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  1. On the subject of wagons disappearing, a tale I’ve heard from an ex Stratford driver I work with. This is BR, pre TOPS. There was a scrap yard locally where the regular trip was 16t minerals, empties in, loaded out full of scrap bound for a steelworks somewhere. When TOPS arrived, it was discovered that the yard were in the habit of occasionally regarding the odd empty wagon or three as a benevolent donation from BR, cutting it up and sending it out as scrap. Apparently it had been going on for years. Owain
  2. Whilst having a furtle in some drawers (as is my wont), I discovered the remains of some Cooper Craft station nameboards (to be precise, two incomplete sprues of lettering). So, the station’s finally gained a name board. The board itself is made up of Evergreen styrene sections and considering there wasn’t a ‘B’ or an ‘R’ on either of the sprues (but there were several ‘P’s’and a ‘X’) it hasn’t turned out too bad. It’s standing slightly too high, but it’s a start. Owain
  3. Finally got round to fitting the custom destination blinds to the 101 DMU (thanks Railtec!). Ended up popping the existing head code out, removing the text from the rear of the glazing block and refitting it. The transfer was then applied on top and a strip of clear acrylic applied over the top, secured with a dab of ‘Glue and Glaze’ Owain
  4. And speaking of 3612, where did that end up? Oh yes, some of it went into that NCB pannier with the knackered block at Llangollen....thinks..... Hang on lads, I’ve got an idea. A bit of the old background detail. The tank wagon chassis should be straightforward. Anyone got a pannier body they don’t want? (photo cribbed from http://www.llangollen-railway.org.uk/sloco7754.html, credit (I believe) John Rutter) Owain
  5. (Snipped) That is a fantastic bit of work, I knew of some, I never knew Billy Butlin had his eye on a king, or the patriot, or that the SVR got several 15xx’s (which are lovely locos). That’s given me a lot of ideas and was very educational into the bargain. Thanks for that. Owain
  6. (Snip) That was one candidate. I’m not quite sure why I plumped for an ex. LT example over that, but heigh ho. Yes, you should, I’d certainly be interested in reading that. I’d like to pretend there was a great plan and locos were carefully chosen with an eye to how they could have survived, but apart from the standard mogul they weren’t. They are what was available at the right price that I liked. Bit like the process on the real thing, really.... Owain
  7. Having actually now done some research, rather than just picked a number at random, I believe you’re right. Didn’t know about the clearance issues, but that makes perfect sense. Isn’t the first time I’ve leapt before looking, won’t be the last. Such is life. Owain
  8. That’ll teach me to research things properly! Leave it with us. Wonder if LT swapped cabs around? Did they overhaul themselves or have BR do it? EDIT - I reckon it was changed in preservation, probably at its first overhaul, to give crews more headroom. What I should have done is researched first, so a copy of John Scott-Morgan’s ‘Red Panniers’ is now on order from Bill Hudson. Owain
  9. A bit of transfer work today, an order from Railtec (with their usual swift service) arrived during the week. First up, these two modified coaches got their wheelchair symbols. Second, was a custom pack to renumber the pannier. This included their 3D plates (both smokebox, shedplate and number), which are stunning in the flesh. Their BR emblems are better than the Bachmann efforts, so those got replaced as well. The Bachmann efforts were removed with a cotton wool bud soaked in white spirit. First time I’ve used these 3D plates, very impressed and they apply wit
  10. No bother, sorry for the delay. Text is 1.7mm tall, plate overall is 2.1mm tall by 6.8mm long. Edit - here they are applied, along with one of the custom shedplates. Application was the usual effortless effort, only thing I did was trim the moulded rivets off the original before the transfer went over the top. Owain
  11. More goodies arrived from Railtec today, including some custom destination blinds and these absolutely stunnng custom GWR loco plates and custom shed plates. I hadn’t seen these 3D transfers in the flesh before, the photo definitely doesn’t do them justice. With a turnaround of 8 days for a custom order, what can I say? Further superb service Steve, long may it continue! Owain
  12. A bit more progress, mostly electrical. A few last irritations have been dealt with, a couple of loose connections aren’t any more and the last two point motors on the north crossover have finally gone in (they’ve only been sat wired up and ready to go since June). Ignore the trap switches on the control box, that isn’t getting a motor, the plan changed after the box front was assembled. The back scene will follow when I can get hold of some foamcore board. A visitor from the KWVR has arrived and gets a session on the rollers, a suitable decoder is on order. Finally, w
  13. In the absence of the original supplier, anyone happen to have a set or two of any of these they fancy parting with? Think the original part numbers were 2007, 2008 and 2010. Owain
  14. A job that’s on the agenda is covering/replacing the plastic coal that’s in loco bunkers and tenders. One of my associates supplied me with a suitable lump of genuine steam coal. Might need breaking up a bit... Owain
  15. No comment... For what it’s worth, I’ve done just that today. Put the order in on the site (also including some custom shedplates and destination blinds), Steve emailed within an hour of the order to get the details. Steve - if you’re reading this and trying to work out what on earth I’m modelling, there is a plan (honest!) Owain
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