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  1. Yesterday I passed 1 megawatt production for the year to date, the second megawatt should happen much quicker, unless the weather does not improve, but the second part of this month is very encouraging 66.1kwh in 5 days)
  2. Deeps Most of England's players, at their clubs play the modern style of pressing football and do so very well. This does involve passing back on forth across looking for the opening to exploit, but this should be at times done at speed and certainly keep the ball at all times. There was no energy or speed, and at times and possession was lost all to frequently
  3. Firstly I think Southgate has the same issues as Arson Wenger in that he is too loyal to existing players, rather than picking those inform. I like Southgate as a person (especially as he is a fellow Watfordian), but recently seemingly has reached his peak in ability. In my opinion needs to be less loyal and more hungry, Look at Guardiola and Arteta, hungry and ruthless, whilst still seemingly showing loyalty to their players. But the players know if they fail to perform they are out I think he has shown his lack of man management skills, in not solving the issues with Ben White, White and Sakho were the best right hand duo in the premiership last year, plus White still is one of the best (stand in) center backs in the country. England do not have enough cover at center back. Is Steve Clarke more important than the best players ? Our captain is absent, why is he still playing ? Our back line seems to have no idea on how to build an attack, lackluster slow passing between each other is one thing, constantly giving the ball away is another What's worse, is the depths of the likes of Bellingham and Rice fell to. The whole team put in a lackluster performance, which Southgate was unable to influence I assume we will do enough to get out of the group stage, unless things change we will be home very soon Perhaps Ben White is much wiser than we think, and dodged a big bullet
  4. Just had a quick recap of my energy use in the current billing period (26-5 to 25-6) As of yesterday (19th) my electricity bill including standing charges is £9.09, my export income is £8.65 net cost 44p It has been helped by us being away for a week, countered by the poor weather at the start of the billing period With a good forecast for the weather over the coming days my exports may cover the full cost for electricity
  5. Kris Quite enlightening down by a third, but then last year we had a heat wave, my production last year was 387 kwh ( previous year 365 KWH) but so far (17th) 182KWH, using the 17 day production heading for about 323 kwh for the month, however the next week looks better than the last two. These past few days have made quite a difference as most of this month my average was under 10kwh per day It also highlights relying on too little previous data, especially when perhaps they were exceptionally good years of production, don't forget when its too hot production efficiency drops, so be careful what you wish for Cloudy day yesterday but still generated 9.4kwh
  6. Had an email last night from Octopus re energy rates from the 1st of July The first bit of good news is that standing charges are remaining the same, but in reality they should be reducing, I think according to the regulator because some of the standing charges should be transferred to the actual energy costs The reductions have been well predicted for several quarters, with electric reducing from 25.25 per KWH to 23.084 . Gas down from 5.963p to 5.402 Over the next 3 months gas usage is at its lowest so savings minimal As far as electricity is concerned I use about 200 KWH a month, roughly a saving of £4.33 per month, however as my solar panels provide at least half of my usage of electricity, I lose in value as much as I gain in the benefits my panels provide, still this is a minor inconvenience which could be nullified if we have a good summer My pet hate is certain folk still stating we are in an energy crisis, when in reality its quite close to the rates we were experiencing 3 years ago, when the cost was 18p per KWH and once inflation is added it must be quite close Another big plus is it was quoted that reserves of oil at at an all time high, so the rises in oil price in winter, may not be as high as some have predicted.
