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  1. ... and, in a very real sense, K'yak.
  2. Exactly so. There was a stand at Bristol with some Ks and similarly elderly kits for very little. I almost took away a Ks O4 for £25. At that price you can practice building the loco and tender bodies even if you don't bother with the rest. On the other hand (while I wouldn't recommend starting with an 8 coupled chassis) if you do then build it it's a decent base to start detailing and enhancing as your skills and standards rise. If you are worried about making a running chassis, start with a body only kit which will drop onto a RTR mechanism. If it's the body which worries you more, go for something like the Mainly Trains J72 chassis kit and use an RTR body with it. Either way you should end up with a working model and the satisfaction of seeing it run. Once you've done one they just get easier.
  3. Thank you, John. The 'Any More?' was aimed at the wider readership as well, to be clear, but this picture still repays study. For a start it features my Dick, which gives it inherent artistic value. The presence of the Australian Beaver further enhances it. Personnel-wise, Graham is clearly having the time of his life on the main panel and Graeme King is making his guest appearance back in his regular North Fiddle position. I'm guessing Steve has vacated his Yard Box seat to go and retrieve his next train from the Fiddle Yard. All the pending action is at South Box; the High D y k e empties are making their water stop in front of the RH factory. The shunter has made up a goods for Peterborough but can't cross back to the Up side yard until the High D y k e has departed. I'm guessing the loco for said goods is that one waiting in the little spur down by the Great North Road, just above the B u l l s h i t boards Spectator Information Panel. Looks as though the DVD has stopped running as well. Someone should really do something about that.
  4. Lady Came From Baltimore - Tim Hardin
  5. 'Fraid that one's beyond me - hopefully the S&T will be along shortly.
  6. I've been on holiday, so only now able to thank you properly for this. Not overwhelmed with trains as you can see, but we catch a glimpse of what I think is the tension lock set (Leicester?) leaving bottom left. I've deduced that from the other Howlden set being stabled just south of the station by the south end pilot. Both pilots in their berths, a queue of locos waiting to come off shed and ... err... that's it. Not even a road vehicle to distract anyone. Any more?
  7. I think you might find some on the Pregrouping layouts thread and mine, at least, are linked externally so they should have survived. James (Edwardian) took some very good ones at an open day years ago but how they were posted I couldn't now recall.
  8. Has the humble bicycle clip not reached the Far Colonies yet, then?
  9. Dare I ask what you do over weekends?
  10. Young people today, always in such a hurry….
  11. Hi Johan, You won’t find a better brass kit than one of Arthur’s to start with. The J73 was the first I built, but I’m sure the J71 or J72 would be a good start. I had built other brass kits before but that just showed me how good Arthur’s are. Janet, please pass on my best wishes to your dad.
  12. World Shut Your Mouth - Julian Cope
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