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  1. Hello again, been a while! Been a tad busy so i forgot to post stuff, but i've recently managed to model quite a bit First of all, the king chassis is effectively done, and work on the king's shell is progressing very fast. I might just finish it by the end of the weekend! I've also started work proper on a OO9 tram inspired by the São Paulo Railway's funicular locos with the help of a friend. I plan on trying to post here more often, sorry for the content gap
  2. Hm, i heard sparkshot also offers models via his own 3D printing service with a Photon if you email him, might be worth looking into if you buy another kit off him? Or possibly to replace the current shell but at the current stage with all the lining and etc i don't know if you'd want to.
  3. Hello there! Haven't been very active, mostly browsing around and working out quirks with a 3D printer, but hopefully this kicks me off to a good start! Recently i've entered myself in a modelling competition being hosted in a discord server, and i'm itching to work on my project The general thing is that it revolves around taking an old or undetailed loco and making "something that could put Bachmann Branchline to shame" in detail For it, i picked up an old Lima King class off my local hobby shop for about 30 quid, and i plan to modify it into 1947 condition King Richard I (no
  4. blows off dust from old book Well it has been a while innit? I'm sure i need to give some much needed updates. The J10 project is still very much a thing, and is happening, but i currently delayed it a bit in the name of something else... I did manage to get my grubby hands on a Longer Orange 10 printer (basically a photon, but a tad smaller and with apparently higher quality parts, and most importantly, a lower price tag) and have recently been wrestling to get some good prints going on it. So far, i've managed to make the CAD for a freelance Black Hawthorn tank k
  5. I do believe the B2 chassis has equal wheel spacing though, which is a nice bonus. Not to mention it probably runs better and hauls more since it's more lower geared and heavier than the Electrotren. Then again i've never owned an electrotren and may be underestimating it.
  6. I'm planning on printing it via an Online printing company...unless i can get my hands on an Anycubic Photon I am aware, and i plan on building it as the J10 in the blueprints since i couldn't find drawings of the smaller tenders. It'd be a J10/4 under the 1927 subclasses with the bigger tender and height sitting at under 13ft I hope that can answer both questions, thank you for being interested K3
  7. Hello there all! I've decided to make my first topic on here since i feel like it'll be a fun project After searching for a year or so, i managed to locate some diagrams for the LNER J10s, one of my favorite locomotives, and noticed how similar the wheelbase and wheel size are to the affordable Hornby J15. I then decided that, since i had a J15 and wasn't going to use it when modelling the Great Central region, that i was going to use it to model the J10. The plan is to reuse the loco chassis and take the electronics from the tender chassis and place them onto 3D pri
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