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  1. This is brill stuff. Could I be a pain and ask which RM it was please ? Looks an ideal project for TTN3 - if I can turn out anything half as good as this!
  2. That’s fantastic - thank you! I have scratch built in brass in 7mm but am now trying my hand at 3mm scale narrow gauge plastic locos so a big change. This is really helpful - thanks for taking time to give such a comprehensive reply. David
  3. Hello - lovely work! Just picking up from another thread - what thickness of plasticard have you used when building in the past ? Thanks
  4. The publishers are the sole distributor afaik. If they don’t have it, it’ll be waiting for s h copies on the likes of ABE Books I expect.
  5. Looks great, having lived beside Larne line from 71-89. Can’t imagine what the inspiration for Whiterock is
  6. Late to this party (remember social gatherings?) but this little loco is lovely. It’s almost as if Hudswell Clarke made the Lough Swilly a shunter out of spares from the big tanks !
  7. Hello - I have three Peco 009 turnouts to lay. Normally a 7mm modeller, I know how to set up a switched frog. But I’m struggling here! Do I simply solder a wire to the frog and then add that to my SEEP PM1 micro switch? Is there anything else I need to do - I’m used to cutting gaps and soldering bridging wires etc but the Peco instructions are most vague! thank you in anticipation - David (ps visual aids much appreciated to bolster any explanation!)
  8. Valve gear, coal and dirt added. Sorry about the cotton wool ‘steam’. I just couldn’t help myself.
  9. I’m no good at computer smoke. Is old fashioned cotton wool allowed ?
  10. Really really nice work. These are iconic things and you have got them just right .
  11. Only just seen this - wonderful. Used to live near Basingstoke and regularly made a pilgrimage to Cliddesden.
  12. And she moves....bit of fine tuning required but making progress...
  13. 1956 and ‘Enniskillen’ is fresh from overhaul at Dundalk. I’ll weather her when I have the courage - having spent 9 months scratch building her I’m a bit protective! Anyway she’s not quite finished yet..
  14. Enniskillen as she left Dundalk after final GN overhaul in 56. Fair amount to do yet but end is in sight....
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