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  1. I was under the impression it was more to do with the length of the ensemble rather than the weight of it? I read somewhere ages ago that the brake van was tagged on to stop the 08s getting 'lost amongst the track circuits around Bristol TM'. Whatever the reason, it adds interest to the playability.
  2. Thank you all for the reminders of the other parcels stock threads. I am sure that @Rivercider also covered the same subject and had photos of two 08s at Bristol, each with a brake van but at opposite ends of the loco, presumably for working (nominally) opposite ends of the station. I am hovering over some 'Buy it now' buttons as I type this.
  3. I love the Internet... https://www.theironroad.net/DieselShuntingLocomotives/Class-08/Class-08-All-Images/i-Kfh6jhH/A
  4. I think you may be right. I tagged the BG on to the other end of the 'papers train last night for just that reason :-) It's the potential light engine moves between the station and yard that I am trying to cover.
  5. A few questions about brake vans... I want to get a brake van to tag onto my Class 08 in order to legitimately allow it out onto the main line up to Burchill Station on stock moves. I need to get one with NEM pockets so I can fit Kadees to it. I have seen a nice weathered example on ebay but underneath the grime, it's in grey livery. IIRC grey denotes 'unfitted' stock? ...although I never quite got my head around how an unfitted brake van worked? ..unless it simply added resistance at the rear of the train to stop wagons bunching up? In any case, I suspect an unfitted brake van would not be correct to use with coaching or parcels stock? So I assume I need a bauxite example? ..although when did the Railfreight grey and red stripe livery appear on brake vans? ..my layout era is nominally 1980s. Thanks for any advice.
  6. I did my GUVs with my airbrush. I just fancied a dabble with the weathering powders. I might fire up the compressor again.
  7. The more I look at it, the less happy I am with it. Nothing major, but I will probably revisit it.
  8. A bit more 'work' done this evening. My repainted BG was jarring on me as it stood out in its ex-works condition. It's amazing what a bit of a break does as I'd had enough of the coach by the time I got it serviceable. Tonight I saw the coach in its train, grabbed the Tamiya weathering powders, and went at it with brushes and buds. I am not sure if I have overdone it, but it can be removed if I don't like it. A before and after shot for reference.
  9. Yes. Just the one at the moment. It allows locos to come off the fuelling point and onto the shorter siding nearest the front of the layout. I like it as it's partially hidden by the girder bridges, so I have to get down near track level to view it. The people from Traintech were really good as I made a mess of the kit. They sent me an assembled one as a replacement. I reckon I need another three ground signals to allow realistic operation, plus I need to install point control on the visible side of the layout, so plenty of little jobs to dip in and out of.
  10. After a five-month lay off, there's activity again at Burchill Edge Sidings....
  11. It's nice to be back and see some familiar usernames again. Each time I go in the garage, I look at the layout and it does make me feel happy that I have done the best I can with it. There's loads of stuff I could do to improve it, and I probably will some day, but for now it's nice to just reflect and appreciate the work that I put into it a year or so ago.
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