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  1. Just one question - I see that the packs retail at approx. £8 to £10. Is there more than one sheet per pack?
  2. When I had a similar issue, it was suggested (by John Isherwood himself I think!) that I buy the necessary sheet, use the required item and then sell the remainder...
  3. The last time I bought some it was no longer blue... ...I hope it's the same as I have two bottles! I haven't used it yet as I still have a little of the original blue stuff left. p.s. Thought I'd better check that I hadn't been sold two bottles of water! All seems okay, it works.
  4. There's no info on the website to suggest there's been any sort of problem, or indeed any updates at all. It's a good start, but I think I'd be inclined to email first to see if you get some sort of response... Thinking about it I'd be surprised if there isn't someone on this forum who knows more?
  5. I now have one on order... turns out I'm the first to buy one, and they've been available since 2017!
  6. That's very helpful, thanks. I might have to buy a second kit! (As there's parts for two wagons on the etch... )
  7. I'm currently building one of these, and I was wondering if anyone has gone to the trouble of modifying the sheet rail brackets so that they're moveable, as per the Parkside 4mm version? I have an idea of how to go about it, but would be interested to see others' solutions, assuming there are any! Or perhaps it's not worth bothering at all?
  8. The website is no longer extant; perhaps the business has folded? Would be a shame, the flux is excellent...
  9. A further point to consider... the 'dual-gauge' solution, were it adopted, would prevent those wishing to build their own plain track to 16.2mm from using these kits, whereas the single-gauge solution would enable both camps to use them. I should add that these products are mightily impressive...!
  10. So to sum up, in answer to the OP's original question, neither!
  11. I do... and with regard to your second point, it's impossible to tell from the photo. Actually it's not a 3 throw, the second two crossings are not adjacent, indeed they're 2 timbers apart.
  12. Some of the issues you describe could be explained by shadows... but yes, on closer inspection I would have to agree... but the right hand one has a missing check rail!
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