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  1. Looking good Phill. Cutting the sides off is definitely the best option.. Although I'd never thought about cutting them off square down the coach end. My method seems more complicated now I've seen how you have done it.. Ross..
  2. Hi Martin, Just caught up too. Excellent progress all looking fab.. nice to see a train run too.. Atvb Ross..
  3. Hi Phill the station is looking great, only just caught up I'm pretty useless with forums these days.. Ross
  4. Hi Rob, just caught up with your thread, sorry but I always forget about Rmweb and I hardly ever look on the other place these days either.. fab pics you've made a lot of progress.. hopefully you can sort the viaduct out.. great stuff anyway.. Ross ☺
  5. Hi Rob, I like the idea of the 3 track with the centre line as a both directions passing loop. Is there anywhere on the network which uses/used this idea for a suitable track layout plan/diagram? How about some long pushbike style cables which could be greased/oiled connected to some rc sourced servo linkages to operate the remotest points then the close ones you could operate by hand or lever frame? Great work what I can see and as Phill says most definitely not boring.. Ross
  6. Very good Rob, need a few good sunny days now and you'll get even more progress made.. Well done mate.. Ross
  7. Looks great Phill roll on the good weather. Will you be chiselling the old concrete trackbed out. Like the idea of the raised section/viaduct the wood has faired a lot better in the other section of the garden where the shrubs/bushes have grown up to track level.. Ross
  8. I'm looking forward to your next 33 installment. . I'm sure they'll be excellent. . I like what you've done so far. The Heljan buffer beams look good.. what colour is it going to be? Ross... (happy new year btw)
  9. Really impressed with the Mk2 1st class interior.. Ross..
  10. That's a great picture.. 73' was when I came into this world... Ha ha.. Ross
  11. Maybe I'll bring my tent in springtime and we'll set up a p'way campsite.. What about DC locos will you have any power to the track Rob? Ross..
  12. This really made me chuckle as Grampi has always been a little joke of ours for the plural of Grampus.. How great minds think alike :) Ross...
  13. Have a good weekend Rob..peak progress sounds good.. I'm still thinking that I'm going to do mine as D8 penyghent.. ill have to remove the hedcode boxes though and move the red marker lights further up and I'll need some discs too.. saw some hinged ones once but I can't remember who did them? Ross...
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