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  1. Model railways Direct have a spring sale on many of their items.
  2. Kernow have some bargains at the moment. A few pecketts down to £64.99 http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/60118/R3679-WSL-Hornby-Peckett-0-4-0ST-Steam-Locomotive-number-74
  3. Karl awesome looking layout and very inspiring. Just wondering where did you get the barge from? Cheers Dan
  4. I am sure I have several Hornby double curve 3rd radius R609 taken from several sets which some have been used a few times and some are new. Let me know if interested I can find them and send over a few pictures. Dan
  5. I checked out the website looks good. I have ordered some ridge tiles Cheers Dan
  6. Just had a phone call from Hereford Model Centre apparently an error with website and they don't actually have any in stock. Oh well was worth a try. I ordered some other items anyway so hopefully they will turn up soon. Dan
  7. I am sure most on here would have had the email from Rails of Sheffield but for those that haven't Rails are selling the Hornby Ruston & Hornsby 48DS in their deal of the day for £64.99
  8. Asda are selling the Hornby Freight master train set for £25 Might be of interest to some
  9. I can't think of a better reason to move to town. I also live in Llanelli
  10. Felinfoel make sure you try Felinfoel double dragon ale and the faggots Dan
  11. Good news turned up in the post today
  12. Thanks Jason My copy normally arrives 1-2 days before but the postman has been today and I still haven't received it. Oh well. Will drop them an email. Dan
  13. Anyone else still waiting for their issue to turn up? Dan
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