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  1. You may find this site interesting when choosing loco stock Chris's Annesley Website (annesleyfireman.com)
  2. Not heard from you for a while, hope all is well.
  3. Ok so who else had to google that?..............................................
  4. I would like to get some items made with a 3d printer, but I shalln't need much, so buying a printer is not something I will be doing, is there someone who will print items for you?
  5. That completely fooled me, excellent skill in modelling.
  6. Changing this a fair bit, south of Leicester stations like Lutterworth and Whetstone were raised with the access to the platform from under the bridge rather than like the Bachman covered steps going down from an over bridge, track plan will be the same, but up in the air. Need to get this right before I begin.
  7. There's a photo in the book Mainline Lament of a passenger train passing a small freight train waiting in the loop at Whetstone, my memory is of mixed freight traffic stopping at pretty much every station and the WTT I have for the early 1950's seems to support that memory. My plan is to try and mimic the original, but modellers licence just might come into play a bit, one of the main reasons for returning to the GC is the fact that so many types of locos from a range of regions ran on the metals south of Leicester.
  8. It needs to connect to the bridge as the access will be off the bridge, I agree about the connections, but the passing loops were used to allow faster trains pass on the long climb out of Leicester, Whetstone had a passing loop on the up line for this purpose. I hope to move the crossover to the left, I used anyrail and it is a bit restrictive in items of rail available.
  9. This the mark one version, things may well change once the build begins, first thing is to find out just how much wood costs these days as I would like to build this on a base that would be easily moved/transported.
  10. Having tried many variations on a theme, I have finally had to accept I do not have space to do justice to an actual GC station in the area I was raised in southern Leicestershire, I do however want to run a GC themed layout and have come up with a hybrid station and yard, taking key points from actual stations, but compressed to allow me to fit the room I have. This will cater for local passenger and mixed freight to work in a manner true to the prototype, I have made a track plan, now need to figure out how to reduce it's size so I can post it on here!
  11. This might need a re think, it is way larger than I remember it to be, might be struggling for room, some modification to my plan is called for.
  12. Having pretty much completed my LNER mainline village station layout, I have decided to return to my roots and go back to the Great Central in the 1950's and 1960's, the opportunity to model a location I knew very well is too much to resist, the only thing I am yet to decide on is do I demolish the Scottish layout or do I have two layouts? Rolling stock is pretty much inter changeable and both could utilise the same dcc control. Track plans are already pretty much complete, just need to see how much room the new layout would need. I like a circular plan, but this new project could just as easily be end to end with cartridges to feed either end. I have learnt a lot from my two previous builds and this later project may well see the use of motorised points be of a more portable nature, early days yet, but big ideas in mind for the winter lol.
  13. The thing with the Great Central is that so many locos from different regions travelled over the metals, especially loco spotters specials, one of the reasons I have decided to return to the GC is the fact that you could have ex GWR, LNER, LMS and all the Standard BR and still be following prototype after a fashion, there were some stock that did not visit Leicestershire, but not many.
  14. For the width of a set of double doors on our summer house I went for two lift up ones, pictures in the links at the bottom here.
  15. I'd be interested to see how this is progressing, I am having thoughts of having a go at building another GC layout based on Whetstone station area.
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