience (presume that Kirley’s Loctite sets a bit slower). If doing overlays etc I’d tend to use contact adhesive: gives you a little more ‘change your mind time’....
  3. Tony - here’s a Fred Graham loco, photographed by my brother in sunny Ulster this afternoon, and forwarded to me in rainy Buckinghamshire ! LSWR holly green may be an option ? Nice work on the kit - Alphagraphix are great little kits for the price and a good basis for ‘fettling’.
  4. Brilliant book - got mine this week. Only wish it was four times as big - cracking images therein.
  5. Lovely Colm. If it’s any help, I thought ‘Antrim’ before I read the text!
  6. Very very nice. UTA liveried S class a nice touch. That station scene is pure Derry Road.
  7. That’s brilliant. May 1989 was just about when my school commute stopped and I headed off to Edinburgh - just as Scotland finally cleared most of its loco hauled trains and went to DMUs!
  8. Very nice. I do like the GN van especially!
  9. Vote for HH jig for me. Just built my first scratchbuilt chassis with my own scratch made rods. Lots of scope for error then! But HH jig made the assembly most straightforward .....
  10. Have communicated my thoughts on IRM, Glover, but I really hope Pettigo box will not be sending 2-1 for some time yet.
  11. Yes. I lived at Downshire from 1971 to 1989, and in other parts of NI from 93-99 and 02-06, so saw pretty much all the liveries come and go over the years. That was the best of them, agreed. The Sealink was good for novelty value!
  12. Fantastic ! I was so lucky to get travelling to school on those.
  13. Noel - it’s easier than you think. Far easier than glueing plastic, once you master the basic techniques. This is what I managed to do with no prior experience - am sure you’d do better !
  14. Cheers Angus! Yes it’s EKN. Full story on IRM
  15. Scratchbuilt chassis, scratch built rods and a Sligo Leitrim tank takes shape...
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