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  1. Well well, who'd a thought it! Thanks. Have now studied the photos further.
  2. Okay. But the headstock is the same?
  3. You can walk to the pub; you just can't go in! But seriously, cycling is perfect in this situation. Very easy to keep one's distance from others. Love your work by the way.
  4. Well actually I meant... https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brshocvanvsv/h1541650#h1c65f838 Should have put the link in before...
  5. So the government has got it wrong then? So who do you expect the population to listen to? The point is to not interact with others unless absolutely unavoidable e.g. when buying food etc.
  6. That is not what was said. We all saw the broadcast. Get your facts right.
  7. As far as Hatton's is concerned, I think that's a unilateral decision on their part, and very unlikely to be widely implemented... I hope.
  8. There's a close-up on Paul's site that shows the buffer beam with no rivets or reinforcing plate, just the raised ridge as on the longer buffer beam shown in your pic.
  9. Just so. My reply was to the poster that I quoted, i.e. Gareth Collier. Apologies if it caused any confusion!
  10. True, true, a bit of a giveaway! But the poster did say he'd seen the mouse...
  11. 5mm is ample for a mouse. They can get through a hole the diameter of a standard pencil. A continuous gap is no obstacle. A rat can get through a hole the size of your thumb.
  12. Indeed there are - as I have just done. Select the required text, and a pop-up appears, which, when clicked, will open a new post with the selected text quoted. Job done!
  13. Bizarrely there's a farm called 'Isle of Wight Farm' near the top of Dunstable Downs...
  14. Any progress on this? Is there some other way I can access the extras? The April edition will be out soon...
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