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  1. My NCB 1607 arrived this morning. Lovely little model.
  2. Since it's a 4-6-2 and not a 2-8-2 anymore. No I don't think it would be authentic
  3. I don't suppose Hornby has any spares available for it yet.
  4. Well my own 60505 arrived in the post today. Was rather amused to find that the smokebox was loose from the body instead of the top lamp bracket as I had assumed going off previous experience from other people in here. A Tender Handrail was also loose but they have been refitted now. Some visible glue marks for the doors on the tender but I intend on getting the loco weathered so those errors will be covered up with no issue.
  5. Looks like the missing lamp bracket to me. I assume it must've come loose in the box and they just placed it there for fitting on again
  6. A shame the quality of the images of the finished models don't fully depict them in the correct light. Hopefully their pictures are updated at some point. For the valve gear I suppose it will certainly be a wait and see if anyone else gets a similar issue. I mean each company has at least one or two slightly faulty loco's that manage to make it to public release. The Cab is certainly an interesting case, but as you have shared, is not something that has happened just to this A2/2.
  7. Kernow appears to display the fact the A2/2's are in stock. Should get notified about my order soon hopefully.
  8. Yeah Hornby's website has had a few teething troubles. And not just with release dates. Some of the items were listed with the web link of another product and the incoming Maunsell coaches have a 5 pole motor. At least the light is nearing the end of the tunnel so to speak for these loco's. Will certainly be nice to see these running trains on layouts soon.
  9. The first A2/3's are due in this coming month. From what it said on Kernow's newsletter, they were expecting the BR Early and Late Crest examples first and didn't say anything about the LNER pair.
  10. Another shop near me seems to have the A2/2's in stock as well. https://www.model-junction.co.uk/product-category/new-arrivals/page/2/ Maybe Jan 31st for some shops but next week for others? If Hattons is due a Hornby shipment next week then it might come in that.
  11. I suppose that's a good sign if the Senior member reassured you on delivery. The fact that both 60501 and 60505 sold out to Pre-orders on Hattons could mean a lot of people are interested in it, which might well mean another run. But I suppose we shall have to wait and see. Looks like Feb is going to be a bit busy for me when it comes to loco arrivals, if things are still released on time.
  12. How very odd. I wonder why it's gone from this (Taken earlier in the day, prior to refreshing):To what you have shared. I'm sure we will get an answer soon, I hope the nameplate and numberplates I bought for it won't have to wait too long to be united with the loco.
  13. I think by "Imminent" he means before. Hornby's site is displaying the A2/2's as "Out of Stock" on their website and not "On Preorder" so they're likely getting shipments to other places for onward shipping to customers
  14. From what I've seen. The W1's were pushed back to the middle of the year since the Rebuilt pair had a new nose that needed to be fitted. I assume they want the loco's to release together instead of having the original condition release first with the Rebuilts following later.
  15. Strange. Kernow said a little while back that they were expecting them around the 25th but that isn't a solid confirmed arrival date. Their site still displays 60505 as arriving in January with 60501 arriving 1st Quarter of 2021 for some reason. Hornby's website also appears to have shown the A2/2's and some of the A2/3's as having arrived into stock, shortly before showing both 60501 and 60505 as being out of stock on their site. Let's hope we get some clarity on the current location of the models soon.
  16. I wonder if Rapido is aware of this photograph: Ex-BR No.1607 at Hazel Rigg Colliery in May 1965. The description for the image seems to suggest it was numbered 12.
  17. Don't suppose anyone has noticed that Hattons has Cancelled their order of Beachy Head? I got an Email about it earlier following Beachy Head's "Disappearance" from Hatton's website. South Foreland seems to be on track for release however.
  18. Hello Dave I have a question for you (Not about arrival dates of the next batch of engines) Have you put any thought into doing a few more Military liveried J94's? (LMR/WD) Or a photographic Grey WD one?
  19. Any idea if we'll see more Andrew Barclay shunters in future? And would there be a possibility of 12" versions?
  20. I have a question regarding the lamp fittings on the 14xx. I have a 1444 model and I'm looking to fit the two extra lamps included with the model on the lamp fittings on the left side of the running plate, however I don't exactly know how they go on. Any suggestions would be great.
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