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  1. Looking at examples online and photos of the real thing, I believe I can use the white section between the triangle and the 'bulkier' section of the etch as the pin/ nubbin in the hole in the loco. I might open up the hole with a pin vice, bend the etch at the junction of the nubbin and the wipers, and dab a bit of superglue in the hole when fixing. Not painting these - they will probably darkenot with age
  2. I have just received my wipers from Shawplan and have a few questions. Do I use the whole sprue, or are the 'whiter' end sections just holding the etch in place? I am guessing I need the shorter wipers ? but I will check against the loco. I discarded the original plastic wipers when doingthe glazing. How do I attach them to the loco? I can’t see any obvious pins/lugs/nubbins or whatever they are called to make use of the tiny holes which held the plastic ones on the loco, so I am assuming superglue? Finally, do I need to paint them, in which case I guess I need to prime
  3. Hello Ian, It must be one of the later models, as I have just fitted Kadee Nos 19 and 18 (the only ones I had lying around) and they work no problem. I am contemplating making the loco allover blue, but for now I am just going to enjoy running it. I think I will ask Santa to fit it with DCC sound though.
  4. I received the loco today. It works fine with the Kadees fitted directly to the loco as delivered. Happy chap.
  5. I received the loco today and, to my surprise and delight, it seems to work 'out of the box' with Kadees fitted. I can propel my Newspapers stock from over the hidden magnet at the entrance to the sidings and drop them where required. It did have an issue with the track mounted magnet on the hidden storage yard headshunt (behind the retaining wall in the picture) but I think that was more due to the Kadee on that end of the loco being a bit stiff). Time will tell but hopefully no surgery is required.
  6. The same one, but with all over blue body. Going to try just repainting the roof and stripes and weathering to blend in . I will have to perform some surgery on the coupler though. I have found a thread on the forum covering that
  7. I am getting a Peak tomorrow... the one with the white roof and bodyside stripes, and the non NEM standard height NEM coupler box.
  8. Thanks a lot. Yes, I have contacted Shawplan today about the wipers. I used 1500 grit wet and dry, as per the instructional blog from Shawplan, but they obviously need a bit more fettling. The problem with the cab front windows is that I believe both 'long' (i.e. top and bottom) edges are slightly curved, so it's difficult to take off an even amount without squaring them off. I have mentioned it before, but by far the best way to spot anything requiring improvement is to put a photo/video of it online I was starting to get disillusioned by wor
  9. So... Laserglaze. Undoubtedly a good product in the right hands, but I have overstretched myself this time in terms of my ability, dexterity and patience. I managed to break one of the engine compartment windows and a cab door window before they even got to the loco, and another cab door window cracked when I was fitting it. I also managed to break off another one of the stepping plates above the buffer beam, so I have removed them all. I had to remove the wipers for the cab windows, so now I need to replace those too. I bought a new set of screws to reattach the bodyshell
  10. I just Googled Supafix as I noticed on your picture that it was made a few miles up the road from me (Tinsley). It appears that the business ( in Sheffield at least) is permanently closed. Shame. Tesco for me tomorrow then.
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