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  1. Thank you all this conversation is fascinating! it all sounds a bit like algebra to me for the first time -but I’m sure after tinkering and having fun, I’ll get a gist for it. I guess this is what many people spent many hard hours studying - in order to work it in real life. I’m just very eager to have a playful, colourful and vibrant layout as real as plausible - and all this is invaluable
  2. Wow, blown away by the detail I love it! Thank you for the help. If I could pinch your knowledge for my layout that would be awesome haha! The LOS makes a lot of sense now. So this is a ground signal, fixed at danger, that main-line trains will ignore, but a shunter must abide by and never pass (otherwise he/she risks going out onto a piece of track not suitable I'm guessing! That would explain if my understanding is right, the fixed ground signals often found on stations I've been too just outside the station (several hundred yards). I think im going to incorporate the
  3. Would love to get any feedback on my proposed customised advert for the Scalemodel scenery kit Which backing texture should I go with, Cork or ripped paper? (I have permission from the brand to use this). Here's a graphical mock-up. I'll add a ladder and maybe (if anyone knows where?) a 3D printed bucket if I can find one haha!
  4. Hi Everyone, Thought I would update you all! 7 days ago (just before lock-down!!) I sent my PA2 off to Gaugemaster, explaining the problem I was facing. Firstly, their email responses are near-instant. The minute I send the team an email - they are back within 10-15-20 mins. It's incredible. They, very rightly, mentioned a week ago, that it might take a couple of weeks to inspect before a resolution could be provided. I was more than ok with that - it gave me time to work on scenery. That being said, 7 days later, I received a parcel with what appeared to b
  5. Hey, Thank you for the detailed response and sharing of your track plans. What a great section of track, I love the complexity yet flexibility that trains can manouver all over the shop. Nice! In your layout, what are 39, 37 and L.O.S signalling? On 942,944,946 - the shunt signals are currently depicted white - is that coincidence/just to help you plan? What colouring red or white, would they be if they were signalling a train into the depot? and am I reading it right that 38 is signalling for 0308 and 0310. is 38 giving a train permission to exit the the pieces of
  6. Evening! I ordered some small LEDs, for a 12v power supply in red yellow green, pre wired with an appropriate resistor. I’m just a bit concerned because I plugged them in to my 12v DC supply via some wago clips, they light up beautiful (a little too bright maybe). But I noticed the resistors were very hot to touch they almost stung my finger tips a bit. I’m worried because these will be in card based buildings and the heat was of concern. I have other LEDs which resistors do not get this hot, is everything ok? Is that normal?
  7. Thank you for the reply. So some context; The first siding to the left, the bottom half is a maintenance shed and the above half is a piece of track ending in a buffer. The aim is to store wagons / freight in. The second red line from the left, is a second siding where a loco can be stored along with freight also. Mainline signalling: still TBC I'm working on that with my stations and wether lines are bi-direction or not. With regard to the shunt signals, how comes you wouldn't necessarily out one over the two sidings to stop a train progressing
  8. On the Prodigy, you can run both main track and program track at the same time usually no problems. The way the program track on it works is; the track is dead unless a command is being written to a decoder. So what you find is, the moment you activate a 'read' or 'write' command on program, then it gives it the juice. Nothing appeared loose on the inside, I didn't shake it aggressively but it turned the unit upside down, left to right. I think he main track has just gone kaput The handset did come to life yes, in the pictures above you'll see I did
  9. I'm not really sure even after tons of googling how ground signals should really be deployed. It seems largely open to interpretation depending on the siding/situation. So, I've got one example (see pics below) of a siding that comes off of my mainline, and I wondered if I could get your thoughts on whether what im thinking is total overkill. Then, I also don't know, does double red mean don't go? or does double red mean, you can't go straight, so at the turnout you're turning off? (So to speak). Then I've got some questions if I may? Some parts of my layout, I
  10. Thank you - massively welcome anyone else if you have any thoughts? I've reached out to Gaugemaster too :( Might give the rails team a call tomorrow if anyone here doesn't have any other suggestions :)!
  11. Update test 2: my program track and my test track, when plugged into the program terminal and I fire the “read” command. All work DCC fine. first pic is programmed track isolation. Second pic (which I’ve never done before is main track in the protean terminal). what is up with my main track output?
  12. Hello thanks for the quick reply. Good thoughts! So, first pic below is the voltage on the track with nothing plugged in, is that normal? Am I even using the right setting. the second picture is what’s usually my program track unplugged from the program terminal and wired into the main track terminal. So this is just regular red and black wire directly soldered to a piece of track. Nothing else. I’m still Getting this green light / no dcc command :( why/what would cause the unit to do this overnight :(
  13. Hello my title is probably incorrect because it’s probably not doing that, hence why I’m stuck. ive tried searching for a variety of things including the voltage I’m seeing on the rails but nothing seems to have the help I’m looking for. So I would super appreciate anyone’s better knowledge on this than mine trying to help me figure this out today I receive some new coaches for my test train IEP class 800. Very excited to see the full train running, I put it into my development layout (which is pretty big) and to my avail, the whole set of trains started w
  14. Hi, I wonder if anyone could possibly help me understand if this is something I can fix easily or if it needs returning I recently received my brand new, class 158 with sound. Cost a lot so I’m a little puzzled if this is common or just shoddy the wheels on one of the bogies seems to be really sku-wiffy and misaligned. To the extend naturally where the loco just doesn’t sit on the rails. I had a quick feel of the wheels to see if I could possibly slot them into a holding position but, without being fearful I might damage this really expensive model (to me)
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