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  1. Love this project, been there a few times myself.
  2. Here's a quick attempt at weathering a Hornby shark. I've just used weathering powders and homemade washes. It was easier than it looks.
  3. Bachmann are actually doing the 57xx and 87xx at the moment for pre order. https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product-category/Bachmann-branchline/locomotives/?product-page=2 Look at the bottom of this page and the top of the next.
  4. I belive Bachmann are doing the 57xx and 8750 at the moment, in some new liveries and some old ones. Check website, pre order only at the moment. I have both 57xx and 8750 examples and they both run well at slow speeds, and are very smooth considering the fairly short wheel base. Both models are with new chassis, 8750 was bought new for £59, 57xx second hand for £55. I'm looking for a new chassis for an old mainline pannier that the split chassis failed on, but can't find any anywhere.
  5. GWR5764

    BR to NCB Midland 1F

    Thanks a lot, be sure to have a go with Plasticard rolling stock, it's easier than it looks, just get a ratio chassis kit and build your own body on top, it's quite satisfying. With the austerity I've weathered her now. Used some powders and washed to create a light oily weathering and rain streaked affect.
  6. GWR5764

    BR to NCB Midland 1F

    Interested to see weathering on this. With that hunslet austerity I showed you, I've added some stripes, as of Cardiff East Moors Steelworks. The shunter is made from plasticard.
  7. I'd love to see a photo once you've finished. What varnish are you going to use?
  8. All looks very good, I wish I could do that.
  9. That copper certainly does look good. A bit off topic again but for that browny oily colour you get on moving parts such as motion gear etc. I can recommend Vallejo oily steel. https://images.app.goo.gl/DJaiDxcRarxBnXMk9 This pic shows what it's like when painted on paper.
  10. I think railmatch acrylics are good for cream, about 3 quid a pot. Yes vallejo are also good too, don't need a primer from what I've experienced. Brown tends to need two coats, cream usually needs 3. For cream there are no particular colours, but I recommend mixing sand yellow and white, more sand yellow for a richer colour, more white for a more faded look. For brown, I use flat earth mixed with Woodgrain and black. Vallejo also do a very nice gloss varnish which when diluted with water, can create a nice finish and also helps seal transfers.
  11. For anyone wanting the gas cylinders for under the restaurant cars, there is one available from shapeways which will be 3d printed and sent to you if ordered. https://www.shapeways.com/product/TXL8QCKW9/gwr-gas-cylinders?optionId=16626713&li=more-from-shop They also do a few other items for them such as roof vents and bogies.
  12. Just checked and 9420 was based at Old Oak and Reading - so not the correct area, although probably she could have been seen elsewhere on occasions. She lasted 14 years (built 1950, scrapped 1964. The thing is, my layout is based in the preservation era, so I can be more flexible with what I run, though most of my stock I run is GWR and BR(W), and my station is mainly 1930s. So I think, if 9420 was preserved, then she would be OK on my layout. The layout is supposed to represent part of a branchline (not mainline, because of the tight curves) on the edge of South-West dartmoor, so the double track is supposedly only a small section of the branch, perhaps just because it is near the station. I guess a bit like the double track section near Bewdley on the SVR. For my next layout I will use single track, probably peco bullhead, or if some locos struggle with that, code 75. Just bought a couple of wagons to do, a Parkside beetle prize cattle van to make up, and an unpainted Dapol fruit van to paint. Quick question - I would like to paint the fruit van in brown, however after research I discovered the 8t mex fruit vans the Dapol one represents, seem to only be in grey. Do you know whether I could get away with it in brown, to match my GW horsebox and soon to be running w7 beetle prize cattle van?
  13. Never heard of liquid gravity, looked it up now, looks quite useful. I usually run 3-5 coach trains on my preserved railway layout so my 94xx is usually fine with 4, struggles a bit with 5. Do you know what region the 94s worked in. My railway is set in Devon so I'm mainly gwr, but with a bit of southern.
  14. Yes the Bachmann one looks good. Someone I know got given a Graham farish metal 94xx body in faded green. We did the same job to that by fitting a Hornby chassis he had. The reason I didn't use a Bachmann chassis for mine was that I could not find any apart from in a whole loco, cheapest good one being 40 pounds. Anyway, we repainted into great western black. The livery is fictional but he liked it. The loco Is very powerful due to the weight, unlike mine which needs weight added. Here's a couple of photos I took of his 94xx whilst on temporary to my layout . Both his and mine are scheduled to double head in my gala in June.
  15. Here's mine. Lima body ,detailed, with a Hornby railroad chassis. These can easily be obtained via the SDJR jinty for 24 quid, or you might find one cheaper second hand. The wheels are a tiny bit too large but looks OK. As for detailing, I've added Springside lamps, real coal, glazing, smokebox plate and several painted parts. Also planning to add some rods below the wheels on the chassis, and I'm going to get some etched plates from Narow planet. Number is 9420 and in early black livery. Front on view With some other members of the fleet Rear view.
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