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  1. I have a lined out model that I plan to finish in plain black livery. I need to remove the existing lining rather than spray over it and wonder if a member may have done this job successfully on a Hornby Black Five. I am familiar with the various approaches involved in renumbering etc so have read about a variety of tools, substances and methods that modellers have used. I was really hoping to learn from another member who has successfully removed the lining from boiler, footplate, cabside, tender etc on the Hornby Black Five specifically. Guida
  2. I'd be grateful for any suggestions of good performance direct decoders please - 2 function would be fine Perhaps I should add, currently available in UK Thank you Adrian
  3. I’ve been exploring one or two threads here on rmWeb, concerning the development of this model over quite a few years! I wonder if I could ask informed colleagues one or two questions please? I can’t quite get my head around the re-tooling issue with regard to chassis and body. Round about 2014/15 I think the release 31-187, 188 and 189 seems to focus on new tooling. But whether those shortly before, eg 186, had very different chassis/body I don’t understand. Also I see that some models in the 2000s have appeared with riveted Stanier 4000 gallon and Fowle
  4. I have a Bachmann 45xx in BR black livery with a very prominent SV cover (plastic of course, not brass). One option to reduce its visual impact would, of course, be to paint it black. However, the loco I plan to model it on in BR days appears to have retained the brass finish SV but presents in a very subdued way - presumably due to weathering. My question is, has anyone successfully created a tarnished or grubby SV cover, such that the brass is still there in a subtle way - but certainly doesn’t gleam!!! Bear in mind the Bachmann loco has a plastic fitting
  5. I wonder if I might resurrect this thread ............... Earlier today I visited a friend who has two Dukedogs (bought new) in order to listen how they run. Both ran smoothly and steadily but 9018 (31-086A) was noticeably quieter than 9028 (31-088). Checking just now I found that 9028 was a 2014 production whereas 9018 was produced in 2018 I believe the earlier Dukedogs were fitted with a standard 3 pole motor. Is this same motor fitted to the latest examples or has the spec changed? I appreciate that variations in performance can occur b
  6. I have just fitted a Lenz Silver+ to a newly acquired Dukedog. The loco runs well enough but I think some CV fine tuning might lift the performance - I’m looking for a bit quieter, smoother running. The booklet supplied with the chip directs me to the Lenz website for more detailed guidance. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it very helpful eg mostly in German and where English is offered the details don’t really go far enough. My experience with the 76 page online Zimo manual (in English) has been very different. I would like to try adjusting some settings and
  7. Ref. loose keeper plate on front axle of the 0.4.2T? Some forum members, like me, encountered this problem A few days ago I posted in the main 14xx thread that I'd ordered a supply of suitable longer screws. These have now arrived and I have test fitted replacements to my own model without problem. The offer I made was to provide Forum colleagues with a set (3) free of charge - I just request the price of a stamp (88p for Large Letter Second class). Please PM me if you'd like to have a set. Best regards Adrian
  8. I have ordered a pack of the longer screws - not here yet but when they are (and I’ve checked they do the job) you can have some for the price of a stamp! Adrian
  9. Hi Hal In between jobs today I put in an order for some of these size screws. There will be quite a surplus, so I’ll just make them available to anyone who wants a pair free of charge. I’ll just ask for the price of a stamp so I can post them out to colleagues. I’ll put a note on here when they arrive in my hands and I’ve checked they do the trick on my own 0.4.2 tank Thanks for the heads up Hal Regards Adrian
  10. which rather takes me back to my original posting - a U.K. supplier??? I could only find China sources when I looked but I’ll have another dig around Adrian
  11. Those tiny screws on the front keeper plate - the ones that have gone awol on my just arrived model! I see I need to get hold of some M1.7 x 6mm to secure the plate. Before I order 100, or is it 1000, from China .............. did anyone locate a source in the U.K.? Just thinking, did anyone receive a pair of longer replacements from Dapol themselves? Maybe I should email them first? Regards Adrian
  12. Thanks Hal - the short answer is a few years either side of nationalisation. However, there is more - so I sent you a PM to explain. regards Adrian
  13. Does anyone have a copy of “Western Steam in camera” pub by IA 1976 It contains a photo in which these wagons figure - I’d really like to know some details about it. Also do any other photos of these wagons spring to mind? Any help gratefully received Thanks Adrian
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