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  1. Classes of train post 1951 Class - Type A - Express passenger B - Ordinary passenger C - Empty stock, Parcels, Fish, Milk, Meat or fully pipe fitted express goods (automatic brake on half the vehicles) D - Express freight with partly fitted with automatic brake on a third of the vehicles. E - Express freight with not less than four automatic brake fitted vehicles connected to the brake pipe. F - Express freight NOT fitted with continuous brake G - Light engine or engine and up to two brake vans. H - Through freight J - Mineral or empty wagon train K - Pick-up freight.
  2. Try this site, I think this where I got my copy. http://wttreprints.uk/
  3. Sorry late getting back to you, it seems to have everything, I will try and remember where I bought it from, not a lot of money, mine was re-printed in 2012, somewhere I have a list of the codes for each train to make the timetable make more sense, bear with me.
  4. The GC trains really were long, especially the coal "runners or windcutters", especially towards the end of the line with 9f's hauling them and some of the cross country holiday trains too , I have a copy of the working timetable for the GC dated 1953 if you need any info.
  5. Looking good, kinda wished I'd stuck at my effort at Leicester Central, it is such a beast to model.
  6. It was used in machining centres on the slideways for the tables and also on the headstocks, dirty areas where a lot of swarf was about, but of course, not subject to shock forces as would happen in a steam engine application. It was tough stuff, we used to cut the oil ways by hand which took some effort. It was eventually replaced with linear bearings, I think gibs on lathes and milling machines are still faced with turcite where bearings aren't employed.
  7. When I worked building machine tools we used Turcite in that sort of situation, just wondered if it would be an upgrade? Had it been running on bronze then I guess the need would not arise,just a thought.
  8. What material do those faces run against Pete?
  9. Merry Christmas Mark, hope we can all get out in the coming year, I will hopefully be at Perth again and probably St.Andrews again.
  10. I don't have wider shots yet, if you click on this link, there's a lot more about the layout here...................
  11. Not a huge amount of modelling going on, but much running of rolling stock, started to build the point rodding for the mainline points, though the wrong signal box is still in place. A new addition to the stock is this rather nice Heljan class 26, though it was a BRCW when I saw them as classes had not been introduced as such, as they were brand new in the period I'm representing, only a light weathering will be applied.
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