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  1. A lot has happened since I last posted on this. The Layout baseboard was not successful - it failed to remain flat whilst in storage. That said, all the locos, stock and track are safely in storage whilst I investigate other options. I now have a remarkably larger collection of woodworking tools so I intend to try something in timber. I am also eyeing off the Hornby W4, Hattons Barclay and a number of other little industrial shunters. Had these things been available 20 years ago I might never have made 7mm scale my primary area!
  2. Maybe send of a letter to Hornby suggesting this as another model in their line up and you'll get a couple of freebies from them!
  3. If you are willing to increase the depth of one of the long sides, you might get yourself a little shunting yard/scene inside the loop. Another option is to run a siding off the curve towards the corner for an engine shed, siding or goods shed scene. Think Hornby Track-Mat type design. If you want to maximise the length of the loop, you might consider re-hanging the door of the room so it swings outward or perhaps have a sliding door installation.
  4. There is a British-outline layout to this track plan built in O gauge called "Dibley" here in Australia. I've met the builder of that layout and his son - both are into O scale model railways and I believe that one of them is sometimes found on this forum. As I recall, the layout is about the size shown in your diagram, though it has been at least 5 years since I saw the layout.
  5. The difference is 0.006" or approximately 0.16mm. I don't think it is worth worrying about.
  6. If you have not read David Jenkinson's "Carriage Modelling Made Easy" you may find it not to difficult to make replacement coach sides. I don't know if the Slaters' chassis would be the right dimensions. The only way to find out is to buy a kit, some plasticard and have a go.
  7. You can get the big American O gauge around a 36" radius curve because you don't have buffers, and it is all on bogies. You can probably get 0-4-0s and 4-wheel stock around the same curve if you transition the curve at each end and have very loose 3-link couplings.
  8. Slaters also do international delivery, which is handy for a guy living in Sydney, Australia.
  9. Seems simple enough. Just cut down the bottoms of the sides. Doesn't even have to be particularly neat - you can hide a bad cut with some crates, barrels and other random yard junk that always seems to accumulate around industrial buildings.
  10. The 3D artwork looks excellent! I'll be in contact again soon about placing a firm order.
  11. After several months of absence, it is nice to come back and find that you've kept up your projects. All of mine are on indefinite hold whilst I set myself up as a local handyman. On the up-side, all my tools are now tax deductibles and I have a caddy van which can transport a layout to exhibitions in future! Keep making your models. It keeps me inspired to get back into it when things settle down again.
  12. We don't have Tesco in Sydney, Australia. :-(
  13. I've been eager to go back to England some time to have another pint of Spitfire and Flying Scotsman. I hear that Jaipur is a popular one too.
  14. Eagerly anticipating these coaches. Lots of O gauge projects held up by some silly disease named after a beer...
  15. *BUMP* Any word on these coaches? I would really love to get my hands on a few.
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