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    Scottish region in the late 80s, early 90s. Class 20s and 37s, as well as 27s and 47s.

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  1. Thanks Mark, glad I asked the question before ordering the buffers! Cheers!
  2. Hello Chaps, I'm about to venture down the sprung buffer path with 6 Bachmann BDA and 6 Bachmann VGA van wagons using Accurascale sprung buffers. I have dove through many photos of them, and I can't seem to figure out what size of buffer they had. To my eye they look like 13" Oleo, but could someone verify or correct me on this? Thanks! Alex
  3. Good day chaps, After being slightly disappointed with the Hornby range announcement lacking a new run of Mk3 Sleepers, I'm curious if there is another option for them? I've tried locating both Hornby and Lima ones on ebay, in second hand shops and facebook groups, but no luck. I did purchase 3 Hornby FGW livery ones in the hopes of respraying them, but after the the all but destruction of one of them on disassembly, I've ruled that out. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. -Alex
  4. Thanks for that info. I will definitely look into getting some. -Alex
  5. Wonderful layout mate! What did you use for your ballast? I've been struggling with using the red or grey ballast on my Highland based layout. Keep the pictures/videos coming, really enjoyed catching up on your progress! -Alex
  6. Eddie, glad to see I'm not the only one who modified a Gaugemaster depot or two. Really like how that turned out. May I ask which kit you used for your signal box? I will keep watching to see your new layout progress! Which three 37s are on there way if I may ask? I just recieved my 37685, fab model! -Alex
  7. Thanks for all that insight Paul, it all plants seeds for more questions. If your willing, I certainly like to hear more on the hours/rules if you wouldn't mind. In a PM would work too. Who would do the sweeping off the wagons? Would they be done before being moved from Hereford? Once empty, would they be collected into a complete rake before being moved to Scotland or would it be done as they were emptied a wagon or two at a time? Cheers! Alex
  8. Thats really interesting Paul. How long would that trip take? Please forgive me, I live in Canada and google maps can only provide so much info regarding distances, etc. Could you explain your work rules a bit, such as how many hours you could work, etc? Cheers! Alex
  9. I saw a picture on Flickr today with a Queen Mary in the sidings at Crainlarich and it was mentioned that it was used for the timber flow from there to Corpach. The picture was taken in 1986, before RETB. Guess that was to avoid the runaround move at Mallaig Jct? Would share the picture, but sharing is disabled.
  10. Thank you for sharing those photos and info Paul. I shall have to get some OBAs now to also mix with my BDAs and OTAs. Would you be loco only from Hereford to Warrington to collect the wagons? I'm assuming so. Cheers!
  11. Thanks again FC. I purchased the Rail Express Formations Handbook last year and it shows BSWs in several of the formations but only says Lower Crianlarich/Fort William to Mossend with a date. Thats very helpful to know they were most likely going to Hereford. Cheers!
  12. Thanks Mark! I will search up BTAs and do some research on that. Thanks for that correction, I must have gotten confused where I read the bogie swap. Thanks FC, I will do a Flickr search and see if I can find some photos of that. Do you happen to know where the flows to Hereford orginated from? Alex
  13. Hey lads, Is there a possibility that BDA wagons where used for timber traffic? I know some Bolster Ds were fitted with new bogies and called BSWs, but was wondering if BDAs were ever used in Timber flows or was it steel flows only? Thanks, Alex
  14. Thank you everyone for the replies. Very helpful information. My period is 1986-1993. I know for modelling purposes, the cabs seem a bit irrelevant but mainly for having headlights on/off as well the tail light markers. I have a railfreight liveried brake van that will serve as a shoving platform but was wondering how important it was to modify the lighting on my class 37s to reflect the changing of cabs or not. Cheers!
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