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  1. They look brilliant together! Woodcock is near the top of my 'I really don't need it but doesn't it look fantastic' list of items to buy. Regarding the buffer height, I've just looked at mine and it is indeed just less than a mm higher than a Hornby Gresley and about half a mm higher than Dapol's Black Label A4 (that's with Bittern anyway. Not sure if a Bittern's legs are longer than a Mallard which might influence the ride height). It's not too noticeable anyway as I hadn't realised until it was mentioned and I've had them coupled together above my desk for the last week.
  2. Hattons are showing that both versions of the restaurant car are sold out to pre-orders. However, they're still available at all the other major retailers that I checked as I put my order in for a BR green one. EDITED for clarity.
  3. As they haven't announced the H2 in umber I thankfully would not be obliged to buy one of those!
  4. This could be quite an expensive purchase! Not in and of itself but with complimentary purchases. If I get one in Marsh Umber then I would also want to pick up one of the E4s in the same livery that are still hanging around from a few retailers (at a temptingly reasonable price). However, that would also necessitate the purchase of an H1 and Terrier to keep them company in the same livery and complete the 'portrait'. I guess I could always just go for the BR early crest where she would have plenty of friends for her to work with. Just not quite as elegant though. Decisions, decisions decisions!
  5. Personally, I enjoy the Youtube videos of creators like IC82, Sam'sTrains and SDJR7F88 and frequently use their videos when considering whether or not to buy a new locomotive. While forums like this inform me of any inaccuracies of the model, the videos provide a clear view of the product from all angles, the quality of its finish and details, demonstrate its slow speed running as well as its general running qualities and pulling power. That all helps me to reach my own conclusions about a model. It is also worth noting that these YouTube channels contribute a large amount to the hobby without charging with the three mentioned above having over 90,000 subscribers combined and 60,000,000 total views. None of them claim to be railway experts as far as I am aware yet their videos are full of largely accurate information about the prototype which is fantastic for those new to the hobby - an audience that is very well served by them. This particular review video should probably not be seen as representative of the usual ones from IC82. Having not made a video for over a year, he felt it necessary to acknowledge this and resulted in the longer than usual and less polished - although more 'real' - introduction. While he could have put this in separate video (something I think he mentioned that he would be doing), the time pressure of creating the video for a manufacturer may have come into play.
  6. Curiously, when these are released, Dapol will have manufactured models of 32655 in N gauge, OO and O gauge, all in BR early crest.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'm not surprised about the roof lining - to print on all four sides, including curves, and to have them all be in alignment to match with one another seems excessively challenging. You certainly have my admiration for achieving it free-hand!
  8. That would certainly be a pleasant addition. Personally, I am more interested to know if the model will come with the extra pipework around the front of the cab and the additional cab roof lining (if that is even possible). "bluebellModelrailway" has a great YouTube video that shows the addition of these details to 308 here.
  9. I too have just signed up for the Hornby Collector Club and pre-ordered H Class '263', admittedly just for the loco. Now I'm looking forward to being able to run 263 with Hattons' P Class "Bluebell". They will make a fine sight!
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