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  1. Hi Andy i loved those cakes what a treat . You taught me well.
  2. Hi Andy mate .It's coming more to life with ths wagons and trackside lights. I do miss the humour plus the cake .
  3. Have you run out of orange paint. Have you spent your pocket money .
  4. Very good videos. Nice to see you haven't lost your touch .
  5. Nice video Andy. You taught me well with the wallet ha ha.
  6. Do you thiink you will have the time for longer videos .When you like cake and cups of tea .plus a nod in the afternoon.
  7. Hi Andy it looks amazing .When are we seeing a video with your sound locos.
  8. Nice layout .Nice to see the old majic back.
  9. It's a shame the 9f wasn't running. A good photo.
  10. Is the 08 Hornby or Bachmann .Are you putting any figures on the platform. Great layout .
  11. I like the way your folder Andy Peters layouts is facing the camera under you next exceptional layout
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