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  1. Same scene with different characters lawnmower and tree, I posted this on the 'Show us Yours - Realistic Modelling' thread (pg 95) and it went down very well. Thought I ought to post it here as well, just in case any one missed it. Really Stan, I don't think it necessary to take a break after only doing half the lawn. It is only 4mm scale after all.
  2. Really Stan, I don't think it necessary to take a break after only doing half the lawn. It is only 4mm scale after all.
  3. Thanks Mikkel, Funny you should mention about the soil as I wasn't sure what to use to represent it. It just so happens that a while back when I was drilling holes in the wall ready to put some shelves up that the brick dust created from drilling, first through the plaster, and then into the red brickwork resulted in a very fine dust, hmm I thought. I then dry mixed the dust with some burnt umber weathering powder and hey presto I had soil. Within the red brick dust there were minute lighter coloured fragments which represent the stones etc. which you get with soil which you can see in the diorama. The soil mixture was then carefully sprinkled onto dilute pva and gently tamped down. Not sure if you got the reference about Mr Corbyn (former Labour Party Leader) and the Jam making. I think the male figure looks like him. Its from a 2016 news article with a loose link to trains; https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/jeremy-corbyn-traingate-labour-leader-jam-a7211486.html
  4. I hope you don't plan on sitting in that, you've only done half the lawn and don't forget to water the plot and finish putting more compost down. Yes dear!! Spot of bother with the mower, I was going to sit here and read the manual. Manual, when have you ever read a manual, why don't you just kick it or hit it with your hammer. That's what you normally do and I haven't forgiven you for ruining the jam. Sorry dear!!
  5. After discovering the reason for the lack of water pressure from the hose pipe, Mr. Corbyn contemplates a better solution for attaching the hose to the tap. Suddenly, his concentration is broken by the sound of a woman's voice from the kitchen window "Jeremy dear, how long are you going to be? Your jam is boiling over". Bother, says Mr Corbyn, I've still got the runner beans and tomatoes to water.
  6. The trees are superb. For the camouflage look for the bark, try experimenting by flicking on paint from an old toothbrush. With a bit of practice you should end up with the required colours in flecks of paint as opposed to trying to apply by brush. I will confess that I haven't had the opportunity to try this method myself but I have seem some exceptional results from a book on model tree making.
  7. After picking some nice carrots to go in with this evenings stew, the Colonels wife has noticed that the water butt is missing!! Oh, and the tree is back. And this ones from over the fence. A one sided discussion about what's for dinner as the Colonel has disappeared, no doubt hiding somewhere out of sight.
  8. Thanks again Mikkel, I think the tomatoes can just about pass for the larger beef/steak variety, they must eat a lot of Steaks Its the leaves which are overscale with the out of the packet vegetable plants. Re. the garage, I'm afraid I cheated as its empty, there is a black Austin 7 to go on the drive though. Is that a shot of the inside of your garage with a restoration project awaiting?
  9. Well I've started on the veggie plot and so far we have runner beans, leeks, turnips and tomatoes. The frame for the runner beans is made from micro rod to resemble bamboo canes. The turnips, leeks and toms are out of the packet and vastly overscale which is a shame but I just wanted to see how they would look. Next will be some carrots, onions and maybe lettuce. On the garage doors I have added a hasp and staple lock. Its nearing completion now, thankfully. However, we are in the process of selling up and moving so most of my modelling gear is packed away with only stuff left out to complete this diorama. I bet there is something that I have forgotten to leave out
  10. The Colonel is in the garden while enjoying a read of the morning paper, a gentle southerly breeze teases the pages causing them to rustle. In a moment he will glance upwards and realise that his cock (weather vane) has seized up!! it's pointing in a North Easterly direction. He really should have addressed that creeping ivy much sooner, as its entwinned itself around the weather vane. Time to get the ladder out of the garage Colonel.
