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  1. Thanks for Paul and Kit I'll have one in N when they are done. Bob
  2. Was this wagon part of the PoP train formation or was it on another train, also would there be one or more in a rake and what others would be with it, plus which loco would be used. Bob
  3. That looks good, will you let us know on here when they are available please. Bob
  4. Can't wait to have this up and running on my layout, looking very nice.
  5. I've seen the add for this one but still £23 including postage
  6. Well I tried the fuse wire method and no, it doesn't work, all it did was short everything out. Back to the drawing board. Bob
  7. I have an old Triang Hornby Jinty with the Triang smoke generator, unfortunately the original element is missing, so I am looking for ideas to make a new one from scratch. I've looked on the Hornby forum and someone has repaired an existing one with 5amp fuse wire which will hopefully work, the thing is what could I use to form core, assuming the fuse wire will work. Bob
  8. I have yet to hear any good word about the stuff, what you have to remember is can you apply it smooth and even like an original tyre fits. I would personally always use proper manufactured traction tyres.
  9. Full refund from Mastercard for me
  10. Looks like someone might be trying to stop the truth from coming out
  11. Looks like the calculator side of things on the spreadsheet has gone a bit astray, everyone has paid £30 deposits
  12. I have no doubt it is, but which one do I express an interest on, both say O gauge?
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