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  1. Valve gear, coal and dirt added. Sorry about the cotton wool ‘steam’. I just couldn’t help myself.
  2. I’m no good at computer smoke. Is old fashioned cotton wool allowed ?
  3. Really really nice work. These are iconic things and you have got them just right .
  4. Only just seen this - wonderful. Used to live near Basingstoke and regularly made a pilgrimage to Cliddesden.
  5. And she moves....bit of fine tuning required but making progress...
  6. 1956 and ‘Enniskillen’ is fresh from overhaul at Dundalk. I’ll weather her when I have the courage - having spent 9 months scratch building her I’m a bit protective! Anyway she’s not quite finished yet..
  7. Enniskillen as she left Dundalk after final GN overhaul in 56. Fair amount to do yet but end is in sight....
  8. Very nice Noel. Better shut that gate or one of the ‘bastes’ will jump onto the running line. Loads of atmosphere building here.
  9. Very nice. Lovely camera work too!
  10. Very nice. Check out Laurie Griffin’s range of loco chimneys ...google LGminiatures
  11. Delightful. How Mac Arnold and Des Coakham would have loved this. I think a video of the Golfers’ Express is called for !
  12. That’s lovely. Really captures the W H Mills look. Nothing says GNRI quite like polychromatic brick !
  13. Fantastic - although that noise is giving me flashbacks of my school commute !
  14. I suspect part of the rationale will be that conventional track cleaning methods often leave tiny scratches on the rail head, trapping dirt. The graphite provides electrical bridging over those crevices. I think best practice would be to still clean the rails regularly but use the pencil afterwards - bit like waxing a car when it’s been washed.
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