  11. Thanks Mikkel for your kind words, very much appreciated. Before I started on making trees, I had mistakenly thought them to be a 'dark art' whereby, only the very skilled and knowledgeable modeller could achieve convincing looking results. At the time, I just wanted something which did not look plastic and resemble sticks of broccoli, like some of the out of the packet trees do. As you have said "discovered", by having a go its surprising what you can achieve and the mysteries of tree making dissolve away. I had not considered dioramas at this point, that only happened when I discovered, to my surprise, that constructing trees was producing reasonable results, so I thought they need to be displayed. I say this like I have a production line, but in truth I have only constructed a total of 5 trees so far, using a mixture of plastic and wire armatures and all have turned out reasonably well. You do need a bit of patience though and the commitment and belief in ones abilities to have ago. I had no idea that the Silver Birch would work when I took it on, I was about 10% confident of success but I still went for it and the first attempt, although passable, was not good enough in my view. It was Gordons book which revealed to me the other methods and materials to use for achieving more realistic results. The Oak tree is destined for another diorama, I was going for another Cake Box size base but need to see how that would fit the tree. I am planning a modern era park type scene for this one.
  12. Thank Steve, I am very pleased with the tree and I will definitely use Mr Gravett's methods again. Its taken longer than expected to complete this diorama as life keeps on getting in the way, which means I can only grab a few minutes working on it every now and again. It will get done though, eventually, with the occasional kick up the backside.
  13. Thank you John, that's very kind of you to say so. Its been a labour of love
  14. Well, I'm finally happy to report that the Silver Birch is now complete and its turned out pretty good for a second attempt. I have inserted it into the garden diorama with a blob of blue-tac and took some photos. Its quite fragile, due to the thin copper wire used for some of the branches, so it will be placed somewhere safe for now and be the last item to be glued in place on the diorama. Next thing to tackle will be the small vegetable patch and then get some more characters painted up. Then back to the Oak tree, remember that! Out of interest - Can anyone recommend a cheapish digital camera which comes with photo stacking, I need a way of keeping everything in sharp focus when shooting close up and my Samsung mobile phone camera results in a lot of the image being blurry as depth of field is very narrow.
  15. Hi John Many thanks for the info and links for tree making and supplies. I am going to have a good look through to see all the range available. Much appreciated. Mark
  16. Thank you Mikkel, Re6/6 (John) was quite right, I followed Gordons guidance and it didn't disappoint. So it takes a little more time straightening out the postiche but its worth the effort for modelling this variety of Birch. Would also work for Weeping Willow, that's another one for the future.
  17. The first sprinkling of foliage has been added which is a mix of Green Scenes 125 and 129, attached for now with hairspray. The upper branches are next and I intend to use longer lengths of postiche for these which should fill out the tree more right down to the lower branches. I think it looks better than the larger first attempt tree where I used thin strips of foliage netting. This method seems to represent the drooping foliage more realistically.
  18. Its been a while since I last posted an update, haven't really progressed much as I have only had one stint at attaching the straightened out postiche. Its going to take a few more sessions to complete that stage and then it will require a hair cut to tidy up the straggly bits before I add the scatters. I am pleased with how its looking though. Without the scatter material it does make for a very nice Birch for a winter scene. That's one for the future, I can imagine a few of these running along an embankment with patches of snow on the ground.
  19. Well, I've started on Silver Birch MkII which is smaller than the original and will be better suited for this small diorama. I am still experimenting with bark discolouration at the moment (progress pics below) and after this I will attempt to attach the postiche to the branches, to represent the long twiggy stuff, which will be straightened out first. The first tree was a scale 55' tall and this version is 32'. Once the postiche is added, I will take some images of the whole tree situated within the diorama. Hopefully it should all work out, I'm following Gordon Gravetts technique so fingers crossed
  20. Hi Chris Not sure if these would be appropriate for a small yard L120: 2CWT SACK SCALES + SACKS (2) sold by Dart Castings https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/dart/L120.php I used them in my 2018 CBC 'The Coal Drop'. Not sure if they would have ever been used for weighing sacks of coal - I just thought it looked the part so used them. You can just about make them out in the image below.
  21. Yes, this was taken at the weekend, James prefers wearing something entirely different when gardening during the week.
  22. Thanks for the feedback Mikkel, I haven't yet decided if it looks like she's just come back from paint balling in which case she must have been an easy target or is this something Joan Crawford would wear while tending her Geraniums? I'm still undecided
  23. Some images of my garden scene diorama in 4mm scale (still under construction).
  24. Just playing around with some characters which could feature in the scene. Lawn mower man definitely has a place but have I overdone it with the colourful gardening smock as worn by his Mrs?
  25. Thank Mikkel I cant resist adding the little people, so they will appear soon.
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