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  1. I think I preferred the cramped, messy original with more character than the souless 1968 monstrosity !!
  2. Yes. Buchanan Street was a hovel when compared to Central or St Enoch which were both among the best.
  3. Port Patrick, Moffat, Scottish minimalist. Grangemouth, also minimalist but part of very extensive docks layout. Glasgow Central, probably the best looking large terminus in the country.
  4. My understanding is that each wagon repairing site was allocated a block of numbers which were applied consecutively as each wagon was repaired regardless of wagon type. You could say there was no logical approach.
  5. Scottish Region WTT Section W June to Sept 1953 shows all terminating at Canal Yard with one exception. It is train 577 the 10.25pm Class C from Aberdeen which terminates at Upperby Yard 9.10am MSX 9.25am SO. Tom Robertson
  6. Just thought of some more - LMS Stanier 3MT 2-6-2T, LMS Fowler 4F 0-6-0, Caley Pickersgill 4P 4-6-0.
  7. LMS Fowler 2P 4-4-0, Fowler Compound 4P 4-4-0,Fairburn 4MT 2-6-4T, Hughes Fowler Crab 2-6-0, LMS 5MT 4-6-0, LMS 5XP 4-6-0, LMS 8F 2-8-0, Caley Jumbo 2F 0-6-0, Caley 3F 0-6-0, Standard 4MT 2-6-0, Standard 4MT 2-6-4T, Standard 6MT 4-6-2 were all definitely in use. Other possibles are Caley MacIntosh/Pickersgill 3P 4-4-0, WD 8F 2-10-0, Standard 5MT 4-6-0.There may be others I have not thought of. A B1 4-6-0 is extremely unlikely but not impossible !
  8. The Crewe North diagram was for a 5XP later 6P 4-6-0 and was usually a Jubilee but an orginal Patriot did turn up accasionally.
  9. Examination and repairs could be on a mileage basis or time basis, from a daily examination by an examining fitter for engines working passenger trains to a valve and piston examination at about 36,000 miles or so.
  10. For public and working timetables 14 June 1965, apart from WR 15 June 1964 for public timetable only, and London Underground 7 September 1964.
  11. They were also applied to the NB D61XX rebuilt with Paxman engines. Class21/29 respectively.
  12. 8 is a Caledonian 0-4-4T at Beattock Summit. It has just dropped off the train it banked from Beattock.
  13. Got to be Patriot or Baby Scot 4-6-0s numbers 5500-5551.
  14. I think their decline commenced even before dieselisation when Polmadie aquired 5 Britannia Pacifics. They still retained the Clans essentially because no other shed would have them. There were several attempts to palm them off on Haymarket and St Margarets but they were always quickly returned with thanks but no thanks. So they seemed to have little diagrammed work and would only appear on weekend or special passenger workings with only freight train working for most of the time, or standing "not required".
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