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  1. Well... the update for the end of January is well overdue.... so here it is. For January, I planned to fit the final 2 points, experiment with delayed action couplings and complete a couple of wagons. One of the things that delayed this update was the points... I managed to get a couple of tortoise motors and then ran out of layout wire. Once I had the wire and had them fitted the layout developed a short circuit which I had to completely rewire it to find (it was a dodgy bit of soldering on one of the older point motors). It's now working... and here's video to prove it.
  2. Your station is looking really good Roger. I'm hoping to get some platforms put down in early February and then do a bit of ballasting. I'll probably get around to the station after that. I'm planning on making it out of card and scribed DAS clay which will be an adventure as I've not done it before. I'm lucky in 4mm as Oxford made a 6 wheel toad - although it has a few errors. I've got one which I intend to correct and repaint as the Bridport one at some point. I bought another 4 wheel one too which I'll letter up as Weymouth van. Cheers, Doug
  3. That's a great looking Toad Roger and thanks for the update on nets traffic. I also didn't make much progress in December... My plan had been to fit the final 2 point motors, rebuild the gearbox for 4803 and have a play with delayed action couplings. Sadly, none of these things happened. I couldn't find any tortoise motors in the UK at all - there was a restock just before Christmas at Coastal DCC and I bought 2 so hopefully they will arrive in early January. I did play with 7th gearbox for 4803 but it wasn't going to be a quick job so I decided to put it on hold for a while. I didn't get arou
  4. The layouts looking really good - it's nice to see the whole station in one shot.
  5. Hi John - I'm enjoying watching your build which is progressing a lot quicker than mine! I was curious how you're getting on with the couplings as I'm thinking of trying them out too. Do they just clip into pockets to replace the stock ones or did you have to do anything special to fit them? Thanks, Doug
  6. It's the start of a new month and that means time for an update on the layout. Very early in November I completed work on the control panel and fitted it under the layout. It was relatively straight forward and everything is in place to add the wiring and final two motors so that everything works. It's the first time I've built a control panel and I'm pretty happy with it. To prove it all works, here's a short video of it in action: I didn't get a chance to rebuild the gearbox for 4803 as I'd intended but I did get a new chimney for her after a fellow RM
  7. Hi Rob, At the moment I don't have any chimney at all - if you're able to turn one for me that would be great. Feel free to PM with me the cost and I'll sort it out. Many Thanks, Doug
  8. Hi! While I wait for Wizard Models to have the 14xx detailing kit in stock again I thought I'd see if anyone has one cluttering up a storage box that they'd like to move on? Right now, I'd settle just for the chimney! Thanks, Doug
  9. That's a beautiful model Gerry, thanks for sharing it. I love your book too - it becoming available was a big factor in deciding to model West Bay. Although in hindsight there are so many other models of it maybe I should have chosen Abbotsbury! It's a shame to have missed the exhibition. I've only been to West Bay twice - last Christmas and on a cub camp in the eighties! I have an old copy of Railway Modeller which has a plan of the station and descibes the DAS method which I was planning to try out on my own model. I doubt it will turn out as nicely as yours but I'll give it a sh
  10. October saw a lot of progress on the layout with track laid and train actually running. In the second half of the month things slowed down a little - although I did build a couple more wagons and also find a Weymouth based PO wagon that I'd been looking for for ages. The two Minks are from Coopercraft kits while the PO wagon is a limited edition from Bachmann In November my goals for the layout are - Wire up two more points (the tortoise motors arrived today) - Build a control panel to switch the points - Rebuild the gearbox for 4803 so that
  11. After WIMorrisons post about the Roco Z21 I've been looking at that and it's a strong contender just for the nicely laid out interface on my phone. I like the idea of a secondhand LH100 and am keeping an eye on eBay so will have to see what comes up first. I do like the idea of a decent screen which was the only downside of the LH100 when I had it. It did work faultlessly though and that's a big plus in my view!
  12. Thanks Both - I am hoping to get the Pannier Papers book for Christmas - good to know that it has a photo of her in. I've also had a poke about the gwr.ork.uk and greatwestern.org.uk sites and they're really useful. Thanks again, Doug
  13. It'l be in EM. I'll be following your build as I don't think I'll get much done on mine until coming up to Christmas. I have a 57xx and 48xx in O gauge for the garden but no Autocoach yet :-(
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