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  1. Ref. loose keeper plate on front axle of the 0.4.2T? Some forum members, like me, encountered this problem A few days ago I posted in the main 14xx thread that I'd ordered a supply of suitable longer screws. These have now arrived and I have test fitted replacements to my own model without problem. The offer I made was to provide Forum colleagues with a set (3) free of charge - I just request the price of a stamp (88p for Large Letter Second class). Please PM me if you'd like to have a set. Best regards Adrian
  2. I have ordered a pack of the longer screws - not here yet but when they are (and I’ve checked they do the job) you can have some for the price of a stamp! Adrian
  3. Hi Hal In between jobs today I put in an order for some of these size screws. There will be quite a surplus, so I’ll just make them available to anyone who wants a pair free of charge. I’ll just ask for the price of a stamp so I can post them out to colleagues. I’ll put a note on here when they arrive in my hands and I’ve checked they do the trick on my own 0.4.2 tank Thanks for the heads up Hal Regards Adrian
  4. which rather takes me back to my original posting - a U.K. supplier??? I could only find China sources when I looked but I’ll have another dig around Adrian
  5. Those tiny screws on the front keeper plate - the ones that have gone awol on my just arrived model! I see I need to get hold of some M1.7 x 6mm to secure the plate. Before I order 100, or is it 1000, from China .............. did anyone locate a source in the U.K.? Just thinking, did anyone receive a pair of longer replacements from Dapol themselves? Maybe I should email them first? Regards Adrian
  6. Thanks Hal - the short answer is a few years either side of nationalisation. However, there is more - so I sent you a PM to explain. regards Adrian
  7. Does anyone have a copy of “Western Steam in camera” pub by IA 1976 It contains a photo in which these wagons figure - I’d really like to know some details about it. Also do any other photos of these wagons spring to mind? Any help gratefully received Thanks Adrian
  8. 3 plank and 4 plank versions: My understanding - which could be wildly out - is that 3 plank were rebuilds of older stock and 4 planks were older stock that were gradually phased out in favour of 5 planks etc. I would welcome being corrected on this and at the same time could I ask how long the two types would have remained in traffic - even in a backwater! Help and guidance will be much appreciated! Thanks Adrian PS as an aside, I notice the top plank of a Minerva 5 plank open is rather wider than the other planks. This accounts for the vehicle being that much taller than the equivalent Coopercraft 5 plank. They are different diagrams I guess??
  9. Apologies first, this is not something I know much about! Reading on the net, I came across some details of a wagon restoration that the Bluebell have been involved in. Namely, 87782, a 10T 5plank open built by GRCW for the Great Western - part of a big supply contract. Could I ask please, did this outside builder supply any of its 6plank side and end opens to the GW? Thanks Adrian
  10. Thank you to everybody for sorting that for me. The flat ended axles that Paul R mentions must be where I got my confused idea from Might I ask - how do the Peco compare with Slaters? regards Adrian
  11. In the past, when Parkside Dundas was a separate entity, If memory serves, wagon axles were flat ended and matched with the equivalent bearings. Since Peco took over the range I wondered whether this setup had been changed in favour of the pin point axles/bearings used in the Peco wagon kits. So, my question is, could anyone who has purchased a new Peco Parkside kit recently, please comment on their findings re. this feature. Peco offer their own wheels/bearings as an accessory, which led me to wonder .................. Thanks for any guidance Adrian PS it would be very handy to know what the O.D. of a Peco bearing is, as well please.
  12. Hello BG man Thanks very much for the info - very helpful I posted because a moment ago I ticked “T” to thank you rather than the thumbs up - never done it before so concerned I hadn’t done it wrong!! Adrian
  13. Thanks Hal Yes I spotted that wire tucked in the corner of the Rh tank! I’ve seen you’ve worked on one of these models already............. Can I ask you about those two battery boxes please? Are they a plastic addon to the face of the chassis frames? Easy/tricky to remove? Thinking about removal, what was the significance of your hint “one or both” - sorry to be ignorant on this point! Thanks for your guidance Adrian
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