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Stoke Courtenay


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I know some members prefer a staged approach to showing off layouts, but me I love an "almost there" project - especially one as good as this.


So keep the photos coming.

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I'm not really in to steam layouts or steam engines but I can't help but like this John. If I close my eyes slightly, I can imagine (I'm 49 so I can only go by pictures in books etc) actually being there!


If the station on my layout ends up anywhere near as good as yours I'll be over the moon and as for the second picture with the train emerging from the bridge....well that's made my day.


Well done that man  :clapping:  :clapping:  :clapping:

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Here's a track plan of Stoke Courtenay, built in my loft in a space 13 x 12 feet approx.  Off stage there is a fiddleyard with four loops in each direction plus two long sidings joined by a crossover representing the branch terminus at Earlsbridge.





I've taken the basic concept from Brent but with some simplification and adjustment to fit the space available.  For instance, I had reluctantly to jettison the idea of having the goods shed on a separate loop parallel to the branch platform run-round loop (an arrangement common in the area); loops off loops are subject to the law of diminishing returns in terms of point radii and train length.  In my set up the run-round doubles as the goods reception road, from which the yard is shunted.


I've also had to leave out the up and down refuge sidings (later loops) though they would obviously have added some operational interest.  This means that the later connection from one of these loops to the branch platform is also not present, leaving me with a rather 19th century track plan with strictly no facing connections off the main lines.


But the biggest change I made was to assume that, in relation to the real Brent, up is down and down is up!  (I guess this means we'll have to suppose that Earlsbridge is somewhere on Dartmoor or in its southern foothills, rather than on the coast.)  I made this notional change at a late stage, realising that the interesting business of dropping and attaching through coaches would be more pleasing both aesthetically and operationally that way round.


I've also added a small bay platform on the (my) down side for tail traffic, e.g. milk and perishables, horse boxes etc., creating a couple more operating possibilities.


I've been rather vague about where Stoke Courtenay is actually supposed to be but the sign in the pic below might provide a clue!  The name itself is from the Courtenay family, who were earls of Devon in the middle ages (and, I believe, still are), hence 'Earlsbridge').





Finally, here's Llanfair Grange on an up parcels working.





John C.

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That's really spooky having followed ANTB for years. Great railway mate. I have also seen how you have curved your backscene and I will pinch that idea if I may?

Excellent track-work and I also think that Rob of ANTB will be very inspired by your footbridge.


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Hello John,


I have taken the liberty of snipping one of your photos in post # 9 and placing it here to emphasise your excellent trackwork...post-699-0-70494700-1468862848.jpg

You mentioned at the start of the topic that the layout is constructed to 00-SF track standards.

The narrow 1mm crossing flangeways are good on the eye, as is your single slip.


May  I ask you some questions?:


What sort of radius are those curves? minimum? typical?


00-SF minimum Track Gauge is 16.2mm. You will likely be using this through the point & crossing work,

but do you gauge widen elsewhere, eg:

a. on curved tracks, if so by how much?

b. in order to use ready-made plain track of 16.5mm TG?


Are you using 26mm (8'6" scale) long sleepers or are you reducing them to complement the 2.38 to 2.68 under-scale-gauge, if so to what length?


I imagine that the bullhead rails, chairs etc are from the C&L emporium, but are they

a. the older C&L toolings OR

b. the neater ex-Exactoscale components?

Q5. (relates to Q2 above)

Is the visible trackwork ALL individually chaired, or have you used ready made track bases away from P & C work?  

Q6. is this layout your first essay in 00-SF?



Thank you very much.


Best regards,


Rodney Hills


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This is a smashing layout. Congratulations on achieving such a convincing and consistently high standard. Only four years to thuis stage too, it's taken me 8 to get less far with my much smaller loft layout.



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