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  1. I’m looking at one or two more recent “polon” designs . Future projects are to move away from latticework and focus on building power grid structures which are more straight forward for others to copy and build .
  2. This particular design probably dates back to the 1920’s , at 60-70 feet in height , wouldn’t be too imposing on most layouts as well as covering a broad timeline.
  3. A few more photos featuring various 33kV pre grid designs.
  4. A good job this cat’s got nine lives.
  5. Why were the BB L6 DTs’ replaced with L12s’ ?
  6. Just received this in the post a few days ago , both fascinating and very informative.
  7. 1:76 scale Oxford Diecast Western Power Distribution with 33kV terminal polon.
  8. 400 kV BICC L6 D90 towers - Nursling to Lovedean route.
  9. Powering OO/4mm towns, cities and factories up and down the land.
  10. A few interesting pieces of promotional material obtained the other week.
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