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  1. This is currently on eBay , very good starting price if anyone’s interested.
  2. Visited Fleet last week to check out The Loco Shop which had recently opened during lockdown. As a shop within a shop it utilises the space with Hornby /Airfix /Oxford Diecast to great effect including a scenic end to end demonstration layout . Great friendly service, they hope to extend their in store range and continue to offer online sales as well.
  3. It’s a great Bachmann model and certainly saved many hours in having to scratch build one , I visited a couple of telecommunications stations to research their layout and design . It would be great to see these being featured on RMWEB layouts . Regarding the 1920’s PL1 pylon , yes this was scratch built from the original engineers drawings /plans , these structures are generally overlooked in the modelling world.
  4. One or two update photos illustrating 132kV & 33kV British designs. Still surprised to find none have ever been manufactured ready made or as kits.
  5. I agree in theory interference should be an issue ,surprisingly it appears to be the opposite with high voltage towers now regularly feature these antennas. I also have a 1:76 scale L6 400kV pylon in the collection feature them .
  6. Recently purchased the Telecommunications cabin , great model.
  7. Just spotted this on eBay if anyone is interested in acquiring it. Ideal for leading your Hornby pylons to a termination point.
  8. Good thinking , 1:76 scale football purchase now on the list along with the mandatory frisbee .
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