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  1. This is an “introduction” page from National Grid Pylon Data booklet/file to help illustrate variations in general design. The file has more detailed information about each design/company and category. All the best, Paul.
  2. CEGB souvenirs from Pelham substation nature reserve.
  3. The basic top beam on the BICC SF60 is designed to be moved depending on the degree of deviation , the featured photo illustrates it’s setup for optimum angle .
  4. One of a phase swapping BICC SF60 pair at North Elmsall , note the ground wire tower.
  5. “1963/64 Power In Progress “ booklet Dungeness to Lydd 400kV line under construction.
  6. The model was based on one found just outside Winchester with the line running near to Romsey. The height of this particular design can vary quite considerably. This model along with the PL1 D30 were built as “feeders” for my substation.
  7. This is a 33kV termination polon built last year.
  8. From the 1960’s -BICC. I have several original CEGB negatives as well. Hope to get these developed at some point.
  9. Latest transportation/storage container completed.
  10. If anyone is interested in this booklet from 1960 , will post , no charge .
  11. Oakley Green by Mudmagnet Models. Photoshopped pylons in the background are from the BICC L6 Taunton to Indian Queens line.
  12. 1971 Central Electricity Generating Board “Power Progress 13” booklet contained extensive information and photos covering the developing 400kV super grid .
  13. Thank you .One of the many fascinating aspects in regard to these structures is how light can change and play with them.
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