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  1. And here’s some newer stock. So - I think my options are to replace the track. do you think this will throw out an entire rings connections and so id need to re-do the whole loop? Or could I just cut the track at the curves and try to make it tighter. is there a preference on track, outer or inner?
  2. And then how I had to come back to peco’s distance. But obviously too close right
  3. Here’s an example of where I had to expand to hornbys track distance for the older points.
  4. Hey everyone. Thank you very much for the quick replies! I wanted to upload a video but couldn’t I’ll try to add some more helpful facts im using peco flexitrack, code 100. Where you see the hornet track distance it’s because I’ve tried to make use of old points I had (but maybe I’d be better off replacing with peco?) so the majority of track is set at peco’s streamlined distance. With the exception of one set of points and one Hornby crossing. what’s confusing is new stock makes it round fine, it’s my older C3 virgin east coast and really old intercity stock that doesn’t. But as you say, I want to be able in the future to run anything. So this does need resolving as much as prototypical running conditions would be fun! I’d love to just leave trains going around. I have been using peco’s track gauge it’s just annoying that at some points of the curve it doesn’t line up and that’s why I wondered if the driving in of my pins did it. what I can’t get flex I track to do is stay in a curve / position whilst I test something. That’s why I pinned it down.
  5. Hi, this is my first post (newly signed up) as I’ve hit a bit of a road-block with my layout development. Firstly, I feel massively under-skilled but do have huge ambitions. So forgive me as I’ve probably made every rookie mistake. Tonight I finished my third loop to my layout, it’s been painful but so pleasure able to see the third loop in place. Only to notice (and I tried to prevent this) that my larger coaches brush against each other at the corners when navigating my curves. ive used tracksetta’s 24” and 21” for the outer and inner curve respectively. I even used Peco’s gauge red plastic thing to make sure my curves are somewhat equal distances. but to no avail the brushing of coaches happens and it’s quite noticeable. Could even derail a train I feel. Not to mention damage the paint. other than ripping it all up and starting again (he’s me hoping that’s not the case) does anyone have any fantastic tips / tricks to give the parralell tracks a little bit more wiggle room to allow coaches to navigate? I think as I’ve driven track pins in it has moved the rails from their perfect alignment with the cork but I didn’t realise at the time it was significant enough to cause this :(. also, I bet there’s many topics on this but I couldn’t find something specific to recovering the problem. More topics on preventing :( but link me if you know of something better ! finally. Thank you in advance, I hope I’m in the right place and following the right rules of engagement :( matti included some snaps of the layout tonight
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