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  1. I live near Alsager, and the old shed was my dad's playground. I know that they handled coal traffic, as up the Audley branch there was a colliery. I think they also covered traffic from Barkers Quarry, which is where twifords was and where a housing estate is being built, but I'm not to sure about that. I also think that there was probably just general goods too, coming of trains from Crewe, from Stoke, etc. There the only ones I know of.
  2. Hey LNWR18901910, how did you add the pony truck to the N gauge James?? and is it possible if you can send any pictures of it??
  3. 1. What type of railway locomotive would you be - steam or modern diesel-electric traction? Steam 2. What company would it be for? R.O.D. 3. How big or small would the engine (you) be? Small 4. What wheel arrangement would you have? 0-6-0 5. What gauge would you run on - standard gauge, narrow gauge or miniature gauge? Standard 6. What would your purpose be - express passenger, heavy freight, mixed-traffic (branch-line traffic or main-line traffic) or shunting? Mixed-traffic and Shunting 7. For the steam enthusiast: would the engine (you) have a tender or tanks? Tanks 8. For the diesel enthusiast: would the engine (you) be big (Co-Co, 1Co-Co1 or A1A) or small (Bo-Bo, single-bogie, 0-6-0 or 0-4-0)? 0-6-0 9. Which is your favourite railway company you’d like to be a proud part of? Lawton Salt Line Railway (LSLR) (A made up Preserved line I've come up with). 10. After years of service, what would your fate be after withdrawal (scrapped or preserved - if preserved, would it be static display or restored to running service)? Preserved
  4. How did you make the chassis for James? Was it a set of Pony wheels from a Graham Farish large prairie and the drive wheels from a 4F? Or is it something else. You mention it being a 4F but the pony truck is not told, Along with that do you have more pictures?
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