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  1. JamieR4489

    Grantham - the Streamliner years

    Thank you very much Graham and the other operators who were on Grantham today for running my K2 and letting me have a go at operating. It's been very inspirational seeing how the layout works! I managed to get a quick (and dodgy) snap of my K2 on a southbound fish train Regards, Jamie
  2. JamieR4489

    Hornby P2

    There's a hole underneath the front pony truck that has a screw in it. Undo this and then follow the instruction sheet on which way to pull the body off. To access the screw you can either take the pony truck off by undoing the screws that hold the keeper plate on or there is a hole in the pony truck that is directly in line with the screw. Jamie
  3. JamieR4489

    West Somerset WebCams

    7828 Odney Manor's back in service and operating the Santa specials
  4. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    I'm currently watching Only Fools And Horses so I've become very familiar with phrases such as 'Lovely jubbly' and 'This time next year we'll be millionaires' . I assume that's what you're quoting.
  5. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    There isn't any more, unless it fell out when the lid fell off.
  6. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    There's a bit of space but I doubt my name will go on it as the last time a name was put on was 1997.
  7. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    The K2 obviously didn't turn out too bad as I entered it into the Ely MRC's annual modelling competition - and won! Then it got a run on Wickham Market Yesterday I got some lead so that will be added to the loco today to improve traction. Also, for anyone planning to go to the Stevenage show next year, the K2 will probably be running on Grantham The Streamliner Years for part of the day on the Saturday. Jamie
  8. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    Well I can highly recommend the Graeme King kit - postage costs to Aussie would probably take the cost of the resin alone over £100 but it's definitely worth it. Jamie
  9. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    Unless I find any bits I've missed off, I think the K2 is done! The loco has been weathered to look worked but clean. It was in Doncaster Works in February 1938 so as I'm trying to model May-July 1938, the K2 is fairly clean. I posed the loco next to the other locos I've built; A sctratchbuilt O1 and a scratchbuilt J3 (both running on rtr chassis) Sorry for the bad quality photos, I'll try and take some in daylight soon. In two weeks I've gone from this: To this: Many thanks to Graeme King for supplying the parts, giving advice and answering my almost endless questions. Thanks also to all of you who have given feedback and rated my posts. I don't have any other projects planned at the moment so this thread will go quiet for a while until I find something to fix or build. Jamie
  10. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    I'll just leave this here....
  11. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    After putting on 3 coats of clear last night, I put the lettering and numbering on this morning. Then I started on the lining on the loco. The left hand side is done and the cab has been lined on both sides so I just need to do the running plate and the buffer beam lining and then I can move onto the tender. It's a bit wobbly in places but pressfix aren't the easiest transfers to use for lining. Hopefully weathering will hide some of the mistakes. Jamie Edit: I realised as I was posting the photos that I’d missed a few bits of lining but these have now been added so I can finish off the right hand side.
  12. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    There's only been once where I've wanted to throw the model at the wall but that was because of the chassis, not the resin castings which have been excellent and have fitted together perfectly. Thanks again for supplying them. Jamie
  13. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    My order came today so I've been busy fitting detail parts. Apologies for the possibly out of focus photos but as you can probably imagine, it's quite hard to focus a phone camera on tiny detail parts. I've made a start on painting the buffer beams and after those are done I'll paint the cab and then start adding varnish ready for transfers. I know it looks messy at the moment but that's only the first coat. Jamie
  14. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    I think I was a bit pessimistic about how long it would take to get the loco into black... Well, I had nothing better to do and it won't take a minute to fit the new parts when they arrive and give them a quick spray with satin black. Jamie
  15. JamieR4489

    JamieR4489's LNER workbench

    I thought I'd filled in all the gaps and holes but putting on a coat of primer revealed a multitude of sins so another two lots of filler have been applied and I'll sand the second lot down tonight or tomorrow. The tender is wonky in the last picture because I hadn't fitted the wheels to the chassis yet. This has since been done but they are still temporary as I'm waiting for an order from Peter's Spares to arrive including a whistle, smokebox door dart, tender wheels and transfers. I expect the loco to be in black by the end of this week. Jamie

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