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  1. Cant they just bite the bullet and put them in the proper livery for a Southern EMU. Green or nothing else. I still find it hard to think of the GWR having green EMUs. There is hope that someone somewhere in SWT is thinking about all the press the heritage liveries have received recently and might want to reprise the NSE livery.
  2. Slowly but surely that set of coaches is being restored/ repainted. Leading brake is 6562 which has not long been outshopped, then comes 9615, which is being totally reframed, then 9627 as the dining open. 4 SKs 1116, 2119,1086 and 1087 (I think) then the much missed Clapham buffet (bar car), what looks like 5883 and then 2 composites one of which would be 7284 but not quite certain on the other one. Out of all those coaches only 4 are non runners at this time. Not bad for nearly 30 years on from these photos.
  3. If you're intention in mid 30s Southern era. The modernisation that the Southern were undertaking would have seen a combined MPD rather than 2 completely seperate MPDs, 2 sets of facilities as this would have been an extra cost and maintenance worry. More connections between either side of the station would have been added as the electrification along the Brighton was completed in 1929. So you could have one side electrified and one side non electrified.
  4. Also, you would have had to change the ETH/ compressor fusing to accommodate a Cl 50 working a TC set as they were fused for 750v, for use with 33s and EDs rather than the 1000v Cl 50s.
  5. Felt very underwhelmed by the whole thing. The only layout that kept any interest was Brinklow as it was all about keeping trains moving for the people to see. All to often do you see layouts being run to what feels like a Sunday service in winter. I think if you're going to have box shifters like Kernow and Rails in the show they can't be opposite each other which drastically reduced what was already tight aisle space. Would I go again? Probably not, maybe if I am in the area at the time. I will say the venue is far better than Gaydon as suggested above the rabbit warren type layou
  6. On the SVR this week we have the only full LMS set of coaches running alongside our Gresleys with the Toplights/ bowend set on a charter and a set of colletts + 1 hawksworth out on a footplate experience later in the week. We couldnt survive without our pre nationalisation coaches. It should be noted that a few of our Staniers are actually BR built.
  7. I will post a warning if people look at the SVR's Period 3 roofs. Some of them have weld lines about 12-18 inches up from the gutter line. This is where to roof has been cut to allow repairs to the top stringer and corner posts. Although there are BR era repairs in the same style on a couple of our coaches.
  8. As the person who has spent the first 6 months of this year rebuilding the kitchen area of LMS 149 at the Severn Valley. The interior is a birch and walnut colour with chrome luggage racks/ table lamps and other fittings. At the kitchen end, the corridor past the kitchen was separated from the vestibule by a inward swing door. The shelve units behind the counter started at knee height up to the top stringer height above the window. with shelves all the way up.
  9. You could always use a piece of wood the same sort of size to protect the edge from breakout as you cut.
  10. Id go with matt black. On the internal side it would be an off white colour which would have been scratched and beaten by item inside. The external side of the door would have scuff marks from the draught excluders running horizontally.
  11. 4 reversals in one trip. More like a BLS trip than a public service. Surely on a Saturday a head on move via Romsey and Southampton could have been done?
  12. Black to roof line and then roof coloured to the filler pot.
  13. I doubt you would have a 25mph entry speed into a bay platform. Station limits would apply and maximum speed would be around 10- 15 mph.
  14. They may well be loose coaches as previously mentioned. I doubt they would have broken up other sets to strengthen others.
  15. As I understand it. The Southern region would send a complete set to either Lancing or Eastleigh and it would all be repainted at the same time. The loose coaches were done at their shopping date hence the possible mix of liveries.
  16. Nothing to do with it at all. They have all been winterised.
  17. You certainly find all the drop joints with 1501. It wouldn't surprise me if this could have been a 94xx working along with 51xx.
  18. Wouldn't be any trouble for a 15xx. Assuming it is going OWW to Honeybourne then up through Stratford Upon Avon. Plenty of watering holes along the way. It probably is a rarity to use one of a longer distance stopping service. More than likely it has been used because of a failure to the booked loco.
  19. The 66, Biomass hoppers and the shark were a management charter for GBRF. It was very different working with LMS and LNER coaches either side of these things. If you think some coaches are big. These hoppers are rather large. The 66, Biomass hoppers and the shark were a management charter for GBRF. It was very different working with LMS and LNER coaches either side of these things. If you think some coaches are big. These hoppers are rather large.
  20. What information on "operating the railway under Gala conditions" do you need? The railway is operated as normal but using every possible passing point/ path.
  21. The air braked Mark 2s (Only Mark 2s, no Mark 3s) came from various sites but are owned by Eastern Rail Services.
  22. Simple answer to the WoE problems. Rather than continue to add loops. Re double the whole length fron Salisbury.
  23. No rail access..... Re open the Margate branch from Ramsgate town It seems a strange location to locate a storage site (as the company name suggests), as most of his fleet live at either Southall or Crewe.
  24. I'm not sure whether its the angle of photos taken but the body does look to be sitting quite high?
  25. I would look through all the photos you can. Yes, there are the official positions as in all the books but in reality, the crew would just plonk it on the nearest lamp bracket.
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