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  1. Tony, 60008 was repainted in the States. When it came over in 2012 the NRM found loads of tiny holes as it turned out the Americans had grit blasted the engine to remove the original paint. 60010 still had its original paint when it came here. I think I've read that it had only had one top coat so it lasted pretty well. Regards, Jamie
  2. I don't think Jesse expected some kind of Spanish Inquisition!
  3. I had another, shorter running session today. Beforehand, I painted the tracks in the goods yard ready for ballasting. This was mostly ash on the real thing so I'll use sand as I've done on my Weybourne layout with satisfactory results. The first train today was a Colwick to Doncaster mineral empties behind Colwick's O4/5 5008. It passed Doncaster's 4673 on a parcels train at the southern end of the station. A closer look at the K2. This is a Graeme King kit on a Bachmann K3 chassis, for those who are interested. The wobbly lining is due to this being my
  4. Part 2: Having collected the empties, the J6 runs round the wagons to be dropped off and as it does so, the Queen of Scots races north. Unfortunately I had to stop and this point and when I got back the light had almost gone, so I apologise for the quality of these next photos. Pretty Polly of Grantham shed coasts through with the Scarborough Flier. 3591 has pushed the wagons for Tuxford into the loading dock and is now uncoupling from the empties so that it can run round them and add them to the front of the train... ...and having
  5. Over the past 3 weeks I've made a huge push to try and get some scenery down. The layout was becoming increasingly embarrassing and I was having to be quite selective with camera positions and crop photos very tightly. The main scenery on Tuxford is, of course, the 2 embankments either side of the railway. Before I started anything, I realised that I could pull my 2 kickback sidings closer to the inside edge of the board and have them go underneath the embankment, tripling their length, meaning I can now store 25 wagon goods trains plus their locos in each siding; that's far more t
  6. Oops. I thought that might have been the case but wasn't sure
  7. I think it was Edinburgh or Carlisle Canal; the only places on the layout you'll see proper engines
  8. Very natural-looking. I see 31A has remembered to remove the droplight from the toilet window; something I only realised after I'd glazed mine.
  9. N1. Did what it said on the tin and was in service longer than the Atlantics.
  10. Mousa Models do an O4/7 boiler and cab that is a drop fit onto the Bachmann model. https://mousa-models.co.uk/product/blp0501-4-lner-class-o4-7-boiler-unit-copy/
  11. Other than a streamlined non corridor tender from 03/12/1936 to 02/10/1937, no.
  12. Something a bit different this week, in the form of some locos. This Bachmann C1 was a Birthday present a few years ago and has been in out-of-the-box condition since then. I got hold of the relevant Yeadons volume and had a flick through that to decide on a new identity. Eventually, I settled on Grantham's 4446 but that required the smokebox saddle to be removed (being a slide valve engine rather than piston valve). Luckily the smokebox is soft plastic so careful work with files saw the saddle disappear. It's not perfect, but it'll do. Unfortunately when I took the numbers off the
  13. Snap! I didn't go as far as replacing the coal plate, though. Again, it might not be 100% accurate but I just wanted something that looked about right, based on photos. That rather messy soldering was cleaned up before painting, needless to say. The toolboxes were also adjusted.
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