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    Retired Locomotive Engineer (Driver). Main interest in Model Trains. Favorite railroad is the Old Rock Island Railroad. Currently working in HO, O and British 7mm.

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  1. Hello Micheal. 

    I was reading about you O-14 layouts. Good stuff. But I do have a question. You mention about using micro trains couplers on your rolling stock. How did you about installing them?  On the wagons is it just straight and simple just gluing them right to the wagon? What about the engine.


    thanks for any help 



    1. mjcampbell


      Hi Steve,

      Sorry about the delay in replying, I've not been on here for a while. There's a bit on my blog in various posts about the couplers (including making, fitting, magnets), I fit them to 009 as well as O14. 

      http://michaelsrailways.blogspot.com/search/label/microtrains couplers


      In particular this post: http://michaelsrailways.blogspot.com/2011/02/couplings-in-0-14.html


      For the KB scale skips I flatten an area on the underside of the end, carefully drill a 1mm hole, and screw the coupler (1015 type) into place from below using the included screw. They self-tap in a 1mm hole. Sometimes I use a small spot of glue to prevent them turning, but that isn't essential.




      Although it can be seen from above, it isn't obvious. here's a variety of wagons fitted.




      Simple plasticard jigs set the height of the mounting, and the height of the trip pin to clear rails. I set them a little lower than the "N gauge standard", the height is set by the skips.




      Locos are more tricky, needing a square hole to recess the draft box into and a means of securing it. If I can't use a screw I secure with a length of wire through the hole, fixed with expoxy. Here's a coupler hole visible under the prototype coupling block on the Lister pre-painting:




      I hope that helps!



  2. I just received the replacement wheelsets in the post today from KB Scale. I want to give them a public thank you for the help. It’s much appreciated.
  3. I did send an E-Mail to KB Scale explaining the problem. I did receive a reply back. They are going to send me replacement wheel sets. I appreciated the quick reply from them, and will see what happens when I get the replacements. Steve
  4. Hello All Just recently received my 0-14 sampler set from KB Scale. Looks all quite interesting. I put together the flat wagon kit. While it went together easily, when it came time to install the wheelsets, they immediately went out of gauge. Trying to get them back in gauge and keeping them square on the axle was a nightmare. One wheel the hole seemed rather big. I got them square as best I could and used super glue to keep them in gauge, the wheels wobble a bit. is this a problem with other folks assembling these kits or is this just one off problem that I managed to get. Answers will depend on whether I take this experiment in 2 ft gauge any further. steve
  5. Well I guess is a cheap way of finding out what 0-14 might look like. Rail is ME code 83 superglued to what might pass as ties (sleepers) . The truck is an HO scale truck where I re-guaged the wheel sets. All this gone with a micrometer and a scale rule. Steve
  6. Hello All, I’ve recently been intrigued by O-14 from a BRM article in the August issue. Did a lot of web surfing about the subject. It seem that KB Scale has a decent selection of O-14 stuff which I think is some of the Roy Link stuff mentioned. I’d love to give it a go and see what it’s like without breaking the bank. KB scale had a sampler set for £13 but says it’s sold out. I wonder if it would be available again. Right now just giving thoughts about 2 foot narrow gauge in some sort of industrial setting.
  7. Hello everyone been awhile since I’ve been on line here. Am looking for photos drawings, etc...on the coal screens (which I think is our terminology) for structure used in loading coal. I’m trying to do a layout based on a coal mine that loads coal similar to PGE’s moving coal layout which I has visited a few years ago. Anyhow these structures I see on different layouts while they may differ in size seem to have the same basic design. Are these structures scratch built? what kind of materials are used as to what appears to be a brick structure set upon steel beams. thank you from the USA Steve West Chicago, Illinois
  8. He looks very nice. Nice paintwork on Fred. I just recieved and O scale driver and fireman for my Minerva Pannier. I had a nice enjoyable hour or so painting them.. Ill have to post them as these are also my first attempt at painting figures. Steve
  9. SteveS

    New layout

    Well it has been awhile since I talked about the O scale layout I started earlier this year. Not t much real progress per say. But at least getting some play value out of it. Along with fine tuning trackwork and so forth. The layout is 16 inches wide be 12 feet slong using 2 6 foot baseboards. Turnouts are #5 and are handlaid and the track is flex track. The baseboards above it is my HO scale American layout. I wanted to give my hand at the British way of doing baseboards. ( smaller dimensionally lumbernot physically connecting the track between boards etc...) The layout is wired for DCC only the points use Tam Valley Frog Juicers For frog polarity. My original thought was to make this a colliery layout with two sidings on the left in the fourth photo down as my connection to the mainline. There is another part of me want to add say a sector plate at one end and make it an end of branch terminal. Thought comments welcome. .
  10. There quite a few freelanced layouts in the states .Some well know. After working with a prototype railroad I went to a freelanced shortline layout. While there is a basis for its existence it’s just something I made up but it it also loosely based on a prototype shortline in the Midwest.
  11. I built an O scale layout that is 16 inches wide and 12 feet long. If you check my profile it is a post I made back in February titled “New Layout” Steve
  12. I know this is an old posting up it kind of rings true with a lot of us. I too seem to be going through his period of lack of activity on model trains. At times I almost have to force myself into the train room to do something. I think at times I want to box it all up other than a few odd things.. but right now I’m just leaving it sit as I know the desire will return....like another poster said he’s enjoying the armchair aspect of our hobby... At least I know I’m not alone. Steve
  13. After getting this all sorted out. Went to the Digitrax site and did some looking at throttles while I have a DT 400R , I found out the DT402 and DT 500 series throttles will allow access beyond CV 255.they will go up to CV 1024 if I read it correctly. Steve
  14. Paul After messing about for 4-5 hours I finally got the Pannier to co operate with me. Yes the CV 7 trick worked nicely. I had to set CV 29 to a value of 39 to get the direction correct with the throttle. Anyhow long story short it’s working correctly with a nice volume. Regards Steve
  15. Paul First off thank you kindly for the help you have offered. I guess I’ll try again this evening and see if I can get it right. Regards
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