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  1. The Comet Mk1 box is the lamp resistor box that sits at 90 degree to the regulator on a MK1, they are also present on LMS coaches. The long box, you are correct is an LMS type battery box. The middle one looks like a MK1 type box but it looks too small. On certain MK1s there was a smaller box that contained either a small pump for the fridges (RMB/ kitchen cars) On 3083 (experimental FO) there is a similar box that contained more electrical gear as part of the prototype work.
  2. Milk from Torrington is the most likely explaination. The Hawksworth BG and the Maunsell Van B will be carrying churns. The yellow/ orange patches denote the van being stove fitted.
  3. The 2 small handles will be water shut off valves for the injectors.
  4. Trenholme junction on here has some onboard videos.
  5. Easy one for me. A toss up between the 9f and the 82xxx. The 80xxx is a very good model just a little light weight. On the other hand. The 73xxx is one of the poorest. Very detailed but massively underweight and woefully under powered due to the gearing.
  6. Take an isoceles trapezoid and square off one side. I couldnt tell you the size of them without being at work and climbing on the roof.
  7. On a recent 12":1' overhaul at Kidderminster. We re canvased GWR 9055 and refitted the 2 lines of rain strips. Even though it has pretty decent sized gutters. Each rain strip was roughly 8ft in length. Their shape was roughly trapezoid but with the higher edge squared off. We measured then off the gutter before being taken off but when it came to refitting a drawing was provided which confirmed our measurements. Plus we used many photos to get a good idea of where they are.
  8. The other thing to remember is the Western region removed the arm rests in the SKs to make them 8 seater compartments not 6. WR SKs had a 64 seater capacity versus the normal 48.
  9. I think I will stick with changing the sides on the older ones for the time being. The increasing cost of OO is making O gauge more appealing.
  10. 9653 / 4 didnt have the queen posts and supports changed when they were de articulated. Having been looking at the 12" : 1' version all this morning. When they were made into individual coaches the chassis was cut and lengthed with 2 large rivited plates added across the join.
  11. Every chance the stock is still in Chocolate and cream with possibly BR numbers but cant be certain. It does look like corridor stock but as to diagram and who built them. Gwr coaches are a bit alien to me other than the ones I maintain at kidderminster. The third coach looks like a later Collett in the same design as ours at Kidder. The 1st coach looks like an early Collett bow end all 3rd. The bush blocks the 2nd coach but it looks like a CK of some sort as you can make out a large panel between the bushes. You cant make out the 4th but it has element of being a Hawksworth
  12. There is a photo of a bubble car at Linley on the disused stations website. I would discount Mark 1s as these would be on the mainline services. 2 notable events happened, which were retold to me by my grandfather was the appearance of a Castle and a 9F on troop trains to Bridgnorth. Questions were asked in the office the next morning as to how. The railway north of Bridgnorth had less structures so could accommodate larger locos. The troop trains could be absolutely any stock, much like football and seaside specials. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bridgnorth-Railway-Stat
  13. But you've got to build by-passes Mr Dent.
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