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  1. From the LNER there's: ex NER A2 A5 A6 A7 A8 An A5 would be nice as they were very handsome locos and were widespread across the southern part of the LNER. Jamie
  2. Right, goods stock: The formation of the rake seems to have changed over the years but these are vehicles which often feature: BR ex-LMS 20t brake van This could be made from a Hornby item with a ballast box added below the solebar SR 25t pill box brake van Bachmann item that just needs the sand boxes taking off each end BR 12t pipe wagon Bachmann item with a tarpaulin over the top LMS 12t tank wagon Bachmann item reliveried GWR Fruit D Dapol item renumbered BR 16t mineral wagon Bachmann renumbered BR conflat with Bird's Eye container Bachmann renumbered and container reliveried GWR Loriot N lowmac I'm not sure about this vehicle; I've looked at pictures of Loriot Ns and they look nothing like the vehicle on the NNR. For my version I'll chop up a Dapol lowmac kit LMS plate wagon Bachmann reliveried Regards, Jamie
  3. I’ll put full details of the goods fleet on here tomorrow when I’ve got a bit more time. I’ve got hundreds of pictures of Weybourne so if there’s any aspect you need details of I’ll have a look through my collection. Jamie
  4. Really looking forward to seeing this progress! I too am building a model of Weybourne, albeit severely compressed, set between 2010 and 2017. ATM I'm trying to build the demonstration goods set so I can supply details if needed. Regards, Jamie
  5. Really enjoyed myself being a Shap signalman today. My mum managed to get a couple of snaps. I even got to meet some TV stars! Now, I wonder where the big red button with ‘do not push’ is... Jamie
  6. I think he means these holes... ... which are the ports for the snifting valve. I couldn't find a picture of the top of a real A4 so I had to take a quick snap on my phone but I assume it's there on the real thing as otherwise the snifting valve would be useless.
  7. Likewise with me Jesse, good to meet you on Saturday and have a chat. Jamie
  8. It’s only cos I was too thick to realise that there was a torch until after I’d coupled it up.
  9. My J6 was running normally on Tony's test track. Once your K2 had been taken off the J6 still didn't move, even before I coupled it up so I agree that it wasn't a loco fault.
  10. Thanks for letting me have another play on Grantham today. I hope the DCC sound layouts don't drive you all mad- they were certainly getting on my nerves by the end of the day! Thanks for giving my J6 a spin too, even if it didn't make it up the gradient in the fiddle yard. Jamie
  11. Thanks Chris, The track wasn't too difficult to dig up- it was chipping away at the ballast that took a little bit of time. Jamie
  12. Thanks for the info, Chris. I agree that I think members have changed their minds about the layout track plan over the years. I think the main reason for doing the change was so that we could have a branch train come out of platform 2 and then reverse into the bay platform without having to go into the fiddle yard. The crossover in the goods yard near the goods shed was also added to facilitate shunting movements that we found were needed at the Ely show. Jamie
  13. Well despite there not being a post here for 5 months, we have actually been doing some work! We found that there are two crossovers that for some reason the builder of the layout missed out. So myself and another club member have been adding them in. The mug, bucket and cable reels are there to weight the points down as the glue dries. Other members been doing lots of other little jobs around the layout. The stationmaster’s gardens have been made and planted and a ploughed field is taking shape. Fences have appeared on the boundary between railway and farmers’ land. While we had the boards up to fit the new crossovers (we had turned them on their sides to make working on them easier) we’ve also sorted out some wiring gremlins but there’s still one or two issues. Jamie
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