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  1. A fellow Gauge '3' member models early Victorian railways and has a few Modelu figures on his layout. They are very good and available in a range of sizes (3D printed) but get a bit expensive in the larger ones. Although G3 is 1:22.6 scale (13.5mm) we are so near to LGB 'G' at 1:22.5 that it makes no visual difference. Geoff has photos of his 'Pre-1860' models on Western Thunder here: Geoff's Pre-1860 - Western Thunder Regards, IanT
  2. You are very welcome GT - it is a very fine model. I've just found my favourite photo of your station (I looked for it the first time around but missed it). I hope you like it. Regards, IanT
  3. It has gone on 'Tour' too from time to time. We laid a temporary (300ft plus) end to end G3 track at Barry Island station some years ago - and needed a bit of layout dressing for interest - so 'borrowed' the station and various other scenic bits. It all went down very well with the Public - we gave youngsters a R/C engine controller and told them they could travel up and down the line - but only use the single track sections if they had a 'token'. They were very well behaved too ( there were no accidents) - better than some of the adults! Here we are setting things up before we opened for the day...
  4. Hi GT, I suspect you mean Gauge '3' (G3) which is 2.5" gauge - so 1:22.6 scale (13.5mm/ft) for standard gauge. Pretty much standard gauge 'G'. See: https://www.gauge3.org.uk/ And yes, it certainly looks familiar, something like the one attached below I think. It now belongs to a Gauge '3' Society Member and is installed on his garden railway, although it only comes out on running days (it's not suitable for all-year outside use). A very nice model though. If you are the original builder, then I'm pretty sure I met you at a G3 AGM some years ago or perhaps that was the (then) owner? Regards, IanT
  5. Only just noticed this post. There is a downloadable (PDF) article on building a stone viaduct available on the Gauge 3 website ( gauge3.org.uk ) that might be useful. It's from the Society's Newsletter from June 2007 but still current. There are about fifty articles available on the 'Downloads' page ( which is not restricted just to G3S members BTW ) and Adrian's article is No 35! Regards, IanT PS Just noticed I can drag a copy here as a PDF! ;-) 035_-_The_Stone_Viaduct_on_the_Knockwood_Line_-_Adrian_Booth_-_June_2007.pdf
  6. Hallo James, That's the 'Sirena' 5" locomotive James - which was actually the first thing we looked at (to base our Sentinel loco design on) however we wanted something a bit nearer to scale and decided Sirena wasn't a good basis for that. However - for anyone wanting a live steam passenger hauler, then it's an excellent use of a Stuart Twin. Station Road came up on the ME website recently, because they also have a very unusual 8-cylinder uniflow engined version of a 5" Sentinel on their site at the moment. That engine might involve a bit more work than a Stuart Twin though. Nice photos of the NRM engine - I don't think we found these when we were looking for them a few years back, although we certainly found quite a few - and there was one of the NRM engine that I found particularly useful (not sure where it came from now - so I'd best not post it here). What scale is the Sentinel model shown on your link? This was one of our two 'test build' engines back in early 2015, which we took to our (G3S) AGM that year, It's at about the same stage as your one in the photo & before we had the spring/axle/torsion rod castings finished to dress the frame with. They do kind of grow on you! :-) Regards, IanT
  7. I wasn't too sure whether I would be swamped by demands for Sentinel drawings - so I was a bit nervous about making the offer. I've had one request thus far. He seemed quite pleased to find a source of drawings - but he hasn't replied (thus far) to the email I sent with the files, so maybe wasn't too impressed. :-( However, as "inundation" now seems very unlikely - if anyone else would like the drawings, I can probably manage another request (or so) Regards, IanT
  8. You just need to double up the scale Rod! (Well nearly - it's only 13.5mm/ft) :-) On reflection, I should have placed this in the 'Garden Railway' part of the RMWeb forum - but perhaps it will still be found here. I've had one request for the Sentinel PDF drawings - by someone who seemed very happy to get them, so that was nice. Regards, IanT
  9. I'm not sure of the policies on this Forum (so hope I'm not breaking any rules) but I've just commented about a Sentinel 100HP locomotive I helped to design as a Gauge 3 'Starter' engine on this RMWeb thread - Post War 100HP Sentinel . Anyone wanting drawings might find it useful... However, as most of the contributors to that thread are probably working in the smaller scales, I thought it worth highlighting here - the availability of this G3 engine at what we hope will be an affordable price to anyone wanting to model in the larger scenic scales. We think that a RTR G3 loco - battery powered, with radio control for £660 plus shipping (£600 to G3S Members) will be attractive to anyone who may have previously seen G3 as too big, too expensive and needing too much room. I've placed a link in the RMW thread already mentioned but the G3S website can be directly found here: G3 Society Regards, IanT
