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  1. The problem with Seaton is that its traffic was concentrated so much on a handful of saturdays in the summer. And once the holiday camp was gone, even that was gone. People in Seaton didnt get on a train to go to Seaton Junction, in the way, arguably, some folk in Lyme no doubt used the train to get to Axminster.
  2. Difficult to say, because Lumo announced their intention before this story about Virgin.
  3. Prototype models have a cardboard kit of Sidmouth Junction box (Its a variation of a Type 1 box).
  4. One thing the LNER was "good" at, and the Easter Region after the war was removing stations on existing main lines. Now imagine if that had been applied early to the West of England line, closing the likes of Semley, Dinton, Chard Junction etc years before.
  5. There are some lines who were so obviously a bad case, that closure should have been considered years earlier, or at least rationalisation. Lyme Regis, despite its obvious charms as a line, was one of them. The Seaton branch, probably likewise.
  6. Yes, years ago, card processing charges were often 20p+% - and sometimes different if it was a credit card or a debit card. But nowadays, even the smallest business can get a card processing deal for 1.75%. And as Andy says, the EU banned such charges being passed onto consumers in 2018.
  7. There is zero protection with regards to gift cards, and yet its a multi-billion pound aspect of the retail industry, which is why everyone offers them.
  8. You have to also factor in the cost. The Heljan one is £150, the Bachmann one (currently) £170 while the SLW one is £210. Is the extra £60 worth it? Can you even get them? Or have to pay even more than RRP via eBay?
  9. What would be interesting is a review comparing the Bachmann 25 side by side with the Heljan and SLW 25s. Which is best? Theres only one way to find out!
  10. I think its a difference between the "local", typically smaller exhibition, usually organised by a single club, and the larger, set piece exhibitions, organised by professionals or groups of clubs (eg Model Rail Scotland)
  11. Bear in mind many of the decisions made 12 months ago are still to happen. IF (and I dont know) SK decided not to produce any blue/grey stuff before he left, those production slots are for things that will arrive in 2024.
  12. I didnt say they are ONLY interested in preserved railways. Just that for a lot of people, a preserved line is their main interaction with a railway, and hence rejecting the use of vehicles not currently on the main line would be restricting the potential. I'm not saying dont do modern units, I'm saying dont discount the appeal of stock only available on a heritage line.
  13. Must have been some form of locomotive to move wagons through the streets to the harbour (as you can seen in the photograph, the line in the foreground)
  14. No, indeed not. My point is that the argument that people will only model what they see on the main line (and hence wont be interested in a 25/26/27) is a false one - given people are more likely to visit a tourist attraction where they can see those diesels close up.
  15. A lot of people dont experience railways today on the main line. They experience them at a heritage railway.
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