  7. I had similar issues with a website keeping sending me notices pretending to be from other companies. I found out I could stop them by(I think) going into my browser settings and blocking them Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could correct/enlarge on the subject
  8. Cloudy this morning, higher production from 6:05 am
  9. Tumut 2 weeks ago we caught a train from Stuttgart to Paris, SNCF train, DB staff to Maastricht, then change of crew to SNCF, no issues and change over very quick. Seemed a well oiled change over causing little if any disruption to Journey
  10. I understand I have no rights to expect English on train/stations announcements when abroad, however DB staff seemed to realize that English is a common language understood by many international travelers and used it for the benefit of non French or German speakers. Whilst on the French leg of the international train, I thought nothing of the absence of English language, except the very last announcement which was also in English. Made me smile after a very good trip, which was the main thing
  11. This month is turning out quite disappointing, last June we generated 387kwh, the previous year was also good 365kwh. After 16 days we have generated 157.3kwh According to BBC weather, last June we had a heat wave, this year cold if not too wet (south east), the last 3 days we have produced 34.4 kwh, with today and the rest of the week looking promising, but I doubt it can make up for the slow start, but as far as costs go before standing charges, the first 15 days have produced a surplus of £9.06, the standing charges will be £7.18 for that period, financially though slightly better than last year
  12. I noticed something strange this morning, which was usually I get some very minor production (20w) very early in the morning from just after 5am this time of the year, usually sometime between 6 and 7am the amount generated slowly starts to increase. Today with bright sunshine nothing happened till 7:30 when it started to wake up, until at 8:30 it was producing 50w 20 mins later 930 w, by 8:55 1.03 kwh To recap our panels are on a single story extension and are in the shade until 8:30, we were warned about partial shading and have to accept it Is it that when its cloudy light is dispersed reducing the effect of shading ?. Perhaps I should look at getting a quote for those gadgets that minimise the effects of shaded panels affecting those not in the shade.
  13. I thought we were just unlucky, certainly at Cologne either there was an incident or works at or near the station which caused the train initially to become late then diverted us through a tortious route as you say booked seats not honored and over full trains Then at Stuttgart our train should have never left the station, as the line was flooded, no doubt other trains were stuck on the same section ?, DB staff absent at all times. I am beginning to think Germany is not somewhere I would venture back to, having said this, we had a few local trips by train and returned (I think by an ICE train) using a SNCF train with German DB staff through Germany. At least the German staff made announcements in English, where as the French only included an English announcement right at the end.
  14. Sounds like a sack of parcels has gone astray, devastating for both you and your customers, but the exception rather than the rule. I still feel RM is the safest carrier Evri, apparently our village has a good delivery agent. BUT when he is not working our village Facebook page has requests for miss delivered packages For me I avoid them like the plague, especially as their BOT refuses to accept the words "delivered to the wrong property" They have two different photos of my front door, both of which they claim are of my house, neither looks anything like my front door.
  15. Twelve days ago we travelled to Langenau (Southern Germany), Eurostar service to Brussels then Eurostar again on to Cologne both trains were fine and on time. However Our DB train from Cologne was both 66 mins late, at the last moment changed platforms and was full with passengers, our reserved seats were occupied by others, we saw the train staff shut them selves away in their office. Thankfully after an hour the train stopped at a station (Bonn?) where the train emptied and we could reclaim our seats, trouble was the buffet was unmanned (no staff) we were sent of a very obscure journey around Cologne due to work/blockage on the main line We were supposed to change at Mannheim for a train to Ulm, due to local flooding we were diverted to Stuttgart arriving 2 hours late, The tour operator tried to get a coach to reach us at Stuttgart, but the motorway was closed due to a crash and or flooding. We then tried the local service to Ulm with the coach trying to follow us, we managed to get to the 5th of 20 stations where the train stopped due to flooding, the coach got to within a couple of k of the station but was not allowed by the fire brigade to get any nearer. Over the next 2 hours plans kept changing, from the fire brigade taking us to the coach, spending the night in the town hall, eventually the train was able to return to Stuttgart where we found a hotel DB seemed totally useless as there was no one at any time assisting us, they cannot be blamed for the flooding. But from overcrowded late running trains without ant refreshments to sending us out into a flooded area they were useless and failing to offer refreshments as required by EU law. So much for German efficiency !! We returned via Strasberg on a SNCF train (manned through Germany by DB staff) from Stuttgart to Garde du Est, whilst not as picturesque but both on time and very much quicker Lets hope they do not want to run through the tunnel.
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