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  1. I chose my words carefully when saying ‘effectively free’ because I am on an old FIT scheme where I get paid for 50./‘ of what I generate irrespective of how much of my own generation I actually use. Clearly there is an upfront cost to installing solar panels.
  2. I too am off grid and use gas for heating which is expensive in the UK compared to mains gas, LPG is about twice the price of mains gas. It is worth noting that 1 litre of propane (for which I have just paid 50p a litre), is the equivalent of 7.5 KWH of electricity which is about 20p per KWH. SImple maths shows that it is far cheaper to heat anything using gas unless the electricity is effectively free from solar panels.
  3. Been there, without question the most painful injury I ever got playing soccer which included several broken bones. To add to the fun I had the tale end of a cold with a lovely cough which felt like I was being knifed every time I spluttered. 


    The pain does go but slowly, I'd agree that if you can take them NSAID's help dampen the pain. Hang in there and be patient, I am sure it will pass. Just don't hold your breath whilst you are waiting....

  4. I am trying to price up the various options open to me for coach lighting and would appreciate some assistance with the following: Are Bachmann Mk 1 coach wheels capable of being used for coach lighting? It appears that they have an insulating bush at the end of the axle on each wheel which I am not sure can/should be removed. The alternative to the Bachmann wheelsets appears to be replacing them with DCC Concepts wheelsets DCW-W14S. Has anyone experience of these? What 12V LED strip should I use, I want a yellow colour for my early 1980's era? Recommendations please
  5. I had considered powering each coach and might still go down this route. I initially decided against this because: reduced time and cost if only 1 coach is powered only a single capacitor is required to avoid flickering which can be hidden in a brake coach effective DCC control of the rake using an ESU lighting bar My ultimate decision will be determined by a combination of the overall cost and time that the work takes. I am not concerned at having wires running between the coach which is prototypical as the picture below shows. What I would love to find is a small connector that would enable a similar sort of connection to be made and broken if I wish to remove a coach from a rake.
  6. Thanks folks, some interesting thoughts. I am clear and happy that the lights will be on all the time on a DCC layout although I think the ESU lighting bar is effectively a DCC chip and may have an on off switch. 2 pole conductive couplings would be a neat solution and the Bachmann Mk1 is NEM pocket fitted, however the conductive couplings appear out of stock with most retailers with the Viessmann website quoting a September 2024 delivery date. Annoying but I will wait of this is the best solution available, in the meantime I'll see of I can find a single pair to trial. The Layouts for you coach lighting kit contains more components than I need and would be an expensive way of buying LED strip. The point on the cheap LED strip is appreciated and noted, I'll try and find some of higher quality and might ask the Layouts for you people who they get theirs from. Prior to the connective couplers I had intended running a single wire between coaches on each side of the coach mimicing the connections seen on the big railway. I had hoped to find a single, small male to female plug like the Peters Spare and other JST connectors but these all seem to be in 2's or more. I am not sure of they can be cut to make singles; has anyone tried this? I am grateful for peoples feedback.
  7. I wish to add lighting to my predominantly Bachmann Mk1 coaching stock which runs on my DCC controlled layout. I have a several rakes of coaches which operate in semi fixed 4 coach rakes where to minimise costs, I plan to install a single ESU lighting bar in each rake with an ESU power pack capacitor added to avoid flickering and collecting power from the track using DCC concepts pick up springs. I plan to use the brake coach to power all of the coaches in the rake and believe that I can add 12V LED strip to the other coaches and power them from the ESU lighting bar. The internal coach wiring should be straightforward and there is a ready supply of cheap 12V LED strip available on Ebay which can be cut into lengths as required. The big challenge appears to be the power connection between each coach. I have no concerns about having cables running between coaches which in many ways will be prototypical. What I want is the ability to seperate the power connection between coaches from time to time so that coaches can be swapped around or maintained. This appears to be more of a challenge because the link between the coaches will need to be detachable in some way and I have not found any small electrical plugs that might create a solution. It has been suggested to me that magnets might be an option but this feels like creating more complexity than is necessary. I would welcome any constructive counsel on how to achieve my aims. Is anyone aware of small, micro type connectors that could be used or have an alternative way of creating a detachable electric connector? Does anyone have any experience of doing anything like this?
