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  1. Castles in the air- Don Mclean
  2. I'm sure there's an LMS Jinty in there....................................................
  3. Morning all, still persisting it down here, now I wanted rain for the garden and for the Salmon and Sea trout to start to run the rivers, however as we now have a couple of feet extra in the river, that'll do now thanks. Hoping to go after some fish on Friday at Banchory so I might just go test a few things running around on parallel bits of metal in a bit.....again.
  4. Teach your children- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  5. I kinda feel sorry for all you guys stuck with one region of locos, whereas those of us from Great Central land got everything passing by, especially in the summer with cross country specials that ran from Edinburgh to Penzance and the daily Newcastle to Bournemouth amongst others. When a peg went up on a summer Saturday we'd try to guess what region the next loco would belong to, never got bored, they definitely shut the wrong railway.
  6. Got "run Rabbit run" as a pesky ear worm now...……………………………..
  7. Morning, no sign of rain here, but then due to the thick sea harr, not much sign of anything, including the neighbours house over the road, I could see the pesky rabbit in the back garden though, maybe a bit of target practising this morning then. Take care and enjoy the weekend all.
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