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  1. Do you mean Worzel Gummidge? The Bestest Scarecrow...
  2. And the Engine shed door is still, like me, unhinged!
  3. Has he given up waiting for the stick to be pulled off? Or is there a flagperson out there in the shrubbery to allow the signal to be passed at stop? Overzealous signaller? Great picture though.
  4. Plus the token machine.
  5. After reading the last few items, I think it is time to bring out the big guns! Mike, The Stationmaster! He is of this parish and he would be the better of us all to comment on GWR signalling practice. Ian
  6. Chris, No. Emphatically NO. You're doing too good a job as it is! A door through from the waiting room should be ample. Pax should not be in the WR without first purchasing a ticket from the ticket window, quick about turn, through the general WR a smart left and into the ladies. Simple. One more door is all it takes. Ian PS I'm in N so these touches can't be so easily done and that's why I have been enjoying your build! id
  7. True. I'll concede the point, but I'll be damned if Id make my Pax wander through all those doors to find a train, I had two at my station from the ladies to the Up platform and you would be surprised how many couldn't find their way through when the train was due to depart. I'm presuming that's the Ladies WR as you haven't provided an alternate. My station was a 1931 build and had a general and a ladies WR. Ian
  8. It does, sorry but it's 1:15 am here and I not really awake enough to see the small print. Your drawing of 20/2 shewed 2 pots above that area so you've allowed for 2 rooms. Ian
  9. You have a 'Keep Out' sign on the BO door, so that's a no go. What I'm saying is that the chimney is on a wall that is only at half depth for that portion of the building, so that infers that there is a another room behind that wall. A Ladies WR/toilet perhaps, thus a door from the waiting room through alongside the fireplace. Twin chimneys above to infer a fireplace for that room.
  10. Sorry if I'm stirring the pot, but the waiting room is low relief. How do you plan on letting your passengers into the rear/streetside portion? Chimney breast IMHO would look great. Ian
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