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  1. My layout is a BR Blue era non-electrified carriage/parcels sidings but I am contemplating having a 56 drop off some tankers for the fuelling point and adding catenary to the reception road so I can have some 87s pop in from time to time.
  2. Are you tempted to have a rotating kiln in the background?
  3. I have cycled from Hope up Pindale Hill and round the back of the cement works quarry. A ride I will do just the once, thank you I ended coming down a hill into Bradwell which was so steep I had to get off for fear of going over the handlebars. The only time I have failed on a hill descent I do like the idea of a cement works layout, some nice choices of stock available in a variety of eras.
  4. Has anyone got any evidence of these vans ever wearing Express Parcels or Newspapers branding? ...and yes, I have consulted the fount of all knowledge.... Paul Bartlett's website.
  5. Another quick question.... Airbrushing in a shed/garage in cold (i.e. freezing) weather. Yes or No?
  6. Was/is there still a layout called 'Kyle of Minogue ' ?
  7. Not sure if it's been suggested already, but how about... Loch Down I'll get me coat
  8. Nice curves on the trackwork. Makes such a difference.
  9. 9C85


    I had the same issue last night. I think my phone 'remembers' which way up it was pointing when used in landscape mode. The image looks fine in the phone's 'Gallery' but comes into Rmweb upside down. I found a fix was to open the file in your camera's editing/effects software, make a minor change (like crop it by a minuscule amount), then save it. The new file is stored the right way up.
  10. The sidings pretty much as full as they can get - the road with the Peak on it is the exchange kickback siding to either the arrival/departure road or the main yard head shunt. The 47 is on the loco layover siding/cripple road which kicks back to either the fuelling point or, again, the main yard headshunt. Incidentally, this picture shows all my current stock. The view from the access road bridge.
  11. Kadees fitted. They need a bit of tweaking, but these two additions represent a 20 percent increase in my serviceable NPCCS stock. Weathering shop next... might get out the airbrush later this week.
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