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  1. Today’s running session has yielded a few more photos, so here’s a selection of the standard mogul (this appears a lot because a) I like it and b) it runs smooth as oiled silk) and the class 24 in passenger services. A charter with the vintage carriages and the 56xx also makes an appearance, the bubble pops in and the little Ruston gets in on the fun with a short pway working. Owain
  2. That was my understanding as well, so I’m glad you confirm it! Think Hatton have said they’re covering the NER in later releases. Owain
  3. A very quick update, breathing on the Hornby coaches. I’ve focussed on the brake van and the SECR first, because the NBR efforts are page holders, to represent vehicles in NER livery. Anyway, they’ve both gained running boards from Evergreen styrene and the brake has been relettered as a Caledonian vehicle, with the ends retouched in Crimson. Now I know there’s a lot of errors with this, the paneling on the van is wrong, the livery details are wrong, the colours aren’t quite right, there should be a single rather than the double door into the guards compartment, but in my defence, it’s clos
  4. Finally managed to get a photo I was happy enough with to put on this thread. 76080 departs Sedbergh with the 1100 departure for Ingleton. Owain
  5. A couple from today’s services, with the 8f on the lunchtime diner and the standard mogul on the passenger service, plus the bubble filling in. The class 24’s stabled in the yard, ready for tomorrow’s service (one diesel and one steam loco, no diner). The 8F propels the empty diner stock to shed for stabling and servicing, returning with the maroon rake. This runs the last train, the mogul will propel its coaches to shed to stable in Jackdaw siding and the maroon rake will stable in the platform overnight, to be taken out by the 24 as the first train of the day t
  6. It’s one of the two that were staff accommodation at the Bungalow Hotel, Sandsend, that were recovered to Blennerhasset mill. It’s been rechassised onto the PMV chassis following the discovery of the condition of the LMS ex tube wagon chassis it was on (which the railways CME condemned on the spot). As an aside, the class 24 owes its survival to one Bill Fredrickson (who worked in BR management on the LM and GE regions). He purchased it (along with the class 25 and the class 15 (which was dumped at Stratford, awaiting scrapping, after its second life as a carriage heating unit) from BR and
  7. So, when I splashed out on the new controller, Martin (being the shrewd gadgie he is) instead of plopping something simple onto the track to demo it in the shop laid temptation before me in the form of a very nice sound fitted class 24. After token resistance, I caved in and allowed him to order one in for me. It arrived today. Itsa verra noice... You feeling alright Bachman? The NEM pockets are even at the right height.. Now the last time I played with DCC sound was a while ago and it was a bit gimmicky at the time. Now, however, I do like it. Another
  8. What is it with Bachmann and NEM pockets? On the mark 1’s, they’re too high. On the LMS porthole, they’re too low (as a kadee shows against the test gauge). I decided I wanted to keep the close coupler mechanism and for once it’s not the pocket’s too slack, so the pocket needed to be raised. So file out the lower edge of the groove in the arm where it runs on the floor and add a shim to the the top edge to raise it. Think that’s called a result. But WHY!? And running in the diner rake. A couple more photos, the signals have been sited with the 8F
  9. The results of the latest wringing out of my wallet at my local. First up, I picked up two packs of the whitemetal figures Hornby have released as the Basset Lowke steampunk effort. Now, the detail on these is exquisite, they scale to between 5’4” to 6’4” tall and for a preserved railway they’ll add a nice cameo or two. Not everyone’s cup of tea (other beverages are available) but I think I’ll have fun with these. Just got to loose the bases first. Next up, a Stanier porthole composite at a reduced price (I saw this last week and resolved to look for it the following week). Ide
  10. Having reread your post, yes, that’s entirely my misunderstanding (in mitigating circumstances, I offer a tablet that decided to fight back part way through replying to your post) so apologies are tendered (and for the inaccurate and brief summary of the establishment of the NRM). Owain
  11. Correct, that’s the site of the DVLR station, the site also extended on the other side of the footpath where it’s now occupied by some of the industrial units off Hallfield road. Morrison’s (mostly the car park) is on the throat of the BR Layerthorpe Goods yard (the rests on the site of the council power station/waste incinerator (hence the factory chimney). Layerthorpe goods extended along Foss Islands road as far as the tyre place beyond Waitrose. I suspect it went along the lines of ‘The steam roundhouse will soon be surplus, it’d be good to move the Queen Street museum into somew
  12. As a resident of York who lives within easy staggering distance of the old DVLR trackbed in the Tang Hall area, thought I’d chip in... It’s been a while since I was in there, but IIRC there’s little (or any) room to put the line back. There’s also a traveller site there, when I visited (about 7-8 years back, helping out a uni-spin out company who’d taken up residence in one of the units) it wasn’t known as ‘bandit country’ for nothing.... Major problem there’s Clancy’s scrapyard, it’s slap bang wallop in the middle of the trackbed (stand at the buffer stop and look over the r
  13. Because we haven’t had some for a while, I fancied a few photos showing the overall progress. So, the pway gang natter to one of the station lot, who’s tidying up the grass with the fergie and topper. Their steed waits on the headshunt along with the gunpowder van that’s used as a mobile store. The class 15 sits on a southbound service. The northbound DMU it’s waiting for runs in and tokens are swapped. The shop stores vans in the car park and someone’s taking their dad out for a day on the train. The Ruston sits in Waterside siding with a short wo
  14. A quick update on yesterday’s purchases, having spent the morning in a testing and development session with them. The prodigy express - very taken. I know I’m used to using an out of date system, but the large backlit LCD is easy to read, it’s logical to use, plays nicely with every decoder it’s been introduced to (Zimo, Lenz and Gaugemaster (it BETTER HAD play nicely with the last!). Seems to have a finer speed control, more user friendly than the lenz (however see earlier comment, in 18-20 years I hope usability would improve on a system). Very pleased. The Hornby coaches, ap
  15. Thank’ee, very kind. Playing devils advocate (and possibly derailing this thread further) one thing I do like is alternate history and in the thread I’ve started to draw some back stories, for how locos survived and so on. Now one thing I have threatened to do is write a fictional history for Sedbergh, including the how and when of it reopening and how it fits into the local preserved scene/history. Due to various ‘fixed points’ such as the amount of line that’s been reopened and avoiding the trackbed being disrupted to a point where rebuilding isn’t viable (such as the house that’s been bu
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