  10. I found this thread some time ago when researching the Sentinel 100HP locomotive for a Gauge 3 project that myself and two other G3S members were undertaking at the time. The idea was to design a simple and affordable RTR entry model for G3. After several false starts, I finally acquired a set of Sentinel GA drawings (thanks to the Sentinel Drivers Club) which were drawn full size in CAD - and then scaled to G3 at 1:22.6 (virtually the same as LGB 'G' at 1:22.5). John (another G3S member) then produced moulds from which cast resin body parts were made. I produced two prototype chassis, using commercial parts where ever possible - and two 'test' engines were built. For various reasons, everything then went quiet (family reasons etc) but last year the project was revived and the G3S commissioned a small number of locomotives to be built by an experienced modeller/member. The project was featured in Garden Rail last year (" A Little King? " -April 2019). Anyway, these Gauge 3 locomotives are now available on the G3S website ( Gauge 3 Society ) and we think they are pretty good value as a G3 'entry' model - a RTR Battery Electric, Radio controlled scale G3 shunter for £660 plus shipping (£600 to G3S members). The engines have a two-stage motor/gearbox directly driving one axle and a small (almost scale) chain driving the second. The short wheel based 0-4-0 engine can manage small curves quite easily and works well as a Shunter - so a good engine for smaller layouts. I'll attach a photo taken of one of the engines running on the 'Rundle' layout this weekend at the G3S AGM. More details are on the website. BTW - we decided to model the 'bunkered' version and spent a lot of time examining Sentinel photos (some from here - Than You) - so I would mention that over time many small changes were made to the engines but one that nearly caught us out was that the springing was beefed up at some point (more spring layers) and as a result the engine rode higher and things like buffer height were effected. With regards to drawings, whilst I won't publish the CAD files, I do have G3 scaled drawings (as A4 PDFs) that were distributed to various G3S members during the project development that would give a good leg up to a builder in any scale. Please post a request on the G3S Website's 'Contact Us' page if you'd like a copy ( I can manage one or two requests - hopefully I won't be inundated ). Regards, IanT
  11. Just some instant Customer feedback for you Andrew. I went into WH Smiths to collect my EIM today and purchased the only copy I saw on the shelves - the so called "Bumper" Edition. I also collected & paid for some other mags for the wife at the same time. Checking later at home, I realised that I'd been charged £5.99 for my EIM. I assume that is because I also received a copy of Garden Rail (July 2019) - one that I happened to already have. I'm guessing that you will tell me that the "ordinary" EIM was also available at the normal price of £3.99 (although if so - it wasn't obvious) but if that isn't the case, I may not be the only EIM reader to be a bit cheesed off by this practice. I will check more carefully next time I see an EIM "Bumper Edition" and will frankly think twice about buying it if the price is uplifted again... If you want to throw in a free mag - then fine. But I don't want to pay extra for something I don't want or need. Regards, IanT
  12. until
    The Gauge '3' Society's Model Railway Gathering and AGM Featuring The 'Rundle' & 'Chalfont' G3 Layouts Modelling Demonstrations Model Displays - Locomotives & Stock Bring & Buy Stand & Newsletter Back Issues Refreshments Available Free Parking for Guests & Exhibitors Traders include: Buxton Model Works Cliff Barker Cromford Designs Curlew Coaches - Tim Kraay Garfield Designs - Andy Boothman Brass Kits Ieuan Lewis Bookstall John Taylor Models Marston Models - Gavin Bashford Peter Korzilius' Models Walsall Model Industries Williams Models Woodbury Models - Andy Mould Member Show Donation £3.00 Visitors Welcome - Non-Member Show Entrance (Family Ticket) £5.00 Please note that entrance to the AGM meeting will be restricted to G3S Members only
  13. The Gauge '3' Society's Model Railway Exhibition & AGM Is being held this year at the Rufus Centre Steppingley Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 1AH on Saturday 23rd February 10am - 4pm Featuring 'Rundle' & 'Chalfont' G3 Layouts Modelling Demonstrations Model Displays - Locomotives & Stock Trade Stands Bring & Buy Stand & Newsletter Back Issues Refreshments Free Parking for Guests & Exhibitors Visitors Welcome - Non-Member Show Entrance (Family Ticket) £5.00 Please note that entrance to the AGM meeting will be restricted to G3S Members only See here for further details: https://www.gauge3.org.uk/g3-spring-event-and-agm
  14. Excellent work Pete - enjoying following this! Regards, IanT
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