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  1. May I ask where you got the terrier chassis from? I've been looking for one for ages. I think the reason the terrier chassis may look small on the 14xx is because the 14xx is generally a larger locomotive.
  2. Some interesting shots of the recently completed area around the shed.
  3. I weathered this Oxford Die-cast Baler Machine to give a faded, chipped, rusty effect, but it is still supposed to be in use. In a summer meadow with the barn in the distance Raised viewpoint Front on view - sitting in the long grass. Rear view showing the chipped, muddy paint around the bottom of the machine.
  4. I've built one recently and I didn't get any either. I also found the instructions very confusing....
  5. I don't have one myself but I do also have a small radius 1 section on my railway. I would have thought they would be OK on 1st radius, I've seen several videos of them on tight radius curves, and with the wheelbase being very short, you could probably get away with it. It may mean that you won't be able to fit some of the extra details like steps and pipes etc., but it'll probably be OK. I don't think it's a question of whether it'll get round, just how well it'll do it.
  6. Some more from me - this time, night-time shots. A Bulleid pacific simmers in the station with the final train of the day. E4 Class 2517 silhouetted in front of the yard security light, on a cold starry night.
  7. Here's one from me. Not finished yet, this is a part 3d printed bagnall style saddle tank body in the chassis and frame of the Hornby GWR 0-4-0 Tank.
  8. I had the same problem as you and had to bodge a metcalfe tunnel entrance (widened it by cannibalising another one)
  9. 00 gauge? Absolutely amazing whatever scale! Almost pendon quality.
  10. Love the wet oily floor on this, not so sure on the type of engine...
  11. I don't think I want to go anywhere near hafix industrial superglue!
  12. Oh I know the Coach would have been fine for the later dates, just not 1890! Also I don't think the warship could have been seen in 1936. But yes it is in red, so possible for 1958
  13. I have had the same issue with my manor. It was out of service for two years, but then I got some replacement middle axle sleeve things from Peters spares, fitted them carefully, requartered the wheels, applied some superglue, then it was all fine. When you do this, just ensure the wheels are pushed as close together as possible or you'll be spending years scraping superglue off metal when you try to re align them.
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