  8. Hi Ian Nothing done with the Lochan yet. I ran out of momentum and decided that because the resin has a 6 month sell by date once opened, it could wait until the autumn. That way I can learn from the small Lochan and still have plenty of time to use the residual resin on the adjoining and larger Lochan. The recent winter modelling season has seen me complete: 95% of the landscape surrounding Arrochar and the mountaineous region 5 BSOT conversions 5 signal box detailing work respraying 37111 project several weathering projects When written down I feel that it has been a reasonably productive period. For the next few months I may potter on the layout from time to time but will mainly look to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy being outside. There are still a few BSOT's to be viewed and photographed! Hopefully come the autumn my motivational batteries will be recharged and I can kick on with finishing the remaining scenery.
  9. I’m on my annual pilgrimage to the Swanage Railway and its diesel gala. BSOT 9015 is in use, here are some pictures of the internal layout. the buffet counter has been extended vertically to enclose the area but looks like the framework is that of the original conversion. Note that the dividing panels between the buffet area and the seats and which appear original, are of different widths. The seat moquette is still Bournemouth Blue although it is clearly new. The colour of the table tops and the laminate is also new.
  10. Not quite so far to travel as the SVR, the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire has a handful of blue liveried diesels, several more in other liveries and a 3 day gala in July. The line is 14 miles long allowing for a decent run and plenty of photo opportunities. current blue locos at the GWSR 20227 24081 26043 37215 45149 47105
  11. I model 00 and have a large (14m x 3M) layout with 30+ sound fitted locos. According to the DCC Concepts Alpha Meter I installed a year or so ago, I draw around 1Amp with 5 or 6 sound locos running at any time. There is a Youtube video from Charlie at Chadwick which shows a similar outcome. I used to use a Guagemaster Prodigy to control the layout and never had any power issues. Based on what the OP has stated and my experience, it does seem that the problem is resistance and voltage drop rather than an under powered controller. I suspect that the answer to the ' do I need a booster?' question is no. I would be going down the multimeter route as better qualified people have suggested as the next step in my problem solving efforts.
  12. There is plenty of parking at the Thornbury Leisure Centre although it does get congested when something like the model show is on. There is an overflow car park albeit in a field where the grass is rarely cut which looked muddy yesterday because it was wet. Had I not got a space in the main car park I would have driven the few hundred yards to one of several alternatives in Thornbury such as Tesco. The show layouts were too heavily steam weighted for my liking and the trade support were expensive for the items I was interested in buying. That said Bristol is a decent show and Warners have improved it since taking over. I did not see everything because I was unaware of the new, small fourth hall and missed this. All in all it was a decent way to spend a few hours, I was particularly impressed with Cadhay P4 and the proptotypical signalling set up which gave me food for thought about signalling instruments and how I might be able to use them. Back to WHL4 and 37022 continues its journey to Oban with 1B11. I have noticed the snow ploughs are prone to moving and really need securing in place.
  13. I stand corrected on Bachmann blue and grey coaches with the SO's due this summer. Nevertheless I am greatly relieved that I bought the majority of my fleet at under £20 a coach and don't need any more. Inflation aside, the rise in price over the last 10 years of the Chinese manufactured products is staggering. Personally my days of analysing company accounts is consigned to history but it would be an interesting exercise to chart the last 15 years or so at Bachmann and their suppliers. Somewhere, someone will be showing a rather large increase in revenues and, presumably, profit. It is the Bristol Model Show this weekend and I shall be off for a visit this afternoon. Apart from some Railmatch paints, I do'nt have a shopping list but it is always interesting to while away an hour or two at the show. 37112 and 6S46 continue their journey to Fort William seen departing Crianlarich and crossing the Glenbruar viaduct.
  14. Surprising that Bachmann appear to have no new blue and grey coaching stock on the immediate horizon. Mind you with an rrp of nearly £70 that is perhaps a blessing in disguise. 37022 approaches Garelochead as it heads for Oban with 1B11, 12.54 ex Glasgow.
  15. Some while ago I added in north and south paths into the WTT to enable the running of additional services such as engineering trains. I am working on extending the paths to enable the operation of additionals to either Oban or Mallaig. With only 2 passing points on the Mallaig extension it is challenging to make this work and I am not sure that I have cracked it yet. 37012 is seen running round at Fort William with the Sealink rake on an additional from Ayr before heading to Mallaig. I want to add a 5th, possibly a 6th coach to the rake to create a more complicated run round at Mallaig where the loop can only handle a maximum of 4 coaches.
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