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  1. Great idea - thanks Wickham!
  2. I didn’t either and I’ve been in several times! The door at the back seems to be to more shelves etc but is marked “staff only” I think. Where is the cellar access point - as I say, I’ve visited before so can visualise the internal layout. Intrigued to hear Mallard! regards Adrian
  3. I wonder, could I revisit this thread on the H class ............. I’ve just bought a new model and have been doing the usual running in business. It does sway somewhat - perhaps a combination of less than true wheel mounting and also the design ie. a lot of chassis extending beyond the rear axle? Maybe the real thing rolled a bit?? Anyway, I’m now getting round to actually running the model on track and have encountered a couple of other issues. One, mentioned previously by other folk, involves the bogie mounted pickups - in particular, only one of the four actually bears on a wheel! Not to worry, I can fix that. The other issue is more interesting ................ judging by the sound of the model running with/without the body fitted, I wondered if there wasn’t some unplanned internal contact when the complete loco runs. Looking at the chassis, I was drawn to the “exposed” flywheel that must be very close to the body when all is assembled. Further investigation revealed a possible, incompletely formed circular mark on the inside surface directly behind the smokebox door. My thoughts are that a little gentle scraping of the plastic might enlarge clearances and hence be a solution. However, I wondered first if any colleagues might have experienced similar circumstances and might be able to comment. regards Adrian
  4. I have just purchased one of these locos and want to fit a suitable decoder. There isn’t a lot of room in there! After searching the only chip I’ve found being mentioned Is the TCS DP2X-UK There must be lots of these popular models running under digital control, so I wondered if I could draw on members experience. I would be very grateful to hear recommendations for small 8pin Direct chips that have been fitted successfully to these Hornby Wainwright class H locos Regards Adrian PS perhaps I should say that I am looking for a non sound installation
  5. Thanks Graham Followed your guidance this morning - all good and the project is progressing Best regards Adrian
  6. Is it possible to access the interior of these coaches without damaging anything? I was thinking about installing a few passengers ................... Looking at the assembly on my Brake Compo, much of the underframe does not seem to be fixed to the body - it is very easy to “separate” the two. However, the big issue ..................... the underframe is fixed at each end! Unfortunately not with screws and my experience of these plastics is that they aren’t too forgiving of stress. So I wondered if anyone had found their way into these bodies without dire consequences? Holding my breath here .................. practice for when someone tells me to twist and lever!!! Thanks Adrian
  7. Space constraints prevent me from using the BH points. I have searched the forum for suitable photos which show code 75 points connected to BH track - but without success. I’m sure they’re there, I just haven’t turned them up! So, could I ask please, what are colleagues opinions on a mix of the two given the sleeper differences? Does the result jar or is it tolerable? Also, if a location for suitable photos should spring to mind, I would be very grateful to be directed there. Thanks in anticipation Adrian
  8. In the thread “Heljan 0 gauge 05” Brian Daniels shows his painting work on the loco. I tried to contact him about one feature he illustrates but haven’t had any success. So I wondered if I could ask members ................ In the painting photos I refer to, there are two which show the roof removed. May I ask, does the roof just clip off or is a more robust approach required? Thank you for any guidance Adrian
  9. In the thread for the Heljan 0 gauge 05 shunter, you show a couple of photos with the roof removed.

    could you tell me how you did this please?

    remove the roof, that is, not take the photo!!





    1. brian daniels

      brian daniels

      They just pull off, glued on with Chinese glue so shouldn't be too difficult. Sod's law you bet it's the one time they did something right!



  10. As it’s now a year or two down the line since these models appeared, I wondered if owners might comment on any issues that might have arisen, specifically in terms of running quality. I think I read somewhere that some classes, though not the 05, have experienced gear problems, but this is not something I have personally experienced, so it may well be unfounded. I resurrected the thread because I am contemplating purchasing an 05 and thought there might be an opportunity to ask members opinions, based their experience of operating the model for some time. Best regards Adrian
  11. Thank you again for all the helpful suggestions that have been posted.
  12. Thank you - keep the suggestions coming! Sharing ideas based on experience is really valuable adrian
  13. I’d be very interested to learn of colleagues’ approach to a base colour (prior to weathering) other than the commonly quoted “black” For example, for some early BR wagons the suggestions one might commonly see usually refer to grey body/black under frame. Perhaps the grey isn’t too bad as a start for weathering, but I wonder if matt black as a start isn’t a bit of a killer? It would be great to hear of successful alternatives - acrylic or enamel, military or railway ......... just so long as they’re currently available! Perhaps I should mention I’m UK based. Thanks for any recommendations
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