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  1. This is a serious point, if it affects you so much why continue to it? Of all the forums I contribute to this one has to be the most interventionist; its one thing to filter out scam/spam/ah hominem, but you obviously spend significant time 'gardening' topics which don't fit. While many jobs make you want to tell people to refer to Arkell vs Pressdram most people set a point they intervene at levels that are practicable and sustainable without going doolally.
  2. I don't know which traders they are but probably at least one did Doncaster without anything untoward. To repeat others, it's good they bothered to come at all, and were willing to suffer the restrictions. Looking forward to getting back to Glasgow after the 21st March.
  3. Probably not, but I would suggest that its the name which is relevant not the loco.
  4. I didn't say that. You support the organiser, this can by summarising what punters thought didn't work but filtering out the verbage.
  5. Coming back from KX on a HST one day, we stopped on Welwyn Viaduct for best part of an hour as an 180 has spread engine parts over Welwyn North station and the fire brigade was clearing up damping down - interesting smell.
  6. As they say from our part of God's own country there's nowt as queer as folk. Either a complaint is useful for next year or it shows that our hobby is full of very odd people. Apart from complaints along the lines of a couple of GW layouts was 'simply not enough' I have never heard anything which I had the odd worry about while doing the Friday set up. Being exhibition organiser needs thick enough skin not to be depressed, but not too thick to be able to evaluate how well you did. For the rest of us we need to provide support where it is needed.
  7. If Bino was disappointed, implying that he is ungrateful isn't going to help. You had a whinge about my disappointed about aspects of the Doncaster show even though I had thoroughly lowered my expectations. It's a good job that for me that exhibition was worth it as a shopping trip, whereas for Bino it doesn't sound like it was. Similarly I don't infer from Bino that he thought Hornby had given back word, only that Hornby is perhaps behind most others in getting back to exhibitions of this size. While he may have been a bit satirical on why Hornby may want to avoid queries (que Titfiled jokes as well), its a valid point. My club had a fairly successful show last October, but the benchmark is ever raising and we need to have a better one this year. People expect continuous improvement while we live with COVID - in this case (and having seen the plan) having a slightly higher percentage of the space for layouts next year could be a goal.
  8. OT Give the title with 'GWR cancelled' my father would say it was not soon enough.
  9. If this was 1992 the bloke is to old for John Cameron. However, there is come semblance so it could be his father. Anybody know what tartan the tie is?
  10. The cost of redoing the chassis for 03/04/08 (and the others which are adding sound) is part of the reason for the increased cost of these models. For those of us on DC its wasted money. Farish would not change the design of a perfectly workable chassis unless they can justify charging a premium. A chassis for a totally new model would not be to much different with a socket than without but with the 'upgrades' the extra design and manufacturing cost are down to one cause - DCC. To gratuitous and badly paraphrase grahame - a proper modder would not consider waiting for a RTR solution, they would have soldered on a DCC chip many years ago.
  11. Depends if you are modelling the railway as a whole or modelling individual vehicles. I saw a wonderfully modified/weathered Inverness Class 24 on a layout, hauling a rake of Mk2a coaches!
  12. One of our layouts was due to go to York; we had a full work out back in November and found out which operators/track/stock needed help or attention. While not everybody can have the layout up to practice, one of the ones today had at least one two day exhibition in the Autumn. But then again if two of your volunteer operators have a slanging match in front of the public you can only commiserate with owners.
  13. I think that some of the layout operators could have done with some practice. A couple of previously good ones were a shambles - on one eight operators managed two up trains and no down trains in 10 mins. However, very few people were moaning - for many of us it's primarily a shopping trip.
  14. Like many control measures they are the option to apply last and therefore the one to go first (ERIC and all that). I should be taking a LFT before going and even with a lowered immune response I would rather people take a LFT beforehand rather than rely on something much less reliable. People getting too close is starting to get an occasional issue. I move back one step in that case, sufficient to be clear in most cases; if they follow I ask them to keep their distance. In many case the novelty of meeting people is still new enough for it to be unintentional - however, you do get a few oddballs. Given the size of the ground floor space, they should be able to get a decent level of ventilation. The smaller exhibition area on the 1st floor may be something to do first before getting a cup of tea while everybody else is bargain hunting.
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