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  1. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions. I got an MX617 with harness from Kevin at Coastal and just replaced the 6pin plug with an 8pin. I only have a small layout so didn’t feel the potential loss of traction by fitting decoder in a side tank would be a problem for me. Though I appreciate that the alternative mounting point would better suit other modellers requirements.
  2. I appreciate this model has been around quite a while and I have read as much as I could find on the subject of decoder fitting an M7 - including the Bromsgrove guides. Unfortunately, most non sound DCC conversions seem to have been achieved using decoders that are no longer available. I’m happy to chop wires, hard wire etc etc but would welcome advice from more experienced colleagues on how best to proceed. As I mentioned in the title, I’m looking for a simple tiny chip that would do the job and is available now. The non working Hornby chip that was in the s/h loco I’ve just acquired measured 17 x 10 x 4. I think it was factory fitted and was mounted on the side of the chassis, with tightly coiled harness to the forward fixed 8 pin socket Suggestions would be gratefully received. thank you Adrian
  3. In 1965 my local shed - Stockport Edgeley (9B) - was home to four Britannias. These were 70004 William Wordsworth, 70015 Apollo, 70026 Polar Star and 70044 Earl Haig I took photos at the time, but they aren’t really very good and hence do not address the question I am asking here. My memories of the locos on shed at the time, be they Black Fives, 8Fs or 9Fs, are of general grime and neglect. Sadly this state of affairs extended to their companions, the Brits ............ Both Apollo and Polar Star had received hand painted names, the former being turned out with a bright blue background to its name (perhaps a mischievous City fan at work in the shed one night!). But (and this is where memory fails) both appeared to have “lost” their lining. As I said above, I am very familiar with how dirty locos had become in their latter days. My question then is: does anyone have a photo of 70015 or 70026 taken at this time which hints at the presence of lining under a heavily weathered finish? Parallel to this question, in the 1960s were LMR locos, be they express passenger or mixed traffic, turned out from a “service” with a simplified ie cheap plain livery lacking any lining? Were the Britannia’s I’ve mentioned just plain green as well as filthy and for that matter, were some of the mixed traffic Black Fives on shed at the time just plain black under their coat of grime? Hope someone might be able to share their experience of the time Thanks Adrian
  4. This kit producer has a large range of locos available in 7mm scale. But late last year an announcement was made that kits in 4mm scale have been produced for the J69 and NLR tank. I contacted the owner the other day to enquire about current availability and received a prompt reply that initial batches of both kits had indeed been produced and were sold out. However, further batches are on order and expected in the next few weeks. I wondered if any contributor to RMweb had purchased one of these new 4mm scale kits and might be able to comment on “first impressions”. I have come across a number of threads about various Ace Products kits in 7mm scale, but my interest here is specifically about the newly released kits in 4mm scale. Very interested to hear from colleagues - particularly as the appearance of new etched brass loco kits in 4mm scale is not that common these days! Regards Adrian
  5. Couple of thoughts re the “office” area ............ I suspect the fire wouldn’t work very well with a chimney that stops well short of the main roof Inside, the dimensions of a chimney breast and fireplace might make the door opening a little tricky
  6. I have a lined out model that I plan to finish in plain black livery. I need to remove the existing lining rather than spray over it and wonder if a member may have done this job successfully on a Hornby Black Five. I am familiar with the various approaches involved in renumbering etc so have read about a variety of tools, substances and methods that modellers have used. I was really hoping to learn from another member who has successfully removed the lining from boiler, footplate, cabside, tender etc on the Hornby Black Five specifically. Guidance really welcomed - thank you! Adrian
  7. I'd be grateful for any suggestions of good performance direct decoders please - 2 function would be fine Perhaps I should add, currently available in UK Thank you Adrian
  8. I’ve been exploring one or two threads here on rmWeb, concerning the development of this model over quite a few years! I wonder if I could ask informed colleagues one or two questions please? I can’t quite get my head around the re-tooling issue with regard to chassis and body. Round about 2014/15 I think the release 31-187, 188 and 189 seems to focus on new tooling. But whether those shortly before, eg 186, had very different chassis/body I don’t understand. Also I see that some models in the 2000s have appeared with riveted Stanier 4000 gallon and Fowler 3500 gallon tenders, but I think I heard somewhere that others appeared with flush tenders. I think you can tell that despite all the reading, I am more than a bit confused - and if I went back into the 90s era versions I’d probably fall apart! Any help unravelling the Bachmann Jubilee story would be very welcome. As I said, I have tried to explore the forum and web in search of the information, but it’s quite likely I’ve overlooked something. best regards Adrian
  9. I have a Bachmann 45xx in BR black livery with a very prominent SV cover (plastic of course, not brass). One option to reduce its visual impact would, of course, be to paint it black. However, the loco I plan to model it on in BR days appears to have retained the brass finish SV but presents in a very subdued way - presumably due to weathering. My question is, has anyone successfully created a tarnished or grubby SV cover, such that the brass is still there in a subtle way - but certainly doesn’t gleam!!! Bear in mind the Bachmann loco has a plastic fitting representing the brass, not bare metal I would very glad to hear of any successful methods to achieve this effect. Thanks Adrian
  10. I wonder if I might resurrect this thread ............... Earlier today I visited a friend who has two Dukedogs (bought new) in order to listen how they run. Both ran smoothly and steadily but 9018 (31-086A) was noticeably quieter than 9028 (31-088). Checking just now I found that 9028 was a 2014 production whereas 9018 was produced in 2018 I believe the earlier Dukedogs were fitted with a standard 3 pole motor. Is this same motor fitted to the latest examples or has the spec changed? I appreciate that variations in performance can occur between individuals in the same batch but I wondered if colleagues who have bought the latest examples ie 31-086A or the sound fitted version 31-090DS could comment on the running sound of their models. Perhaps I should add that my friends older loco has not been subject to much running or “abused” in any way. Adrian
  11. I have just fitted a Lenz Silver+ to a newly acquired Dukedog. The loco runs well enough but I think some CV fine tuning might lift the performance - I’m looking for a bit quieter, smoother running. The booklet supplied with the chip directs me to the Lenz website for more detailed guidance. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it very helpful eg mostly in German and where English is offered the details don’t really go far enough. My experience with the 76 page online Zimo manual (in English) has been very different. I would like to try adjusting some settings and wondered if a forum member might have this combination of loco and decoder working well. If so, I would welcome any suggestions for basic settings Thank you Adrian
  12. Ref. loose keeper plate on front axle of the 0.4.2T? Some forum members, like me, encountered this problem A few days ago I posted in the main 14xx thread that I'd ordered a supply of suitable longer screws. These have now arrived and I have test fitted replacements to my own model without problem. The offer I made was to provide Forum colleagues with a set (3) free of charge - I just request the price of a stamp (88p for Large Letter Second class). Please PM me if you'd like to have a set. Best regards Adrian
  13. I have ordered a pack of the longer screws - not here yet but when they are (and I’ve checked they do the job) you can have some for the price of a stamp! Adrian
  14. Hi Hal In between jobs today I put in an order for some of these size screws. There will be quite a surplus, so I’ll just make them available to anyone who wants a pair free of charge. I’ll just ask for the price of a stamp so I can post them out to colleagues. I’ll put a note on here when they arrive in my hands and I’ve checked they do the trick on my own 0.4.2 tank Thanks for the heads up Hal Regards Adrian
  15. which rather takes me back to my original posting - a U.K. supplier??? I could only find China sources when I looked but I’ll have another dig around Adrian
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