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  1. 66 Squadron was quite local to me when based at Duxford and Horesham-St-Faith so that gets my vote.
  2. One of my earliest summer holiday memories is going to the Swanage Railway for the first time and being hauled by Eddystone so I'll go for 34028.
  3. Having had a closer look (I was on my phone earlier) I can see that the panelling isn't at all Gresley-esque so ignore my suggestion of a D140
  4. Repton Some may recognise the location as being not too far from Peterborough North.
  5. Is the third coach a D140 52'6" FK? 7 were built between 1928 and 1931 with 2 being allocated to Cromer sets. Jamie
  6. Sir Lamiel. I enjoyed my first trip to the GCR behind him/her.
  7. Duchess of Sutherland for me. I enjoyed the return leg of a trip behind her a few years ago. The outward motive power was 60009 and as we approached York we overtook the Duchess running tender first light engine. Sorry for the poor pic. It's a screenshot from a video I hastily took.
  8. Agreed. They're what I use and at about £5 for 39 they're very good value Hopefully the crew can just be made out on this O4/5. The fireman is sweeping the floor and there's an inspector on the tender keeping an eye on things. Jamie
  9. I really ought to update this more often. As with most people, I had a lot more time over the festivities to crack on with ongoing projects and start some new ones. The RTP was primed just before Christmas and is now in lined teak awaiting transfers. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any pictures of this. For Christmas, I was given a Mousa Models O4/5 body kit and a Bachmann O4. I'd read about this kit on the LNER forum but had been a bit disappointed, frankly. There were lots of print lines and some rather over-scale 3D-printed handrails. Thankfully, Bill
  10. Morayshire. I saw it at the Nene Valley a few years ago.
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