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  1. Peco are currently having technical problems with the computer system at the moment. It may be worth contacting them via the phone at present.
  2. simplex

    Behind the Scenes

    I'm in there somewhere!
  3. I can confirm that Corgi/Bassett Lowke Ace trains, Darsaed etc will run happily on Peco 0 gauge bullhead rail, some extra clearance is required on point check rails, but everything else is fine. As an aside, the Bassett lowke is often referred to as "0 gauge standard" whose wheel standards are sort of halfway between finescale and coarse (ie Lionel)
  4. What is the next loco after the47? it should be inside the front cover of the 47 magazine
  5. I believe the TTS locos will work on straight DC and the basic sound WILL work , but not the ancillaries like horns or brake sounds????
  6. Hattons have them for £69.70, there are only a few left, minus the one i've just bought!
  7. I live fairly local to this line and had no idea of its existance, typical , i found out too late.
  8. Very happy with my compound, really enjoying the GBL series. I find myself looking forward to the next loco coming out (a bit like the old days of having a film developed and picking up the photos) and seeing how good or bad it is!!
  9. Going back to City of Truro I have just noticed the driving wheelbase of the toy story US 4.4.0 is the same as C,O, T. Just needs some larger wheels and then the outside cranks, hmm...
  10. no they are probably moulded on!...ok i'll get my coat...
  11. I must get one tomorrow, looks good enough for 8.99 to me.
  12. The latest Railroad black 5 is loco drive.
  13. lets hope its not this one!!!!! : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thomas-Friends-Take-N-Play-Stephen-Engine/dp/B00C58IAFC/ref=sr_1_10?s=kids&ie=UTF8&qid=1400275519&sr=1-10&keywords=thomas+the+tank+engine
  14. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brio-33435-BRIO-Cargo-Engine/dp/B000EHPZL8/ref=sr_1_157?s=kids&ie=UTF8&qid=1400192942&sr=1-157&keywords=brio All of this complaining about terrible finish etc, its ONLY 8.99!!! hopefully the above link has worked to show what you can get for around ten quid, i think i'll stick with the Deltic thanks even if the Brio loco has rotating wheels!!
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