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  1. Hi there, Can you email us with your order number? Sales@accurascale.com if it’s mixed with other 37s not in stock yet it may be held in stock until they come in. Cheers! Fran
  2. Hi there, No, it is for the announcement of the next run of Class 37s. Colas 37116 and 37422 are due in stock in 4-5 weeks time as per yesterday's update. Cheers! Fran
  3. Hi @wirey33, To the best of my knowledge, we are looking a 4-6 weeks, but usual caveats apply! Cheers! Fran
  4. Hi Chris, Run 3 will be announced very soon... Cheers! Fran
  5. Hi folks, It appears we ran out of the end caps at the warehouse and we have more on back order. Apologies for that. They are due back in stock when the main batch arrive. In the meantime we have instructed the warehouse to use more suitable boxes and if anyone has any damaged in transit please drop us an email support@accurascale.com. Always there to help! Cheers! Fran
  6. Hi there, We are still a few weeks away but will have a full update in the coming days. Cheers! Fran
  7. Hi folks, We are delighted to confirm that 37405 in HNRC Orange and the Heavy Tractor Group's special edition of 37714 have now arrived at our warehouse and packing and shipping is now underway! The rest of the Class 37 range for run 2 lands in 5 weeks' time! Cheers! Fran
  8. Hi Andy, Yes, this is a production sample. We asked the factory to pay particular attention to the roof grab handles, they will be tighter on the finished models. Cameron, models will be as previously shown in the images shared. Cheers! Fran
  9. Hi everyone, We do love making our "complete trains"; motive power and stock. It was always something we felt was missing in the British market, and something continentals do rather well. We started with our Class 92 and Mark 5 sleepers, Mark 2b and 2c and Class 50s, various wagons and locos to match (still a work in progress in some areas!) and of course, these and our Class 31s. The finished article always ends up looking the part... Excited yet??? Cheers! Fran
  10. Hi @StuAllen, You are correct! We have some big deliveries in the coming weeks to sort, but we are also prepping our next all new announcements. A couple of wagons and a loco will be announced soon! Cheers! Fran
  11. Hi folks, Indeed you are correct, the 50 has now entered production! We’re still working on a few gremlins in the system, but these automated milestone updates are a new feature that will be emailed to customers in future as further information on the progress of their models. We need to up our communication game further as models progress now we have so many on the go and this is part of that process. Cheers! Fran
  12. New Accurascale Exclusives - ICI and ZDV Engineers 21 Ton Hopper Packs Hi everyone, Our recent announcement of our 21 ton BR hopper wagons, later designated HTO and rebodied and designated HTV has gone down very well indeed with modellers. Considering it fills a long standing and much needed gap in the wagon range of 00/4mm modellers, it is unsurprising how popular they have been if our pre-orders are anything to go by! Of course, even though the HTO and HTVs were very much seen as a humdrum BR standard wagon in grey and bauxite liveries, they did go in differing directions later on in their careers, with industrial and engineering operations making use of them later in their lives. This always gives us some great ideas for some limited edition, one time run "Accurascale Exclusives" packs, and today we present two very different packs to you for consideration; our ZDV engineers triple pack, and our ICI internal user pack! ZDV Pack With the transfer of domestic coal transport to the air braked wagon fleet of HEA wagons in the 1980’s, the HTV fleet were in terminal decline. British Rail engineers saw this and upon evaluation deemed many wagons to have a reasonable amount of serviceable life left in them. Engineering trains were typically vacuum braked and employed ex squadron service wagons in new roles and the HTV’s were no different. Whilst many wagons were converted to box-body spoil wagons such as Clams and Rudds, some of the fleet retained their original bodywork either in cut down form to gain the Tope fishkind name or not altered at all and just receiving the ZDV TOPS code. Our pack of ZDV engineers wagons represent the latter. Photographs show these wagons in use variously in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s for carrying spoil at many infrastructure jobs across the country. The patch painting, rusty bodywork and chalked markings make these wagons stand out from the rest as being unloved, uncared for yet equally vital in maintaining the country’s railway network. ICI Pack ICI Lostock Soda ash works, Northwich is more well known as being the destination of the 1930’s built LMS bogie hoppers from Tunstead but their internal rail network had a number of other vehicles present. As well as a brace of Ruston 165 0-4-0 diesel shunters, there were a small number of ex BR rebodied HTV hoppers. These were used from their withdrawal in the 1980s well in to the 1990s for carrying “hot rocks”, hot, processed limestone around the plant during the production of Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) The Model Each wagon features a wealth of separately applied detail, from handrails on the diecast chassis and hopper ends to the intricate brake gear and hopper operating mechanism underneath, all museum quality detail and prototypical accuracy modellers now come to expect from our wagons and which is now our standard specification. As well as a diecast chassis with full hopper detail, each wagon rides on 26mm axles, which are 2mm in diameter, with pin points in brass bearing cups for ultimate smooth performance and ease of conversion to finescale tolerances. With the wagons announced later in development to curb waiting times, we're already at decoration stage and we are about to begin production of these wagons in the coming weeks. Delivery of the models to customers is currently estimated at Q3 2025. Both wagon packs will be a one off, limited production run in special presentation packaging like all models in the Accurascale Exclusives range. Each pack is priced at £99.95 and we're operating their usual 10% off when you buy two packs or more, along with a new offer of 15% when you buy 5 or more packs direct from our website. That means each wagon just costs £27.47 when you factor in loyalty points rewards and postage and packaging being free! They can of course be mixed with other HTO/HTV wagon packs in the launch range to get these discounts. Pre-order yours today for no money down right here: https://www.accurascale.com/collections/hto-htv-hopper Cheers! Fran
  13. Mark 1 Suburban Coaches Update - Production Complete! Hi everyone, Modellers awaiting our very new and very detailed Mark 1 56ft 11' coaches have been awaiting some news on these wonderful coaches. After some trials and tribulations, including something completely new which popped up to throw yet another curveball our way, we can confirm that production is complete on our BR blue and our Yellow Accurascale Exclusives tool van. Shall we take a closer look first? As you can see, they look pretty delicious! The further good news is that production is complete for these coaches and they're already on the way to us! They are due to land at our warehouse in the last week of August. So, that's the blue and the tool van. But, what about the carmine? Well, this is where it gets interesting. When we sign off for production of a new model, everything is correct; the details, the printing and of course, the colour. These act as a template for the factory to follow. Once production is completed, the factory sends us one of every model from the production run to check and sign off on. The Mark 1 coaches were no different. Sadly, the factory used an incorrect shade of carmine which did not match what we signed off on with the decorated sample. This means the whole carmine production batch was wrong. There was only one thing to do; remanufacture the coaches in the correct colour. Our factory partner, brilliant as always, rose to the challenge of this and stood over their error. They wanted it to be right as much as we did and have now fixed the issue for us. However, this does take time, and therefore the carmine coaches have been delayed slightly as a result. We are very sorry for this delay, but it was beyond our control. The good news is that the factory are almost finished the new carmine batch, and we will have a new delivery date for these in approx. 2 weeks time. We do know that they will be approx 4-6 weeks behind the blue and tool van coaches, but we will have a more specific date soon which we will send out to you as soon as we can. Our Maroon production run is still on course to be delivered Q1 2025 as per the original announcement. In the meantime, make sure you order these very special coaches below, or via your local stockist! As you can see above, you will be getting something rather special for your money! https://www.accurascale.com/collections/mark-1-coaches Cheers! Fran
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