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  1. We've now received our stock of D1023 from Dapol. The model comes in our newly branded sleeve and looks rather lovely. Only limited supply remains however. Rich
  2. Hi, Sorry that you've not received a response. I can only imagine that in regards to the phone it is a coincidence that the phone was unmanned at the time of your calls, however I will investigate the voicemails. When were you emails sent please? I will check this with my team and revert once I know more. In answer to your questions, yes we are open, yes we have a very small amount of Stirling's available and I'm sure we can post one to your hotel. Please PM me your details and we'll be in touch. Kind regards, Rich
  3. Hi Simon, Thank you for bringing this to our attention and thank you also for you purchase. We have now updated the website and the link are now working again. Cheers, Rich
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